Tune-Yards Interview: On Making 'Whokill'

AudioFile: Merrill Garbus directs music video "Gangsta," dances in "Bizness."
3:56 | 03/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tune-Yards Interview: On Making 'Whokill'
I'd be in tune your insistence -- That's some -- -- transformed it from. It would people's attention and publicity. About and I mean you know how -- -- -- With them about other people would make didn't you renounced his cell phones and -- and then the better. It's from -- unions involved in some. -- -- -- Up little about being gang. Salinas met where -- -- arts camp together it's been teaching music teaching puppetry. And we just sort of you know had. Had a musical friendship for a while and eventually I decided that I really needed base as part of -- And was. Was the first time that I had. Edited I guess something so what that felt like more from April as as a director of editing something editing footage you know a lot at the footage was from art. You know being on the road untoward that was so much of what twenty -- -- -- The way that I start writing songs is usually a combination of sounds and ideas so. For instance -- -- felt very much one piece that it was has happened. -- happened. -- and it was all those things out once and that was me reading an apartment in an apartment that was in the neighborhood where they were there had been. -- Activity starting to -- Quick -- as well so that infections -- most effectively communicate is it. Our personalities everything from taxes and hurt -- really integrated with the he and -- It's very true that the -- associated with it. With music. Can really. People's perception. Of the business video was. Really the brainchild of meaning -- could actor. And she and I did work on a whole lot better because I I had to -- there. House making -- visual representation -- mind you. OK yeah stories coming. You know what what can I -- other than people think about my. What's wonderful about what I do I think -- that. I can under the umbrella of being positioning -- currently there are forms. In a way that just -- very -- opens and organic and crime -- with having to. Uses ovaries it but it really they'll really -- and -- each other pretty.

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{"id":15939519,"title":"Tune-Yards Interview: On Making 'Whokill'","duration":"3:56","description":"AudioFile: Merrill Garbus directs music video \"Gangsta,\" dances in \"Bizness.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/tune-yards-interview-making-whokill-15939519","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}