Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Models Alessandra Ambrosio and Chanel Iman offer a runway preview.
5:20 | 11/22/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
On November 20 ninth the holiday season begins for guys everywhere that the night the Victoria's Secret fashion show airs on CBS. It's one of these sexiest night on TV and joining us today are two of the supermodels who. Roll down a catwalk -- fund Rosie -- and -- in line -- -- -- they had parents having and tell. -- about the show it looks like a lot of fun but -- that actually lot of hard work. -- -- -- -- -- Mark before we start sounding but once in the music starts and it's just -- we're having fun acts aids. On the stage and made the performances. And huge production isn't seen -- you -- -- have amazing eyewitness from -- -- -- -- -- five in the humanize -- -- and we had a surprise kind of -- -- is saying yeah I -- is that we I'm not an increase in these funds and its finale new became an Angel. Just last year -- what does -- mean for a model to keep that. Well you know it's a huge honor I'm very grateful to be of high inventory secret. And I think that. It's incredible experience I mean I've traveled. The world live Victoria secret and -- I've experienced -- many chances. And it was very very touching last year I received my feelings to -- and ending -- something that's what. Look I would I looked up to girls like -- on -- called for a long time to be able to Wear those claims this isn't just a magical moment for me and speaking of those wing -- they look pretty heavy. They were really have and that. I hadn't had his wings have -- evening for a victory savage show. There are forty pounds -- but -- so beautiful says -- kinds of skills and they're made out of me you go it's and eight. It's been seven years in Kansas means in the and so I was I wasn't sure I was -- -- the long ball and then once I saw it on the runway and saw a picture like I have to do and -- -- and you've been an Angel for awhile now as it's still as exciting as the first here are. I knew I guess I think it's bad bad acting elegant suit -- -- -- ending the beginning here. You know you know -- Not experienced so. Later in it is gets enjoy you know other things and yet it does gets better and better -- got the pennant. On the modeling world I mean is there something greater that -- like -- you. We'll take it like modeling isn't exciting and fun an instant liking me so many amazing people anywhere with so -- great. People -- it instance some I love what I do in an ambulance men ending being an agent taking. They treat you so well tonight we go to the management of -- place is the best hotels in the world. -- -- -- Now we always had you know who fell in Maine and yeah. -- but in -- -- you're also mom now how could that balancing it well I -- Three years old and Estes. LA. So I travel all and I have a lot. I try to -- as much as they can with -- And it has not having my career and have a family homes doing at all and I get off he says. -- -- -- Hello yeah. -- -- -- Yeah. I think its dominance -- justice of the camera -- yeah yeah. Baby. Yeah. There's no what about you know that there's been some rumors that you might be dating on -- does that bother you and people thought about these things now. You know rumors -- right now is vehemently and and the clinic and young man when he won and then the -- -- very -- I'm being in them I think that's consistently doing have -- made. About this victory secret -- that you I think at this time is the new -- receive it pains fragrance and this week that -- Weakness in the long I mean you on Hazmat team packed. And you asked to pick pack and arm -- definitely on I had the honor and constantly as I heard -- Sunday at. -- I can't say enough about life and -- -- easy. Beautiful. For you Natalie literary abroad started out -- and -- -- This and yeah I was wearing. And the -- -- -- Walks and -- and an on line news. Andrea. -- all types of items from fashion show that. Will be online. And it's all inspired -- do you like to give victory secret presents here and I'll say yes any any moment and yeah it's great to get the victory secret -- -- you know you can never go wrong with. All his game I -- -- for me and I can't lie ahead I have to. Well I -- -- out thank you so much for joining us today and I'm happy holidays happy -- okay. Today.

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{"id":15010122,"title":"Victoria's Secret Fashion Show","duration":"5:20","description":"Models Alessandra Ambrosio and Chanel Iman offer a runway preview.","url":"/Entertainment/video/victorias-secret-fashion-show-15010122","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}