Trump Keeps 1000 Jobs In Indiana

HVAC company to keep jobs in the United States and not move them abroad.
5:28 | 11/30/16

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Transcript for Trump Keeps 1000 Jobs In Indiana
Donald trapped claims that he scored a big. Big victory for keeping jobs in America he says he's stuck a deal wit that carry air conditioning. Front that would keep them from moving to Mexico saving almost a thousand jobs there's nobody tells. The deal. That anyone has seen but you know do you think Americans to LaSalle was saying he's keeping his Cuban has promised or are big wanna want there. Have to give up an order to keep fox he ER. Hope they I hope they do that. I think people go do just read the headlines and if they're thinking oh my goodness he's bringing jobs back but at what cost to the American worker because we know now. Amid some of the carrier workers make 25 dollars an hour. To recoup the savings that they would've had. To go to Mexico they would have to slash those those wages to five dollars an hour or so how are they really gonna recoup and I also think that Americans need to look at the fact that carrier's parent company is united technology I. That's a defense contractor. And they make 10% I believe I think the numbers right 10%. Of their their budgets from government contracts it something like one of the government pays nearly one point five billion the company's annual research develop and spent. Ain't funny fourteen they gave the former CEO of that company a set 172. Million dollar golden parachute. This is why people are angry. Can you what I look I'm not liking somebody out why this guy's getting out you know why countless should be angry because. When America was supposedly great. It was because. We became an industrial nation we made things we created things at the rest of the world want and we manufactured stuff. We stopped manufacturing stuff because arm. Jobs were taken other countries why are they take him because business. Did not want to play. A working wage to Tampa Bay didn't care if it was a six year old worked him. In that factory or 93 year old work and they care about the hours so yeah. You don't lots of jobs and gone places and this chopped and say you know on but I don't make them do that but you know what if you don't have stuff. Some bargain wet and we dot com 'cause we don't manufacture and that well that's a little places we go. So this visit none factoid someone get used to US factories currently manufacture twice as much as they didn't 1984. With 13 fewer workers the problem is that we're losing jobs or robots not to Mexicans. That's the problem. I mean what what is really matter we don't manufacture stuff yeah we're stones at New Jersey used to be the place where you you know it was the greater embroidery capital of the world you know. We had things that we made that other people want it you know and I'm sigh when you starts. Make in the bottom line more important than the people that are working for you if that's what business dead sat out it's what is the bottom line what cannot what dividends cannot give what happened to keep an abrupt. I don't know got it correct that you know also he PE he saved a thousand jobs. A prison Obama save one million jobs by bailing out the auto industry and people were against that has it was a stimulus has hasn't conservative should be. I am a libertarian I don't know I didn't really I don't -- a moratorium -- hot apple because you don't I don't want to the government picking winners and losers I got here not afraid that Donald Trump why is Donald Trump helping out carrier and not another corporation a lot of these businesses added and often got hit a minute not well because well if this is happening what exactly what I'm saying it's not had what what's your hand and the libertarian his answer is introduced a corporate tax rate of his answer is to reduce regulations on businesses that's fine but I wanna see what's in the steel because my concern is that this is what why why this company what what. A party's tax Payer funded subsidies that are gone and now be. To be a beat how I handle this what they don't anybody daily news. Question when they reduce regulations. Those health regulations like you know like they can endanger your arm you know yeah and then on. Environmental health yet so what what's so great developed using regular companies are buried and in so much regulation at a cost them so much money that to be in those states or to exist. Becomes a problem coming LA regular health threats to not let it not talking about removing all regulation saying let's get up for some of these out of yet but is complex yet I don't know where to symbols what do you make. The decision which regulations go I mean we see what happens when regulations to sabathia was EPA doesn't pay any attention because we see what happened in Flint, Michigan right all you had to do was look around and see what happens what people don't pay attention back to air quality yen down and what that does so now if you are running game. The coal it industry. You're not paying attention to that do you just want people don't want to get to call there's a reason those regulations are applies not because business has paid attention but because they didn't pay attention and they needed somebody does that now. Did somebody is saying hey. Listen you don't want people down parents were not you know you can't. Reiterated that an all time low it's four point 9% Donald Trump missing he's read 25 million jobs here. But you can do that but I late Tuesday let me on whose. On who's behind what we don't know how that haven't been that bad sales as well now we don't know Giles says let you know could savings don's not the same as creating song.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"HVAC company to keep jobs in the United States and not move them abroad.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43879325","title":"Trump Keeps 1000 Jobs In Indiana","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-1000-jobs-indiana-43879325"}