'The Vanilla Ice Project'

Former rap artist fixes houses and sells them on his new DIY show.
4:42 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for 'The Vanilla Ice Project'
On this thing quite a few oh my god and moments in the house through. -- company was going to be easy here. We've got to get this finished probably got inspections of its OK I like the pressure. Brad hip hop home renovation -- no life has transformed himself into a home improvement wizard who can fix just about any housing headache. His show the Vanilla Ice project debuts Saturday night on the DIY network and we're so happy to have Vanilla Ice -- -- Griffith C thanks for being here good to be here -- season to congratulations thank you must -- do and what you love and renovating it tells how to use the homes and it. Well I just go out and aggressively you know -- -- foreclosures and short tells people know this sometimes tax liens and auctions but. Yet be aggressive you know you -- get a little team of attorneys and go out and you know fight for these homes it's not as easy as people think people what are you looking for when you functionally. I have to walk in the door and say you know what this feels right I'm a really good -- and hand. It tells you you know -- that is the -- said is right there in the west. It's not like the one down the street with the same square footage same price that is shadowed all day long now and I don't know sunlight in the -- so it's gotta have that feel when you walk in the door that good on its way you know and you'll know. And you hurt them. -- that you just renovated. In Palm Beach they're working on -- -- about what happened on way it had to fluctuate more that's why I was so aggressive -- -- -- -- eight months and find this guy he was in new York and because. He left the house vacancies that -- -- payments in three years -- two years. That you know it was okay for the bank you can -- well it wasn't because you have to be given a chance to read modify loans. He's never given a chance to be modified -- -- from cash to come in for court let's. Switch it all around and they they did -- the foreclosure got turned around and and he is sold out to -- I ended up with a great and you work your magic on it and yet you're happy with how it turned out had been sitting for three years and now we turn from zero to hero in this house is easing -- mean. I put in a lazy river in the backyards and sit -- and -- -- clinical lot of -- around the lazy river in -- -- Look -- some ideas in your team where your architect you work with this think this is not gonna happen this is just not gonna happen. Well I -- and because I have some crazy ideas. Like sometimes of the floor trust might not work -- have to come up with some. Special floor truss to make it worked comply with coatings that the counties and removes it and I think what if they can't -- -- -- there since there's no support me. You know about cantilever truss the architects -- blown away because I know what I've done this before academic cantilever and there's our whole -- room another 800 square feet and. What went through yes Alan this -- analysts elegant offers already on the table like I want to showcase its. -- -- here this one in the pocket for little things always for sale but only. Africa you concentrate mostly on Palm Beach area right now you like that -- the Palm Beach areas -- And you know a lot of people come in their room to discern right now -- -- in the city it's just beautiful there right now the -- is always out your close to. He -- -- Beasley in the ocean location of the you know they say realty is located at this case and that's. It's and more true today than any other day. Because people want to be more they don't want commute is much they wanna be closer to the infrastructure and have good schools for their kids. We'll be close to the airport. Shopping good good eating is very important so. You know they'll drive -- -- they wanna be right in the middle of of all the heart of all the good stuff and now Palm Beach is a perfect area. It's obvious that you are so passionate about what you can now why are you more passive about this -- music. Another -- of more to -- -- not -- still a music pageant and if it wasn't for the music on the net that led to everything you know all the adventures. I have nothing to help you when you're buying something happen to think people recognize no I don't by eminent and fame at all now all like jealousy companies in different they don't know that penalizes behind these funds Sam needs you know now. Person I just have a team of people go out and and I find homes myself -- in -- -- in my. My real estate team out there. Small team in the league but we go out and -- -- at all at this point you're like New York Times is doing profile articles. Listen -- like you -- -- in yesterday's history tomorrow's mystery day by day. I don't expect much in night I don't you know I just smiled like it was smile every day -- -- -- thing is it still didn't got a new record out right now on iTunes called WTF. It doesn't stand for what you think. Stands for wisdom tenacity focus. Am I out of the -- stuff I they have -- explicitly lyrics on this. Now I thank you so much for being here with us today and don't miss the Vanilla Ice project Saturday night at 10 PM on the -- network.

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{"id":15398187,"title":"'The Vanilla Ice Project'","duration":"4:42","description":"Former rap artist fixes houses and sells them on his new DIY show.","url":"/Entertainment/video/vanilla-ice-project-diy-network-show-former-rap-artist-house-fix-entertainment-15398187","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}