Trump pivots on question about anti-Semitism

President Trump held a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the future of U.S. relations with Israel.
3:55 | 02/16/17

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Transcript for Trump pivots on question about anti-Semitism
A man. I met with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked Rogge pointed question about whether someone that. Xena phobic homecoming from his administration was leading to the rise of anti semitism. And that's what that man's response to pick up. We are you know very honored by the victory that we had 306. Electoral College votes and we were not supposed to crack. 220. You know that there was no way to 221 but then they said there's no way to do seventy as far as. People Jewish people so many friends. A daughter who happens to be. Here right now a son in law. And pretty beautiful grandchildren. I think that you're going to see a lot different. United States of America over the next 34 or eight years. God help us so just think was his family is Jewish that means anti semitism will disappear I don't know even and it's. Filed that really. He's certifiable like it was such a crazy crazy approach this crazy risks bond funds I was. I just I. I actually don't understand hammered still would like and it's like didn't. Anybody. The question about anti semitism it's hot it's a very it was a very easy question to answer you could answer that in a 140 characters are Twitter to send I had zero tolerance for anti semitism in my administration will follow protocol to make sure that doesn't like Netanyahu is thinking what I'm moronic Gentile this. Not guilty looking after him goes did you know they didn't think I'd make that have better things to do what is right. They worry about your electoral it cleaned out outside about President Clinton did it to be represented by this government for me like that's how he won the election he's still in campaign mode to me that sounded like a guy trying to close election grade level that's how we want to elect this. Your campaign you've hit it somebody asked a question you don't aunts you know what to say you. But that's not that's not why the candidates on our president rising hopes to well I handed. Management question he would ban on what I had not a lot to me he's the real branding one out of yeah. Yes I know what is I am. Those are. When you I would have had to admit that his rhetoric. Has increased. The anti semitism from the Pentagon's event that and that's why he didn't answer that question about the question why do you think. That some on what your rhetoric has done. It's put this anti. I name that gay people that did those people everything do you think you're responsible for some of the fact that he doesn't disavowed the Ku Klux Klan tell you right there looking how he and other drugs in this topped you know we don't let god damn. Jasmine let me say this week that he did find I want what I am glad I wanted to. Dave little. I don't actually think anything can't smoke in the gentlemen I don't actually think he is anti Semitic the problem here is. All of his rhetoric which we have not heard him speak about. He will not come out to Ed Perkins anecdotally looked at. He an apology which he says I think there's psychology of refusing that you know pull out all he has to say is I truly am here for all of laden wanted me and put you won't let me say eve also flourish is a good man to be silence yet and that's what yeah. Man that should send that aren't so sweat shirts to congress and senate. Right 'cause all of the world's inch aren't smalley you Daschle works so hard to get your foot wall went on unites Republicans. This is on you. This is on you all watch.

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{"id":45545899,"title":"Trump pivots on question about anti-Semitism","duration":"3:55","description":"President Trump held a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the future of U.S. relations with Israel.","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-pivots-question-anti-semitism-45545899","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}