Andy Samberg on playing a more serious role in 'Celeste & Jesse Forever'

Actor talks about collaborating with longtime friend Rashida Jones in new film.
3:00 | 08/04/12

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Transcript for Andy Samberg on playing a more serious role in 'Celeste & Jesse Forever'
Hi I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what's going on at the movies and there's a movie getting great reviews right now called Celeste and Jesse forever. And it stars -- -- Jones opposite. Andy Samberg from Saturday Night -- Doing I think a movie which is funny but also a little theory and he pulls it off. Well we talked -- -- this year at the January Sundance Film Festival. Up at the Washington -- -- hotel and then be told us what it was like well enough with the funny. Are you to dealing. We need and what -- -- I mean it's not together it's not normal okay. He -- have been separated. For six months you're getting divorced RA and spend every day together hanging out at different it's no big deal guess -- Here and I don't think this is finally it's not exactly sure it's it's. But there's -- -- range free and -- hear -- read in the way we are separated and her friends. You should be happy at least I don't have time we don't anymore and he should be thrilled you don't have to choose sides of her paprika yeah everyone's cool. Not cool and -- is cool here. I'm sorry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now it is that this particular -- Was found and everybody from Redford. And all his colleagues. We must have. So that's ingested. I'm told that it's -- favorite film yours or that yeah but that hearing and -- -- -- -- I'm glad -- confirmed. -- -- -- different mind and her body will McCormack wrote a script. And she's sent to the couple years ago more just as -- -- like and we wrote this when you think because we're both writers and that. -- like it really like it. And I really like the care of three. -- making it got all of it and -- like -- And background and the man. Dad says it came back GAAP. I really was anxious to do another movie and -- Oscar's so Cadbury -- when it made. And -- at the same agencies Hayley which is easily but those Hewitt of Iran because we're friends died on the spot. And that service started rolling from there is like. -- -- -- -- -- This is it okay out of view let me do to help those poor benighted souls out there that don't know that can't be with you -- what are they missing what is this what you -- This is and don't let it cook. There are -- and film starts with them there hanging out all the time the best friends. But you find out that -- separated and they don't know. And the process. There are. So how is this different panel was making this particular may be different -- the -- you've done before. That's my last year's -- Quote -- the closest they have -- -- it. Oddly was love -- man. Because that was role it plays very straight and real you -- know traits of -- care there were -- my town. Speaking in -- -- normal speaking voice. I was not raping and I was not wearing a bird costume. -- this year -- leading -- that this is pretty much it yet. I am mumbled more maybe. If I was doing -- you know. For you -- cameras yet and -- This idea marbles and now. The you know theory that -- What I I academy voters to sit up and take note you don't mumbled really well this year. -- Well take it. It though from the idea that -- always -- that you're friends with Rasheed you do this and you get on the set and -- it was a new experience for me I really enjoyed it. But it is. It was weird cannot be conscious the -- time. -- -- -- -- -- -- get a laugh and -- not like where'd you like this scene is just having a conversation about that he's gonna go on a date. And there's no -- it -- like a cancerous gonna talk like we're normal people having this conversation. Which is -- you know it is -- artery but this heartbreak in there like -- these two people are meant to be together but they're not. -- did did you have models other movies that -- models that this where you -- you looking at 500 days of some moral we we weren't. They. Receded well brought up winners. Which is -- the Villa -- discussions. There is something real about it does speak jokes -- that -- -- you know she's having staff. But there's also very real honest moments between the two of them. That are flawed and you're like how he was. Picture there or she was wrong in what she did. -- -- fine film becomes more interest in the characters are flawed and more realistic. And that certainly. Is there a moment in this than we you can that the with what that that dispute your own critical way and that it. Yes I don't have any standard of which is in relief for. -- -- -- they showed you kind of it and it ended. -- -- I hope cut the movie is that -- Yeah. It's -- -- -- I'd never. Hamburgers but once again this. It. Any wonder. It's going -- -- real possibility economy. So much experience. -- It was -- totally new experience. For. News. And this -- why when he. You see yourself by just. -- hopefully making movies and maybe still making. Problems with -- Elementary. And do you want to see yourself doing. Very serious role a role that's completely without humor I wouldn't say no to an -- casinos but -- I definitely am hoping. I can make. V comedy movies with big -- that's why it started -- that's my goal but you know. Some of my favorite comedians have done incredible. Dramatic work accurately into -- That could have I would I mean even this movie already -- -- more dramatic ever so. Are we always -- Buy it in song and in fact from I just had sex you start that. It's like when something wonderful happens to you yes you've -- this -- yes and I just got to -- it yet so what editors in your head this is how on wanna go out. I just want to hear it. -- -- -- We're gonna get that the company candidate. We're gonna give them economic news at noon Verona dude -- -- -- We're going to hit it well well. What do you think is the faith. The hand. A critic watching you work on screen. Because you had so many -- expression. You know yet if you if you only girl you could have done -- ago it was -- 36 expression. It's that this one when president -- it -- like look like watching you on screen. Imagine it's probably kind of way. But my mother's face -- throughout his on -- which is like. He's a nice -- It is not always like. That he had to rethink yeah it has mounted that -- Well balanced but. I'm taking -- --

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{"id":16930766,"title":"Andy Samberg on playing a more serious role in 'Celeste & Jesse Forever'","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor talks about collaborating with longtime friend Rashida Jones in new film.","url":"/Entertainment/video/travers-peter-samberg-andy-celeste-jesse-rashida-jones-popcorn-film-movie-16930766","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}