Trump Doubles Down On Criticism Of Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado

GOP nominee not backing down on beauty pageant winner who says she was called "Miss Piggy" and "Miss Housekeeping."
4:01 | 09/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump Doubles Down On Criticism Of Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado
A former miss universe police yet much. I don't know. Has been going public with claims that Donald Trump patching there are gaining weight she says. He called Miss Piggy and threatened to fire and chumps not backing down what is and a matter on FOX & Friends yesterday. It. She was the worst we have the west the apps look worse and to figure she gave him massive amount of weight. And it was it was real problem we had a literal from Beverly that their attitude and we had a real problem but there's. Now the average size of the American woman is size sixteen that's Avant side so. What messages he's sending to fifty male voters again. A good wood that's about it is not like you know the messages don't know how I cook I. Act I. May is that Secretary Clinton again was able to drag commitment to this rabbit hole. He didn't even seem to see it coming but she played this game out of dog whistle politics which I think was really effective because she set. And he called her miss housekeeping because she's Latina. And bats and she's a US citizen now American citizen now and she is going to book. So what that sits in me was my goodness she understands. The trump needs at least 33% of the Latino vote to become president and she's speaking to those people in saint. He doesn't respect you but I do and I thought that was master mall next. Okay. Now is that this guy doesn't know how to apologize it seems because this happened a long time ago and everybody has a pass and all of us have said things that maybe we sit and say I regret it. It's so he doesn't regret it because the common here the only acceptable market. You know what that was a long time ago when I was a different and I'm sorry I'm deeply sorry that I sent me the show's content music have to flaw and everyone wants only want. Yeah. The big one out and everybody wants to blame his handlers in saint why isn't he being told I see you know what. Grown man running for president. Responsible for what you've said and you're responsible for owning up there. Who you're handlers on them rob up and say I'm sorry. If I have an accent I'm going to get to vote for trump how is it that there are Republican women their. Are still going to blow for him in spite of all of these missed you don't call that we can answer Kellyanne tomorrow he's come he has call announces his presidency all went well I'm certainly it would add as it wishes as well as that one really cool thing is refinery 29 is actually doing something called the 67%. Projects which is really cool. 67% of women in America are defined as class size which is size fourteen in not. Get our consistently absent in media so yeah kind of bridge that gap so what they put out into the ether is more reflective of the actual population. I think it's so when powering insult all because yet again is that there were more groups trump could defend. He's every woman sitting in the audience not that it only vote on circuit you know everyone votes on certain issues but. I I was personally offended by that as I think women deal with body issues at a different rate and level and it. But you know what gets me is that that you know he's 236. Level counts himself yeah. Now. I might. My father my thought is to say people who live in glass houses should dress and the sellout yeah. Yeah. Like I thought the same Haig yeah there was this incredible article I I can't remember where was. But they said that trumps physician revealed he's 63 and 236. With a BMI of 29 point five. Now if you have a BMI of thirty your considered obese if you look at a picture trough right next to Jeb Bush who is 63 he looks considerably sorter. So if he Chile is about 61 or six to he's morbidly all is well what I finally I cannot rest so yeah because premiums.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"GOP nominee not backing down on beauty pageant winner who says she was called \"Miss Piggy\" and \"Miss Housekeeping.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42421203","title":"Trump Doubles Down On Criticism Of Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-doubles-criticism-miss-universe-alicia-machado-42421203"}