'Veep' wardrobe up for auction after Sunday's series finale

Items include outfits worn by Julia Louis-Dreyfus in character Selina Meyer's signature color.
2:14 | 05/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Veep' wardrobe up for auction after Sunday's series finale
Okay in the political satire beat finished its last show yesterday after seven seasons. And if you're a fan of the show you probably love the writing as much as you enjoy. The iconic wardrobe. Julie Louise drives his characters Selena Meyer it was amazing. And now you have that chance to bring some of these pieces Holmes I want to go to Rome mean up beluga who's in Los Angeles to tell us how how do we get these fees of their Mena. Get updates on the dream big show and in West Hollywood speeding in an auction house. Where you can find famous I Connie costumes and props from your fevered movies and TV shows now like he's at your feet Stanley meet a series and it last night you eat fat like ion. Silver lining you can find their empires wardrobe here until June 1 Karen Perrier down from the season but he promo. Dollars for the stretch starting safety bus until June 1. Let me of adults Ilan address. There is a ton of red here because it's only a minor began every season episode whiny you know red dress and she ended last night in a red dress so it's like her eye on collects. It's also fun props like the Jennifer president hack and teacher my favorite thing you love the pricing. From this season he's on the season resolute in the news or even now I would bet on bet. And other props to this show is so deep snow. He looks you being a pain they got to cover its anti inside it's literally just sitting there in the show is almost 500 pages of an actual. Book. One of her about some new beginnings cyanide Selena my hair. Actual chapter eight a traveler's guide to the smells of East Coast Canada. Very on breaker all of this is available screened it in Hollywood until June 1 him. That's amazing and you are also into the. And all of the dresses they're beautiful they're almost all designer Annie there's also tightened T shirts and funny things from my Anjana. But honestly I think the man outpost is my favorite that you're. The very cool all right remain a thank you so much we appreciate that.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Items include outfits worn by Julia Louis-Dreyfus in character Selina Meyer's signature color.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"63006933","title":"'Veep' wardrobe up for auction after Sunday's series finale","url":"/Entertainment/video/veep-wardrobe-auction-sundays-series-finale-63006933"}