Cause Celeb Mary Louise Parker

Speaking out for Uganda's forgotten children.
5:31 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Cause Celeb Mary Louise Parker
Whereas the empire hotel home to Gossip Girl -- it's all about hope and charity is -- north. And supported by some of my favorite stars Susan Sarandon. Forest Whitaker and Mary Louise Parker of weeds and she'll be sitting down with a stick with the founder of hope north of -- Sam. This is an inspiring story you're not gonna anonymous. Mary Louise I have to -- -- you've had an incredibly acclaimed career. Awards. Movies. Peter you're great on the stage and yet you never really got into the tight dresses in the going out -- Hollywood. Scene hadn't got that great career. The tight dresses but not at the Hollywood history had to -- -- -- and private life. I was never any. I'm not -- -- when social. Animal in me I think I became an actress because I was really. It was part of a function of being -- really shy child. And it was -- -- that I couldn't speak to people knowing that I can communicate that was easier for me that felt good agents found child. So I think some actors are like -- -- non some actors and its. Social. And they're just more comfortable on stage. Well that's I notice that the other night it was a funny and I feel your pain and asking for money but -- -- interesting here's some news brilliant onstage and then with a small group of 2530. -- -- you are so passionate but you're -- Catholic heartland -- that I have to look at the -- can happen. Yeah that's hard for me and dressed group of people sometimes just -- -- you've been able to use your career now to. -- the things that really seem to interest your heart your passions. The other hand there's really no point in having money you're having these. Notoriety whatsoever if you can't think. Russian and try to help fix something at some moment and that you know what comes along with that is a lot of people are deeply suspicious of you are cynical about it but. It doesn't matter to me if it leads to something needs to somebody getting financial support her causes and attention I don't -- sort of on the -- -- -- -- It's something extraordinary -- have a son. But you adopted a little girl on your own from Ethiopia. She's a lot to live up to have -- daughter she's really. She's incredible on and I didn't and suspect that I would be seeing it's not something that you project and I didn't offer would be too hard and and I thought -- -- can not do it because it's going to be -- -- and and it is too hard sometimes but there's no way could not tan wooden. -- wouldn't be missing my son's life when -- missing. Well you've had a big adoption recently of callow and Jack and I 250 children -- Gaza and year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just thought the fight -- and so -- form every week. -- so obviously division programs in the this has done nothing on me. -- -- My friend Susan Sarandon had already become involved -- With him and we together put on a benefit last year at her campaign -- -- And it was it was a lot of finally did you know only helped raise some money for -- school and I just -- He really passionate about. What he's doing in the work he's doing him as a person. Tell us about the work that you're doing it hope north. -- hope we'll see you see is the it is safe in this -- correctional center. We supports 254. Much absolutely. And -- -- children. And so we -- influence policy of the education and hope north east apple. And most of the children don't have families that Israelis have been killed or annihilated by the -- yachts and -- by the looks of -- comment. They have found me I have been destroyed them fight and -- all some of these kids will born in -- you. And in need most is they don't know wound up on and and Andy Conklin or not. And we need home -- and -- Whitaker is very involved in and help north how did -- become involved with. We want to flourish in the last king of Scotland and and AI. AD nuclear graphic for the final spot -- the down. -- -- -- -- -- Where students from apple knows his of this -- Soviet -- -- well being need to put it didn't know you may include could close. They get them asking you know. Where do you have coming from and when you lump that they -- and chatting -- -- continually history England that in trusted in him. And I feel very -- And knifing between innovative but is later found that you know GAAP reported for as we discussed supporting -- -- -- that and then and won't cause. Maybe -- I don't know want I don't want to do that.

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{"id":15459926,"title":"Cause Celeb Mary Louise Parker","duration":"5:31","description":"Speaking out for Uganda's forgotten children.","url":"/Entertainment/video/uganda-mary-louise-parker-weeds-showtime-children-tv-15459926","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}