Peter Travers' Early Oscar Frontrunners

Fall is here and that means Oscar contenders are hitting theaters.
3:00 | 09/07/12

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Transcript for Peter Travers' Early Oscar Frontrunners
OK welcome back to our special fall movie preview show here popcorn where we are telling you. Not only about movies but which movies are really gonna make an impression and fall is nothing in Hollywood. If you can't get nominated for an Oscar for acting and directing in it. Because this is what they want the same -- make us off our. Fourth two thirds of the year and then at the and then put out movies that are actually wait for good. Well the first fall the first big when it opens is called the master written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Who I think is the top of the line of his generation of what's doing -- its stars Philip Seymour Hoffman. As a figure very much like L. Ron Hubbard who. Wrote diabetics and basically formed Scientology's. And Joaquin Phoenix as his client and Amy Adams as the wife. Philip Seymour Hoffman's -- there. Now I'm saying this right up here I've seen this movie. I'm saying there's a better movie in the year 2012. In the master I will eat the camera that is voting thing right this is. An amazing piece of work by -- director. Who stands with the greatest right now and Philip Seymour Hoffman Foreman here. Is -- least the equal of what he didn't Capote for which he won the Oscar so I'm -- Oscars all over this. -- you heard me come after me. Another huge us government with Steven Spielberg's name on it is called Lincoln so I guess -- -- you know it's about Abraham Lincoln but it's Abraham Lincoln at the end of his life he is. Just working. A civil war is over he's trying to deal with everything that he created its stars Daniel Day-Lewis who we all now. Becomes the character -- -- the other actors on this on this movie basically had to treat him as if he was Abraham. The man is great we can't -- anything about it whatever his technique is if you can do performances like my left foot and there will be but. Then you are a great actor you know this is it so missing link in that which -- recently. How about Hyde Park on the Hudson starring Bill Maher yes you heard me Bill Murray as FDR. When he is married but -- having an affair with somebody else. I don't know what will happen but if you think I'm gonna miss a movie with Bill -- playing FDR -- and you would be -- to miss. It. Shocked. The civilized. Another major movie from -- called -- Directed by Ben Affleck who also stars in this movie but based on the true story about the -- in hostage crisis in 1979. And how they got these people out. By pretending they were making it cheap Hollywood movie. Suspense all kinds of things going on -- Catholic moving away from the Boston area and doing something on a global scale. I think you're going to be surprised by this and I'm -- -- sending more about it because you should see it and to suspend the here's a name. That we -- associate him with movies Robertson -- gets you always think big you're always thinking that -- is going to come up with new techniques and everything and now. His new movie flight starring Denzel Washington isn't that at all it was made on the cheap. For -- that B -- thirty million dollars and Denzel Washington plays a pilot who was a hero pilot who brought a plane down but who is also an alcohol. So we're seeing a drama about. This now if the combination of zemeckis and Denzel Washington doesn't add up to Oscars somebody's going to be fired. I just that talks. Do you remember people because I do and am bitter about it when Clint Eastwood about 34 years ago made a movie called Gran Torino that was supposed to be the end of his acting career. Made the most money ever made as a movie he said get off my law. I love that movie did Clinton get nominated as best actor he did not. So he's back he didn't retire after grant to -- he's in a movie called trouble with the -- he's playing a baseball scout who's gone blind. Amy Adams is distorted Justin Timberlake is another scout who -- those feuding went and just to see -- school went on screen is enough for me. Nomination if it was me he -- Okay performances. In the fall performances are everything when we talk about Academy Awards if you can almost get a best picture nomination if you have actors who really at the top of their form. And there's a movie that I thought I don't -- -- steepest that was before I thought it was called the session. And it's a true story and it stars John Hawkes as this -- This guy who lived in the world who spends most of his life in an iron -- never had sex. And he hires a sex surrogate who has played by of all people Allen Hunt. And yet. You look at this week I remember John Fox we all remember when there's where scare us -- -- this is so different. This is -- performance -- motion that draws you win some. And Helen Hunt and he together. -- This is. To give them the nomination and when you feel like me that you don't -- see a movie about a guy and -- -- having sex. No for me that you are wrong and that you need to see this action. In terms of major in terms of the kind of movie that makes critics excited and sometimes audiences but audiences not as much. I'm going to talk about zero dark thirty. This is the first movie that the director -- -- -- and she won the Oscar the first woman to win for the Hurt Locker. And this is a movie about the hunt for -- of them. Controversy all about it in the Republican Party believe that the Obama administration. Gave Kathryn Bigelow and her screenwriter mark all access information that they should. The -- -- nonsense we as movie fans care about one thing you know. How did these -- get together -- and -- -- -- -- that -- this incredible story. And how are we seeing it behind the scenes I mean there's so many people in this movie Jessica testing -- I think this is story meant to be told by exactly these people. And it doesn't open to December because they insisted -- come after the election so we couldn't. Say this was influencing anything about the Obama administration. I don't care whose administration. It's influencing not what I care about -- is these are film makers who are doing something that actually. Matter. Hey -- -- movie that matters that's why I'm so happy.

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