Training for Cirque du Soleil

A look at how performers eat and exercise to maintain those stong physiques.
1:41 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for Training for Cirque du Soleil
Astonishing string. Pretzel like flexibility. -- -- agility and how would do the performers -- -- Alain du vin and so here ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- 46 mark ward has been on the served -- for nineteen years he also happens to be from Denton and says the secret is in moderation -- idea which. -- about 34 times do we can the gin I watch what I eat but I'm generally very healthy but I also. Give myself to a time. We ever given backstage access to -- -- late at traveling Jim so to speak. Forward. -- of the -- and down violence the performers are as vulnerable as any elite athlete so -- employees to physical therapists to ward off show stopping injuries. -- we had and -- What's that got stuck in the -- of an artist and she got stung by a lawsuit that could -- that was an eyewitness. Inspecting it most of the performers admit they exercise enough they don't have to count calories nor do they dare eat right before a show. Because otherwise making decisions do you think you would jump in your belly over like he signed would -- -- Not very good. Although I have been the showing this because in the food is -- good indication. Then I can I do resist.

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{"id":15880681,"title":"Training for Cirque du Soleil","duration":"1:41","description":"A look at how performers eat and exercise to maintain those stong physiques.","url":"/Entertainment/video/training-cirque-du-soleil-15880681","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}