Meet SI Swimsuit Cover Model Kate Upton

What she thought of that teeny weeny bikini.
4:09 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for Meet SI Swimsuit Cover Model Kate Upton
Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue is out now and it features a stunning cover with nineteen year old Kate Upton. The sexy shot has earned a lot of attention even by the swimsuit issues -- usual standards joining us now is Kate Upton and the editor at. SI swimsuit issue and day. Day ladies thank you so much for joining us today. -- jam came we mentioned earlier that you are just nineteen the youngest model to get the sense -- covered in nearly thirty years. What we doing when you got the call police for the cover. I didn't get a call my mind and I'm David Letterman came back out the rest of the world so -- can -- -- -- A lot of married to -- heads -- eyes. Absolutely. An end today can you tell us besides the obvious which is of course her great figure. Why did SI KK for the other. I mean you know obviously -- but I speaks for itself you know maybe everything in that photo needs to be spot and you know village express and the shape of the body of -- -- They're not showing two months not -- showing two men the light and that picture has absolutely everything and a checklist and then some south. We have a winner. And -- you obviously don't pick this deck within that models you consciously -- curb your women. Absolutely it is it is NN day it's been our agenda for as long as -- -- -- Sports Illustrated you know we're always looking. To showcase the healthy bodies the athletic -- and women you know I mean week. You need to fill out a bathing suit to look good and you know not only that but we -- to represent a healthy lifestyle. -- and really how. Women aren't. You know men and you know -- -- meant to have -- -- -- said. You know have not have bones popping out everywhere and and that's so we really strive for you know on an industry that isn't always supportive of that we've made it article -- -- -- that. That's great ball and and speeding abating fears that K I have to ask you that is one teeny weeny bikini you're wearing on the cover what did you first think when you -- Chris I loved it and and but it does the GAAP -- I. I'm not confident and I'm not sex it is I think that's very boring win not here wanting the -- by those CNN. Yes absolutely agree you there now you -- already an Internet sensation. Before this issue -- -- video that went viral last year you doing dancing your sense of humor really comes through in the video. Seems like -- you know you have more humor than perhaps a typical supermodel. I mean I don't know I have more -- and that's the most supermodel but luckily for social media today. -- is able to see my sense of humor where maybe they weren't able to see the past. Girls -- are you holidays are you glad you did the video that went viral you might get help your career. Now I'm not in the -- because it's me I'm always men and boys -- -- Oppression -- me the Pacific. And and they asked -- had yeah. And it we're just curious how many requests you get from staffers of the magazine to just help out with -- considered it but that's. I mean if I buy had a dollar for every hot towel boy off her I don't editor got to be a rich woman and -- not be working -- markets. It's not exactly I -- there's an endless endless stream of employment offers the highway exit the -- and an alien with an immediate. Offered today is I'm actually -- can -- a meteorologist -- and how the way it's got to help our situation it's. Look Kate in and day Dave thanks so much to both of you for being with us and congratulations. On the issue with fantastic. Think he's OK -- was being here.

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{"id":15693842,"title":"Meet SI Swimsuit Cover Model Kate Upton","duration":"4:09","description":"What she thought of that teeny weeny bikini.","url":"/Entertainment/video/upton-kate-swimsuit-model-celebrity-hollywood-15693842","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}