TV Weatherman's Creepy Moment

Mickey Ferguson has an awkward exchange with young girls in Tuscaloosa.
1:15 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for TV Weatherman's Creepy Moment
This is a local fox -- weatherman from Birmingham Alabama his name is Mickey Ferguson Mickey was outside a Walgreens in Tuscaloosa yesterday. For a weekly segment he calls weather Wednesday. It's where they checked the weather. On Wednesday. And anyway whether Wednesday -- -- Walgreens parking lot. Where making encourage a couple little girls to show them their sheer routine -- -- cheerleading thing and follow all of this because you're about to see a man dig himself in -- hole after hole. After whole. -- -- -- Written -- as did 120128. Day. -- -- Yeah. And yeah. How a modern well within your britches -- -- -- OK that's what I'll tell my wife next time when she complaints. Aren't. After the Mexican. Violence. Okay. -- -- all -- one. Performance. Impressed he's in Cuzco loose cannon is what he --

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{"id":15934981,"title":"TV Weatherman's Creepy Moment","duration":"1:15","description":"Mickey Ferguson has an awkward exchange with young girls in Tuscaloosa.","url":"/Entertainment/video/tv-weathermans-creepy-moment-15934981","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}