Ivanka Trump Designs for GirlUp Empowerment

Phillip Bloch delves into the Trump heir's advocacy.
5:20 | 02/02/12

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Transcript for Ivanka Trump Designs for GirlUp Empowerment
On today's cause celeb we go high atop the empire hotel that chat with. Truck bearing newly minted high end designer -- trump she talks to Phillip -- about philanthropy and how her keys are for di -- His own family. You want to I've known you since your little girl modeling that very little. Eight. -- -- -- -- at all little you look the same -- ahead of that she's right I was twelve side the I'm in you group. How did you end it. -- this fashion mogul now. You know that's something that's been developing a little bit organically and so I had never really had aspirations -- this fashion states analysts loved it. Very much appreciated -- spend a lot of time. Thinking about it obviously his opinion -- of that but it was never. The business said you know I was eager to get in -- and then. You know just through the course of life and meeting people islands that's one of the great things about this amazing -- I -- first night partner and jewelry business and we recognize that there was avoid. In the industry after a luxury level. Four. Pieces that were really design oriented and more catered towards the female clientele self purchasing clientele and -- a lot of time as a -- -- saying behind my mother going -- if it all the typical brand name Leon now. And you walk into -- stores and so cold inside the mausoleum there's fifteen. Posted guards at the front door -- been there -- I hit it like you feel it cat burglary in no sense of educating the customer about. About stones and it's not the type of environment that is welcoming -- comfortable and you know ever since. I had great success with the -- -- company it's enabled me and encourage me to start thinking about. Other -- fashion stage which brings me to the bag items bags. Cruelty free -- gave me an opportunity to enter spaces where I thought I could. Create something very stylish very wearable. Accessible from a price point. In a way that people would really -- land do you. Grew up with. A very very stylish mother was a vogue cover I might add. Heck yeah that's -- -- and I many more -- -- exactly she's just she's wonderful I mean I love your mom I spent a lot of time when there. Nights it's amazing I and I learned screwing up so much for my mother and and so much in a way that's translated to me on a personal level but also on a professional want. So current -- to be tell. It's really second to none she could walk into a room with a thousand light bulbs and point out the one that's out. -- -- -- any stories about how your. Parents were flying first class and you guys are being carried junior Brothers are being -- -- -- your friends it's not about my private plane while its -- hunters for. That plane. It's funny -- -- my parents were very very conscious. Instilling and asked a sense of gratitude. But also. A lack of entitlement and I think part of that -- saying OK well these are the things that I've worked for. And one day you can aspire to them as well all but in the meantime you're gonna have to work really hard to get the heck. And I think that -- sometimes lost in translation when people are given so much. On an anomaly kitchen knife on -- friends whose parents provided for them extremely well and they're extremely diligent hard -- -- motivated. But it is harder in the city. You know it is harder when. This bubble is all one knows. The one remaining because here tonight is to talk about guerrilla charity is involved with the UN in your very active -- it tell us about it. -- -- phenomenal organization and I was pounding partner with the UN. And it really tries to help level the playing field -- help this to help -- -- girls around the world -- you. Help them get access to health -- -- -- and it's very socially focus it's really oriented around here to hear yourself galvanizing. Young American girls to help their adolescent care ceramic so when you think about it educating giving the skill set enabling them. Two you know wait a little bit longer before having children to have an education that they and can support their family you know if there alone and if I have to do that might think -- up -- a lot of it is is that it's T using American girls show girls around the world. How they can change their lives in and stand up for themselves yeah. -- -- -- -- -- It's. Panic in people. Want to. Support something and they wanna support something they can relate to him so I think a young girls and you know -- -- -- every one. From the cheerleading association. -- -- just young girls in high school senior at the high school next door and they want to do something to help. People they can relate to who were across the -- so it's really exciting and they bring such energy and passion and enthusiasm. And you know I really enjoy working with. Young American Carlson and am just amazed by what they're doing.

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{"id":15501507,"title":"Ivanka Trump Designs for GirlUp Empowerment","duration":"5:20","description":"Phillip Bloch delves into the Trump heir's advocacy. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-ivanka-bloch-phillip-girlup-empowerment-hollywood-15501507","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}