Fall Movie Blockbusters and Busts

Peter Travers previews the season's big hits while picking up some bad vibes.
3:00 | 09/07/12

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Transcript for Fall Movie Blockbusters and Busts
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this -- popcorn where we tell you what's going on the movies and right now you could tell by my time that the summer is over. And that it's now fall and where all hyped up about knowing why movies out there for us this week's -- Through a lot of art to this summer and now we want to see things that are amazed that might even win Oscars or that might make a lot of money and win Oscars that's a good thing. Or what we should just the -- so I'm here to tell you that. I'm gonna start with the blockbusters I have. So many but I've got to start because intentionally -- hearts. With the Twilight Saga breaking dawn part two it's over people. There's no more it's not just that rob Pattinson and Christians -- ago. -- -- right now. But this theories is finished how will people live without their vampire -- personally I really don't get it. But I know this will make so much money that we won't be able to -- OK we have a movie out there now that really does get to me and it's called sky fall. And it's James Bond is has the fifteen year James Bond way back when Sean Connery did. Doctor no in 1962. And now Daniel -- Who was a great James Bond in casino right now. And -- lousy -- in the follow up to that quantum of solace. He's going to redeem himself in Scott fall because this is a movie that's directed by -- NBC's an Oscar winner for American Beauty. This is a movie it has a great cast Javier Bardem Oscar winner is the villain who's trying to kill Judy Dench goma. Anyway I love James -- I cannot wait to see Daniel Craig -- back. Into the way he did play James Bond in the beginning in the art and story so much. You gonna miss this had six. Hosts. The schools. To east's. Another fall movie that is going to get a lot of attention because it's not just one movie over the years we're gonna get two more is the hot and unexpected journey. This is Peter Jackson this is the idea that he did. But Lord of the Rings trilogy won the Oscar made more money -- more -- -- anybody in New Zealand has ever made before. And now he's doing the prequel to -- told us stories in the -- and he decided he was gonna make two movies now -- decided now I'm -- -- three movies but this is the beginning of everything and this is the holiday movie that. Hollywood thinks will -- in all the -- I'm. Semi excited although I think I might be up to hear a little bit with Lord of the Rings -- kind of trust Peter Jackson when he's working in mission. All people in the fall where always in a musical move we always want song we always want popcorn and make everybody sing them -- and now. In -- a rock the movie version of that show that never closes it closes and opens again. And he revolution everything you have all waited fitness. To -- Russell -- thing. Well this is it. He will be singing. He won't be singing with Hugh Jackman. And and have to live will be singing with -- -- -- and Tom Hooper the director of us had just won an Oscar for directing the King's Speech he did something unique. -- -- -- Instead of having that. Pre recorded music where everybody he put. Everything. This is the first major Hollywood musical where everybody things -- This past c'mon you know -- Could be horrible what could be great another thing you know if you're not on the tight -- why bother me in the movie that's what makes ball. Site it's. To name come overrun the -- new direction. Ten years after the women looking very. Don't talk from calm them simply cost about trying to conduct a transit access -- -- pants. Very well. Of all the blockbusters that are out there that are exciting us in the fall the one that I. Have to see that I -- -- see now that I wanna get my hands around is Quentin Tarantino's Django unchained. I mean this is the guy last time brought -- in glorious bastards -- I can watch again and again it just really works -- year. He's talking about slavery he's got Jamie Foxx as a vengeful slave who want Steve he -- he all the people that have. Just meet him -- to -- and who is the plantation owner in slave master -- For. What -- Don Johnson -- me. It's just the kind of thing -- her infant death he takes you. With a plot that makes you think he has he gone -- what is this. And then turns it into something extraordinary I'm sure there's nothing historical about this but you're nothing in it makes historical sense. I'm sure systematically it makes all the sense in the world. -- to me hop on my list of the blockbusters Iowa City. Quentin Tarantino's. Django and to give a moments in time. Two movies that show every indication ups and sucking in a major way. I call this section because it's close to my -- five with a bad five. Haven't seen any of these five movies no because. They'd be fools to show it to a -- -- Why would they show movies that sound bad from the outset that I'm willing to be wrong I'm willing for people to come to mean today. Here we're gonna show you this and changed my mind but do you now in the five years I've been doing five with a bad -- I've always been right the bad side is completely bad. And the movie really -- So let me start with a movie called dread. Three days that start Karl urban who played bones in this Star Trek -- so I liked him and but why would he remain one of the worst movie Sylvester Stallone as -- ever put his name. Judge dredd it was called that this is a law and order kind of comic book character. Who comes and says if any of these people are bothering you blow their heads -- on the way. In 3-D and I'm certain from the little I've seen of the trailer that this is bad three day. So if you are sitting out there making a list I would say take -- 3-D and cross it right now. Gives me. Guilty girl is still well he had very -- invisible man has an aide to see who -- -- -- Another bad side maybe Jennings is Hotel Pennsylvania this is an animated movie in which Adam Sandler does the voice two. And he's opening he's opening a -- now for other monsters. And he has eighteen -- but she's a 118. Getting these are the jokes folks played by Selena Gomez. Well hi. You know hasn't had -- made us suffer enough. Each year there's like -- in -- -- that's my boy. And now he's animated and playing Dracula are you feeling good about this really. Couldn't. Okay. You suffered through them I've suffered through them there all hits and air that paranormal activity movies this one call for fall. In it burst of stunning originality. Paranormal activity four. -- -- hope so this means we're gonna see another haunted. And is going to be a digital. Movie camera there and that camera is going to make us watch people get -- -- -- fall asleep while we hear creepy noises in the night. I can do this we can make this year. I just turned like top in the studio and put a camera and we're gonna hear. Or -- Are you go through these movies why are we being suckered into seeing them. The first one may -- worked for about half an hour and now -- on paranormal activity for you people out there stop. I don't want to see another one of these -- borrow. It's not just every fall. But it's practically every season that Nicolas Cage makes a movie that. Has on the stamp paycheck. And doing -- because I need money to get out of bankruptcy here's a movie called stolen. It's a heist movie. It's called stolen and its stars Nick -- you could write this in your own head and decide not to see -- -- -- This is talented actor why -- he continued to do this how much money do you need. To make up for the money lost I don't know it's not an excuse for the movies -- -- our side -- it. Stop. I have to bring up this movie because of the vibrant and important you have to to read on remember when he saw -- red dawn along time ago and he was this high school class. And they were all completely fighting economies and they -- -- -- what it's been remain. And now because it doesn't work with the Communist. Its North Korea. So the high school gets together and they're battling North Korea and hits and I have to say they made this movie three and half years -- It's been fifth -- and -- By some accident of luck it has Josh Hutchison. Who's in hundred games and it has Chris -- -- -- who was four. So you're saying that he ran this thing will pretend that it was just. Put away because we didn't have financing for the advertising and marketing this joke you know this is bad you know this is -- And it gives me the bad side. But I will come back here -- wolf they -- if I'm wrong and say I was wrong but I doubt and Peter -- Shaking because when we come back. Talking about those movies that -- -- effective security that have to win the Oscar.

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