'Vertigo': Greatest Movie of All Time?

Alfred Hitchcock's classic beats out "Citizen Kane" in latest poll by film critics.
2:16 | 08/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Vertigo': Greatest Movie of All Time?
If you could pick your favorite movie of all times what we'd be mean to mind fatal attraction right that says a lot I won't be known -- imagine you have around you -- -- I'm not cattle like the godfather -- its -- in the godfather national -- foods Christmas vacation both are. Genius but got hundreds of film critics have -- voted and they -- the greatest film ever released for this moment. He had a -- season will -- -- reports it is the Hitchcock classic vertigo. Jane student -- San Francisco detective. Quits the -- -- this incident. Because it needs in ways. -- A Hitchcock medical device from which to hang in good story of surveillance and obsession -- and depression. The film critics in 1958 to would not thrilled by the -- when it was first released. But today's generation of just -- it the greatest film of old time -- What's changed. Over time with repeated hearings because this film has such rich psychological lands. The investigation into the -- -- -- -- It's grunting -- critical estimation and in fact. The more times you see it the more you grow to -- -- The critics might -- -- for its hidden debts. The Hitchcock cinematic genius schools and they and superficial. He was the mosque the stylist. That this famous scene Hitchcock used an innovative camera trick to accentuate the detectives fear of heights. Is and they've just been replicated by directors such as Martin Scorsese Steven Spielberg -- fans of Hitchcock. Is crazy when economies out what is then zooms in distorting perspective Hitchcock and other visual tricks up his sleeve such as this psychedelic dream sequence. It's worth noting the first ten films in the poll the biscuit -- all over forty years old. Suggesting that you -- critics are prone to most eligible that films like a good wine get better revenge Google puts BBC news.

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{"id":16911060,"title":"'Vertigo': Greatest Movie of All Time?","duration":"2:16","description":"Alfred Hitchcock's classic beats out \"Citizen Kane\" in latest poll by film critics.","url":"/Entertainment/video/vertigo-greatest-movie-of-all-time-16911060","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}