'After The View': May 24, 2016

The conversation continues as the co-hosts discuss who should be Vice President and answer audience questions.
20:23 | 05/24/16

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Transcript for 'After The View': May 24, 2016
Smile that next time. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. We've been on well so you made about yeah yes now. In front of everybody I just can't I get a live grenade and I think light and I didn't like a white girl doesn't guarantee. All night down because we are. After the view on FaceBook why but whatever it is I don't mean unsafe and lies. But the thing. I'm so if you would face but you go to the youth website enabling our walk after talking something like that and yeah. Tell you guys out there start posting your comments and questions because we're reading them later. That will be finally having its long is now you know first of the four week until it's anything what Bernie today do you think they're too rough on him on humor you were tough on him well. Was this just you attack I Ewart tougher you know I I was also Bernie for awhile to see who was gonna emerge as a candidate and it seems to me that Hillary. Is the one who's going to be the nominee so I think you know he should stop criticizing her at this point it is then the Republicans Dublin. Use it against but it hasn't thought are pretty fair I adults act when he hasn't had anything he hasn't been personally attacking her I mean I think he's been fair in terms of attacking. That the policy differences and that's fair game when you say your judgment is bad or you're not qualified that's a personal attack but he answered that the real question you asked him if you want to know like so if you don't get economic. Are you gonna just support her. And ever answer but I think he well yeah because he load a truck he came closer to it than he ever had his friend aren't trying to like everybody else says. By the way we're discussing truck a little backstage. And you know I really believe that tribe does is a secret at what the Democrats and Republicans. He says he's pro choice I'm intro pro life I don't really did not relying I think he's I don't trust him. I'm though he is just saying the Republican girls you know use modern and I am very modern music he's walked it back I mean he's block did back when but I think you know I don't believe it. Depending on where you wire went with a broad new we don't know you're pro lifer you know your protect him if he can't. Figure that out at the core value TO and if you have to walk it back adding that should be concerning I don't BG relate to vote online issue. I mean there's so many issue I don't I don't a lot of issues so I don't you write right now I am writing somebody and but so would you agree was somebody on everything except that they were not pro life would you not vote for that I think a lot of people that are pro life but have a hard time for for most prevalent pro lifers it's really. It back Indian deal breaker but I I don't you know I'm pro life but I'm not a one issue person bad issue that's very important to me but I won't just vote for someone. One because they aren't enough but for some that's a whole discussion on abortion like I'm too tired and I. I guess it makes my. Yeah. Yeah. What I've but the requested and guacamole yeah. And where does not yet we don't have to say I told them today so now we'll have it. The global probably yeah. Really yeah. I'm not inclined an outlet always and master ads went. In Australia we always have and I want to go they wanna go visit Australia and I glad it ended up for Howard the board of four day air flight I can't buy that now let's assign your bet you your husband in Hawaii would do its that you. Did her on the but wasn't in. I know at first light and been flying for day all day like I films Fuller house on Friday night got out of like Saturday morning. And Saturday afternoon in Hawaii and then left yesterday and just rolled in right now from the airport so it took 24 hours from right to get any lower stretches it seems seeing. Yeah I'd like to me out you because she said. Then up. What you're on in and I'm proud owner of the beautiful and we have this great hotel room has been and I and it was like this is my perfect. One weekend and the landscape like this is exactly do we have the picture they have been done and the picture imminently let me. It had. I think jungle and I want to be around it and surrounded it I like that I'm in the luxury of since I ran neck and close or second. We have a surprise reassembling them I. I. And maybe the dumber the bachelor whose feet were up there might be. Might be right why don't mean in the air. And I. Yeah. I don't want to quit but what's he said was that her husband was hurt Tarzan this we get the hell I acted. Let you know Sonny what I feel like I'm in a nursing home again I don't you know if I am anemic and so I'm always really calls you can you are oh yeah I'm I'm I'm anemic and I don't eat meat so on top of video -- regarding any mitigating I and a girl you've got started reading that he does on that day and once I got a little bit my shoes off because I love those. Those shoes the DC I mean they're. But they're really of their little bit uncle asked why you don't Eaton eat your knee back. Because I'm anemic tuna I don't EVI yeah like my world is spinning yeah well I did it for a couple of reasons I read some books. About the industry and what we do to animals and what at don't bring us down but does our body. I thought I made a conscious decision not so not to eat. Am I do eat meat occasional lottery. Here. Here and our has inched just on recently she just changed. My life as far as diet is concerned she it's an all began diet and she's written like nine bucks and she's like on the board to rewrite. Dietary. Guidelines she's amazing I'm reading her new book right now which is how I how. Changing normal how I helped to my husband beat cancer and it was through their diet and of course a mix of Arabs eastern medicine. And some western medicine but he