The Ultimate All-in-One Fall Movie Preview

From drama and sci-fi to comedy and romance, film and TV critic Peter Travers offers up one big fat list of every movie you should see this fall.
10:58 | 09/04/15

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Transcript for The Ultimate All-in-One Fall Movie Preview
Five. Everybody Peter Travers and welcome to this special edition of popcorn where I'm going to Italian. About the movies of the law come on Labor Day weekend we've suffered through summer crap and I mean you fact ethnic or. But in fall you get the movies. It but he thinks they can win an Oscar for. Even exciting big ones that all they want and what to do because that's what Paul means it's Labor Day until new years the so arm and a run for the highlights of this he can handle garbage because what do we care about garbage. Are ominous start with a lock bust now. The movie. Of this year that everybody's going to CD blockbuster I'm predicting it before it opens is called Star Wars the force a week it. Come on people. We at JJ Abrams taking over. The whole Star Wars franchise. From George Lucas who kinda I mean I hate to a friend who I know Star Wars people get really angry. But the last read that he did. Law right now. We had our memories of the first three. Now we have the force awaken and we have some new characters. But we also have Harrison Ford back as Hans solo. Carrie Fisher as Frances way yeah. And Luke Skywalker himself. Mark him while. So we're going to pick up where we left off they're gonna get older we're going to be in new universe. Isn't excited by this would you please raise your hands out there. There's nobody there. Then. The one I'm excited about almost as much as this one is called hateful a this is Quentin Tarantino humor his version of Guinea west. This is a bunch of grizzled old wild ones people NY home right after the civil war. And your speech coach is solved by a list 88. Why they got. Samuel L. Jackson how to acquit anti in business and Jackson and Kurt Russell and Michael Madsen. Whose Sturm and result people who look innocent blood on the walls people and that's for the Christmas. Hunger Hunger Games mocking Jay part two what does that being naming it meets all over people. You watch that the going to be the fourth hundred games when they watched. Jennifer Lawrence is going to say goodbye as catnip to ever seen. And if you put up with everything before that you're gonna be there to watch it. What Specter. It's Daniel Craig backed. Agent double 07. And I'm a ban what Daniel Craig did this franchise I think to me. He's the best and Sean Connery so I'll be if respect. For re age of spy. Had a well. We think true Cold War story its stars Tom Hanks as the guy he's got to negotiate the release of the Russian spy. In exchange for RU two pilot we had to have been exchanged. On the very bridge where this happens and it's directed by Steven Spielberg. People what could be wrong with this this is the kind of movie that has pressed the excitement everything going for so expect big lines for that one. Then there's a movie called the walk. This is basically the story of Phillipe Petit. When he took that walk in the World Trade Center. Across The Two Towers he chest when in man strong that steel wire and walked across Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays him. Philippe Petit haunt Joseph Gordon-Levitt who was an acrobat and self. Basically how he moved in how he worked on the wire it's in Reid. 3-D IMAX when you are up there with him doing that. I'm still sick just thinking about it's just so dizzying to watch but Robert Zemeckis the director knows had to do this. And you're gonna be excited by this. Then there's a martian. And it's about one astronaut played by Matt Damon. Who is with the crew of five. And they go to Mars and they're walking around and there you know investigating and leaving things but there's a storm that comes up. They all go running back to the space ship it takes them years to get back to earth but they lose one guy and that guy is methane. How does he survive on Mars. It's kinda fascinating how I guess it it's also kind of funny that you don't expect this to be funny but it is. And Ridley Scott directing Matt Damon in this takes on a trip that you won't know anything about you won't see what's coming unless of course you read the book. So that's the blockbusters. All right so what's the other being in fault that we look forward we look forward to the Oscar movies because we spend the rest of the year watching Hollywood rejects or summer blockbusters. And nobody ever gives him an Oscar although still mad Max fury road I want to see the academy not forget that one that was a good one team this summer. But what's the big stuff that's academy. And the number one when I'm putting on that list is called the red. It is directed by Alejandro Gonzales idiotic to who won the Oscar last year for directing. Birdman. Which also won best picture this time he's got Leonardo DiCaprio. Always a bridesmaid at the Oscars though is the guy that doesn't win and this is a revenge west. Polls at least still tough because. Be cinematographer. Emmanuel bet it is shooting this on location in like sub zero temperatures making Leonardo DiCaprio. And Tom party suffer for their art. Well that's exciting to me doesn't happen very often that the same film maker wins the Oscar and win best picture two years in a row. But this might happen in this once hold on there. Then we have a movie cults the jobs which of course about Steve Jobs and he's laid by Michael best and there. Is it the standard kind of I'll pay it is not at all Aaron Sorkin who wrote the screenplay and do the social network. He decided to tell this story of Steve Jobs. Through three presentation. He. So we do see what's going on around them backstage before jobs gets on that stage and presents. This one is directed by Danny Boyle Oscar winner for slum dog millionaire. And it's going to be as different as any movie we see this ball so get excited about it. Then we have a movie called Carol which was subject antique success at the Cannes Film Festival. It was based on a Patricia Highsmith novel that she wrote under a different name because she was talking about. Lesbianism. In the 1950s. Cate Blanchett who you see her name and you think that's fair. Stars this Carol she is this woman whose married and has a child. But she falls and we'll with a sales girl. That is played by many morrow. Who won the best actress award at the camp office. Is this have any relevance to right now for a lot of people it certainly will so expect this to be a big one. And there's a movie out to called. The Danish girl. And it's that in the 1930s. And it concerns the first person to get a gender transformation. And year we have any read me playing this man. Who it becomes a one. And becomes a pioneer in what that is Eddie read me just won the here. With the theory of everything can he do it again I mean you should see how he looks as a woman take the it's incredible. And then there's a movie called ledge it. And it stars Tom hardy who I think is when it best actors around. Here he placed a true story of the crate twins these would gangsters in London in the sixties when of them day. One of them not. Both of them completely insane whole little killers and meany acts Tom hardy had to obviously do this. And deal with special effects to talk to himself to fight with themselves to do it but you look at this performance and it's just the lecture. I don't know how the academy voters forgive me deal with what they have to deal with here. Then we have a movie called Jill. And this is a movie based. A woman who invented the magic ma which is peace treaty in electric vacuum cleaner and you're saying to yourself. I think I need to see movies about women that they mops well how about when I tell you that Jennifer Lawrence plays that woman. And that David O. Russell is the director. Which means right away can have energy it's just have some. Kind of ferocity and in this Weld's feeling. So I smell Oscar when I see this. Then we have member Bryan Cranston remember how we all binge watch breaking bad. We're saying where is he what is he doing he came up with a movie called Trumba. In which he plays dog from Bo. A Hollywood screenwriter who was part of the Hollywood ten. Meaning that he was labeled a Communist in the 1950s. And by the McCarthy hearings. And didn't work for a long time unless he had a student. This gives Cranston another chance to come back not on TV this time but in movies it's exciting tournament. Then we have stuff for jet. Suffer jet is just what it sounds like but we're in England and Harry mode in is playing a mother who decides. Women deserve the right to vote at the top of the twentieth century they gonna fight for it and get sushi has the help or because we're talking about Oscars. Meryl Streep who doesn't do movies. Unless Oscars ourselves. I could go on and on this but I'm gonna stop with spotlight. Spotlight is a movie about a case investigated by the Boston Globe about sexual abuse was in cap and shirt. You've got Michael Keaton back from Bergman playing one of the team here if mark ruffle elements and Rachel McCadam. It was at that out again trying to find the truth. Amid accusations. So these are the movies that give us food for thought not just the skate. But something to take home us. And I'm Peter trap.

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