'View': Cynthia Nixon's Sexual Choice

The co-hosts discuss Nixon's statement that she "chooses" to be gay.
2:28 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for 'View': Cynthia Nixon's Sexual Choice
I took some questions and then a New York Times this past Sunday section that -- -- and -- Nixon. Says -- -- outraged a lot of people by saying that she chooses to be today. Some in the gay community -- -- change your statement. But she wouldn't saying she has been straight by the -- -- children she has been gang and -- -- chooses to be with a woman what do you think. Well I guess she's bisexual I mean people say there's such a thing as bisexual although with -- Some gay -- said to me I'm bisexual I like straight men and gay men. Possibility that bisexuality. Exists even more. I mean I don't so many women at this point who were married had children and then on now with -- It's it's a phenomenon immediately got a performance and admitted it -- it to. But I don't think that's I think they probably wouldn't -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- some points and I think it's over my head -- I think it's. You know I think it's you know the fact that they want -- hurt that they really return to get her to change. What she was gonna say I don't notice to fit it some kind of agenda on the map for that but I think you know because she said we want to give this speech. They wanted her to change it because they don't want people thinking that niche in the article but when she wanted to speak in front of it in front of the people they wanted her -- change it. I'm where you I don't know you can't make a blanket statement that -- if somebody says. It was not a choice I respect that. Thank you -- -- to but the problems and the reason that a lot of gay people find this to cut costs. Is that there has been for so long this you choose to be gay. And -- went -- to send you. I to a psychiatrist had changed to a religious organization to try and -- doctor traffic on the bottom of the -- we're gonna punish again anyway. And many gay people have said look this is not a choice this is a -- but obviously. Likely outcome -- will not the mowing on that they're all different. So I ask you you may have been born this way -- not have favorite song and people say it's it it this was not a choice okay but their Sunday -- and decide mitigating -- -- but -- there's also some people that say. For me it was a choice so you can't say they are wrong. Well -- acceptable -- it's easy to say because it's used as a weapon against gay people are saying that you just. I cannot say what your truth then somehow she should -- her truth is is just a dangerous thing to Santa Barbara just -- an -- -- against controversial.

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{"id":15429856,"title":"'View': Cynthia Nixon's Sexual Choice","duration":"2:28","description":"The co-hosts discuss Nixon's statement that she \"chooses\" to be gay.","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-cynthia-nixons-sexual-choice-15429856","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}