did not go western medicine route it's fascinating pick of the bucket you get a chant and it she writes so much on health and it is. Just it's changed my life I got so high though I equation out out. She might she grabbed her like Carolina little I don't know or anything but New Orleans Noland and Ohio have joined us on a book club and send us your questions be filed because we well I. And there. I just I just wanna have morning. Has it changed my diet at an about two years I've noticed a significant difference in how I feel I kinda dirty air like what after just want to put that out. I think you have to carve it really helps you know ten knots I let Janet in the audience has question. What opinions right jet issues ahead and other costs. What's a question. During hot topic here different opinions slot and a title there erected do you worry that a feeding your coworkers. You've sent about sending each other. Absolutely not not kidding yeah. But I wary of yet we don't want and we don't do add to it I sometimes worry about it but we're all friends. Off the set and that's really helpful like you know joy and I took a train ride together only got Barry now ready to with the problem attic can now I we have been under patents that some mature over the years I've been hit twenty years. Sometimes we're friendly and amounted believe you me yeah everyone. So Jim let alone a I'm missing girl she seems to be honest. But don't I sometimes wary that I'm gonna offend some. Aspects I think. We are we are and it can you shout that we are here to give aren't up in but we would never intentionally try to offend someone. Meet our opinions could be offensive there aren't. Well we might offend people in the audience that it took in television I've learned over the years the minute utes may have an opinion. One way or the Gaza you lose half the ought to carry his big disagreement you can people who voted to trump and Jordan. I don't think outside. Now what am I gonna daylight this is the show but I think it's also. It's also had a broader conversation to you like can't meet the four of us. Or at the five of us when we're at the panel here have healthy discussion. Not agree one another but we don't have to be disagreeable we don't have to heat each other after hour now but we don't immediately liked teacher I'm out of your need we'll tell you we do get cab but that's the thing like you we get so much criticism. You know what I have my own beliefs you have yours and I'll respect yours and you respect my amp a lot of people don't know how to do that I. I think it has a lot to do with women I wrote when I first got into television and people know me agonized argue all the time with Mark Geragos on CNN and we aboard the best of friends. Someone told me when people are watching you discussed these issues it's almost like your family members and your kids don't care if you're. You know arguing half as long as you don't hit each other and as long as. Know that your not gonna get a divorce. I kind of look at it that way like I like everyone and I'm gonna have my opinion we're gonna disagree but at the end of the day we're not divorcing I say. And I just give a big shout out we have so what we have Australia ignorant and Jackson Michigan my home now my face. Yeah. Constantly he you know that they haven't I've read somewhere maybe I'm not have a 90% literacy rate in Costa Rica a beautiful that it applied and other bush White House and. Now. Let's say all I read somewhere and we got to go out of the question going into the class and yes here go ahead read and see from Jonathan. What time do you all wake up to get to work and what's the hardest part of it. All the time to wake up I wake up at 6 Cigna Tel 6 o'clock yeah. TMS. When I'm here I get up about 530 sometimes I'm getting up the day before can they take that route I ended up right off the plane the Clinton belittled her innocent he's got a crazy out there tomorrow have a chance up usually the second day at ten minute audience has a question. This where's it Aaliyah again. Yes do you Evers still get nervous when your interview and celebrities or politicians. Oh. Politicians deaf. They work that may. They do work for you can't RS. Yet my husband would like that you just it isn't nervous nervous I deal it's freaks me out that I'm caught I wanna talk show that I McAuliffe's look. Here and you had a big star like Lincoln you know a major star would you be and I am nervous did you remember that Kevin Costner and fat and my he was and I was like yeah Clarence it was to climb but I ice so get nervous only because this isn't it's becoming more comfortable for me but this isn't what I do every day I'm. So I get nervous bite like if those nerves go away eight. Then he huge. I don't know I don't quite dramatic I don't editor of windows is just picture them naked yeah. Let me victory naked and I don't lady that's what I always got naked old ladies right. That's just oldest hit him naked picture of them on the toilet and that I don't get I don't. It's because I'm so interested in people also interesting to me to learn new things at about anyone so I act that does it make me nervous but. Do any of you may get concerned when it somewhat you're interviewing some when you don't mind. Now I didn't get that vote for me I just put my personal feeling decide but wait a second did you did you picture Bernie Sanders make it to the crowd because I wasn't nervous interviewing bank yeah now so I didn't have to. It was the last person to actually visualize connected besides you know on yeah. The visualize now I'm just saying like you know if somebody of that like publix say Queen Elizabeth came I would pick. I needed picture aren't make it in and I would have no problem. Let me ask you another thing besides questions this is an on the topic that we were reading this morning Chris Jenner. You know the car dash in mother. She's going back she wants her old me back she wants to be a car dash and again what do you think and a her maiden name is hope by the way HO UG HT ON Albert and Chris Hope Mary so she's Chris