Uncovering the Secrets of 'Revenge'

Connor Paolo teases the shocking twist on the return of the hit drama.
5:53 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Uncovering the Secrets of 'Revenge'
On the hit show revenge Connor Paolo plays -- blue collar guy Jacqueline who happens to be in love with one of the richest girl in the Hamptons. That's sort of dynamic never goes smoothly on TV check -- a scene from tonight's episode of revenge. Listen up. We're putting together clam -- thinking on -- and expert say he shouldn't. -- -- -- I it's just that Jackie savage thank you for -- -- from -- -- shut -- and now he's throwing parties for her boyfriend at subject. -- you year and about that went to Amanda that they -- -- companies are -- here. The consuming -- that you're talking about my being against you and Charlotte getting an apartment that's not changing maybe it doesn't have to. Took advice from its -- He had a brand of someone. Apollo here with us today Connor thanks so much for being here if you had to sell a lot of that revenge addicts like me are very excited because we've had a little break and we haven't gotten to seen an episode -- -- -- -- better than being one there's a huge. Tell us. Tonight you can see the the rest of that promo which I've heard is is being hailed as the greatest promo ever annual. And so we're gonna say that it will what was going on during that that moonlight -- segment with that with a pistol and I'm also hearing that that they released like the first ten. Minutes so long lines that someone gets out anyway the I mean I think I think. There are guns being thrown around. Amid -- that I should have been committed to -- -- Your character is. Isn't fun -- It's it's it's a lot of fun. It's. It's always great to have I'm I'm I'm an only child and sent to get dead and their brother relationship right off the bat and with somebody is as I was a wonderful is as -- Wexler as its. It's wonderful it's it's amazing and it's an important but complicated relationship without -- 100% and. Especially with the absence of of parents it turns into a contentious and and difficult relationship sometimes but ultimately. You you just have that love that that that's unspoken and is omnipresent so. It's it's a nice and then on top of that to have the building relationship with Charlotte. Right -- -- -- Charlotte is the only daughter of the grace and this incredibly gracious wealthy richest family in the Hamptons. Her mother not to happy about it and you turned down 30000 dollars to five when I'm do that -- man moments ago I figured regular enough. If you just stop -- her so the field or print the feelings are pretty big. Our except that you know it's so far my relationship with with Victoria while she hasn't made moves to -- -- and push me off I think it's always been peppered with this kind of layer of respect -- I think. To -- despite the fact that he will rail against authority when need be I think he understands. Position and I and aspires -- absolutely and if if anything I think his biggest his -- shortcoming is that he he might. Understand his place all too well written and and. That realizes that there are certain things he won't be able to it to surmount. But when it comes to Victoria I think he knows that she's a powerful woman I think he respects -- I think he knows it's better to be on her good side and. Source back there -- -- I think they both understand each other's intelligence and and there and she's a fighter right. She came from nothing to do as we're finding out she didn't start where she is she's a complicated and -- character -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But many of the care and a complicated -- shows that interest thing so many of them have secrets not everybody's got two sides not just annually are in the does your big -- we have not yet. I'm -- I've I don't know probably won't find I mean I think I think is. We the actors are finding out about about who we're playing that. That everybody seems to have two sides but they you know -- -- person that doesn't have to our -- we'll find out exactly as a far cry from the character you -- on Gossip Girl scenes are the opposite end of the spectrum -- you prefer plain. I mean I was -- would prefer playing something new Villa so I I can't. I can't say -- one character -- you know works better than another. Right now because I am for training to -- Clinton. Full time that's when my heart isn't I think you respond love with with. It you know and it becomes the second party it becomes like a family member right so you stick up for them you care about them and you try to work with -- -- -- -- sure things go well for themselves. He's kind of with us here are you have any chance he will go back to profit and in my in my schedules is quite for revenge and and we should cross country -- in -- Yes like -- -- to New York centric show but only one with Sean in New York. How that -- well you know it's Manhattan. And in New York State are very different gases and. But it's certainly coming from using the city and on a weekly basis. On Gossip Girl because we -- it and and it was so much an ailment that showed that the city itself. And you -- York city boy and I -- Lauren Graham and fans. So then going to making a sound stage in the heart of -- Isn't -- experience Graham and I've never spent much time on a sound stage and. Silver cup is amazing but it's it's nothing like those airplane hangars that they have out west it was a broad -- it has so. That's a very new experience for me but I like it it's it's very cool to have. You know we can Green screen everything whatever we knew we can create which -- -- we ask you finally if you have any desire to spend an evening downtime in the -- him and after. Phoenix. I -- -- I -- -- -- -- -- -- I just don't know if I'll get to him Southampton soccer said there might not be much complaint. -- we enjoy seeing you on the revenge Hampton thank you thank you so much honor thank you.

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{"id":15289842,"title":"Uncovering the Secrets of 'Revenge'","duration":"5:53","description":"Connor Paolo teases the shocking twist on the return of the hit drama. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/uncovering-secrets-revenge-connor-paolo-teases-shocking-twist-shows-return-entertainment-15289842","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}