Jenner and then she wears Chris card debt she and then she would before that she was Chris Cote. Still hasn't been a Kardashian for 25 years exactly. But she may not want to be at Jenner because Kate Lynn has transitions. And perhaps she wants to distance herself from that marriage she does have two daughters from that marriage that carry that means. Yeah it's like this candidates like wanna have the same names you chilled or maybe she wants to capitalize on the car gnashing and men thank you Matt. That she has. You don't put up CN almost here air and that might make I bought my. I have a shot at that yeah. I think the name thing is pretty important I remember when I was getting married. I wanted to keep my maiden name because I you know had a nominal might long licenses and I've been practicing law and from my husband it was really important that I. Keep the name because he won it all the whole family to have the statement so we compromise and I sort of did like a Hillary Rodham Clinton I made my last name my middle name. I think it is important for so what did I oh man now. Spun its its absence young as my real things he Cummings Hostin. A Swansea on a I like that I like to announce it now the assumption that says it wouldn't it virgin Mary bro actually the assumption I know I does stop and Ewing used. Guinness can't unless I sent I do our part because everyone's known me my whole life and had been an entertainment to satisfy severance numbness Candace Cameron. So I added boring to the end but in my personal life. I don't use the camp and you'd I'm asked Candace RA but for Pratt professional reasons is Candace and kindness and think that my married name airing her husband. Until I really wanted to take his name's Eric out of you want carrying around my first husband's name. Barring her. I am I'm so excited I'm just saying and I have that person I told us on the air and let's last week my name is Josephine computer no one can spell it. Everybody you Josephine Victoria I'll kill you now yes you well I let us narrow CC HI UTO all eyes are. You don't. Oh closed eyes and saying look up back up. And and so my daughter is that they are obviously but she uses her bare her married also like you loan and they heartland my husband now is Steve Janet Wentz. People say to him missed a bank car. I'm you handled. Not even might maiden name is my excitement I had. And I didn't give him either Gary I am in a he's so great is you know my husband yeah how well do you don't have well yeah. He's serving Kenya now he has a great time okay. So a joy all we have another question. I'd be your life from FaceBook lighted asked who do you want as being paid Jimmy Kimmel. More like it. I don't how nice catch. No weapon but we want I want Hillary to win you want her to get somebody who is gonna. Solidify their vote in some way so bushy unpopular with white men. Done. So maybe she needs a white guy on the Tenet I'm I'm kinda Scott but I would love to see Elizabeth Warren has two women. I hate Hillary because she's a woman and the woman who pillaged a woman. Now they have to look sometimes I just think it would be fantastic and I B Kent has yet but I think it would be a death sentence I don't know I don't I'm know I'm just saying that like I and I want an idea. But I just think you're going to that you're gonna alienate. Too many. What about chump who should be chums BP somebody noticed Larry he's exotic. Hot excellent experiences and I NN. Conserve and it. A true conservative true concern what would you want what the I don't know yeah I don't he needs somebody who has a brain who can do policy but he doesn't know anything about. He delegates well I think he you know if he. You know he he became president added it was ninety like heat up if you're the president you have to Delhi you also have to know something don't do. Smith just run out Saturday thanks. It's not working like crazy. What do you say about mark humid on Hillary stick at remembered he'd he'd been name was brought out reality star and know how other not a lot Hollywood about what qualifies him to be the vice president of the united think if I I don't understand. But here's the thing even she said she'd be open she sent and depression be open having some with business experience on the ticket and she sees the economy is. That does she have a lot of it's enough already she has Bill Clinton to do the money she does everything else what is she need she needs. A Smart vice president case god forbid something happens to our he can be present attache what did you just say she needs. He needs a white man writes we must say I really Smart white guy would probably help I'm just I think it'll why wouldn't white man like Hillary just because she's not. A what I'm coming I don't know exactly what I notice that she's unpopular mostly with white man. I don't want. Anybody cannon even thought yeah. Any white guys he would like to tell us why I don't want anybody. I don't get. They as a white guy up there. I am I I think. IC tell my eye on air land and it. Any thoughts on this sat yeah but. Today are to order work for the Democratic National Committee so well armed. I know that Tom. It's difficult it's a difficult task conduct lot of things going there politics aside I think that she's our best quip for lead in the country. So you're a white guy who likes half. Is there are white guy who doesn't like I. But why. Yesterday's chicken like any I love Elizabeth Warren but I like this just. I'm tired of the legacy of Clinton I feel like I have to vote for Hillary Clinton whereas I would love to vote for Elizabeth Warren. And yeah I just think she doesn't get I think she's part of the problem go Bernie Sanders that's where Matt. You know something yesterday's chickens been around she may know how this you know how to put the sauce on it and I mean. This day's chicken has experience I'm just saying hi everybody out of bounds thanks. It is up on Twitter and FaceBook and lied because I love that they might guys aren't they look terrible but.

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