'The View' Discusses NYC Rules That Prohibit Denying Pregnant Women Alcohol

The co-hosts react to new city guidelines that prohibit the refusal of alcohol to pregnant women.
5:17 | 05/11/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Discusses NYC Rules That Prohibit Denying Pregnant Women Alcohol
Yeah Tagamet. Okay act like with a little baby Bob and you add up bar haven't drank. Sometimes the waves a few eyebrows but now for the first time New York City bars cannot. Refuse to serve a pregnant woman. Now did you don't know knocked up yesterday. Did did it doesn't surprising to meld that a bartender couldn't refuse to. Serve you can't volatile I know that I. I you know I did not I don't think I can say it was you know that they were concerned about your name I thought. Could actually I thought it was supposed to happen I didn't know that I'm glad I I'm not surprise play. Because if you're pregnant like. I got that like I view it as if you're pregnant and you're drinking if its liquor or. Anything like that your baby can come out defective light. It's a possibility. Me when I love all drank half tonight and smiled yeah sorry I'm not supposed say that what they did not get smile that lit and how well we turned out well. Now but Simms went down how does not want to know. If you comic fan. And you win that group were girls you haven't what I bought sentinel that you've had too many drinks. You can go thank you shouldn't be that you are not Smart enough to say it. You know what I have two glasses of wine had seen enough how does he or she know they don't think you're doing something. Harmful to your baby when no one can actually decide because forty isn't always I would write. When three is about visitors don't have rant. And actually isn't it somewhat and why did it but don't just might issue though they also tell us that we can't have abortions that people wanna stop abortions are you gonna start charging these women. If they didn't drink during their pregnancies are you gonna charge them with some type of and abuse Medicaid because they get some places apparently they did some states don't charge you with a beer and they know you're leaving it. It if not if why were pregnant and I had a conversation with my doctor. And came to a certain conclusion that was good for my health. Why isn't up to a bartender or restaurant establishments to say you know what we know. Better than you do for your body. I'm getting government says that when they say you can't have an abortion they say that the Jetta diagonally that thing. Listen this from Condit ready and I angry with you Cuddy will they refuse to sell fried food or junk food to overweight people are cigarettes to adults have children with them. It's kinda like you can take it like no they shouldn't. Oh gusting to look out for each other. Like I think. I saw pregnant want an out as a bartender I would definitely go NAS plus draped insuring when I asked to imagine I don't know I. The real problem how many pregnant women are actually going into bar orders right you know direct when he hears them well I think. Pregnant women going to Mars and and haven't turned I don't think and I don't think didn't fall down knocked down not what I do believe that. You. Are old enough to go into the bar. And have they drank. And you're pregnant you might actually be Smart enough to know what you should and shouldn't have. I don't like you're paying an informed and educated at what they can't why any way you act whenever you are putting in your body is going directly into that fetus you have to know that. But that's not US and a panel couple law ever aren't going right at worried that I mean I'm saying like. Yeah you're an adult. And I don't think it's right for a another adult the tell an adult. What the put in their body but at the same time if somebody if you and they decide to lock in plays to say okay. This person can't drink at abide because this person is pregnant him I think that would be a little bit more justifiable bed. Telling somebody without their bid. Plus what's so what's the difference between saying. I don't want to win this markers are pregnant and it's against our religious beliefs. Was different because you pregnant. An independent estimate that I'm saying to you. It's against my religious beliefs to see you drinking as a woman was pregnant that's the problem in what event let myself it's now very slim writers if you have news service based on one issue you can refuse service based on another and you're empowering that restaurant establishment to have power over you for what for their beliefs for their opinion which may or may not he fact well how about this because -- -- how. You out up OPEC my brain is thought. We we're gonna do a flip flop because at want to ask you about this because you've been talking about it and yeah and folks you have an important health. Update I do you guys and so here's the deal. Everybody knows about the Zeke a virus and the CDC announced this week that there's a hearing testing physique a virus is more accurate than blood tests they treated it out Monday. So if you feel the need you have something to. Tell you if you have a little bit sooner than you would for a blood test that's very interesting you should check it out and is eager buyers disappears from the blood from within about five days after the symptoms it here. But the virus remains in the yearn for about two weeks so what's more accurate resigns and I think that's something everybody needs you know we get scared and they don't really give you an animation isn't information to check it out. And off cuts and on that note. We will be right back.

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"The co-hosts react to new city guidelines that prohibit the refusal of alcohol to pregnant women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39041692","title":"'The View' Discusses NYC Rules That Prohibit Denying Pregnant Women Alcohol","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-discusses-nyc-rules-prohibit-denying-pregnant-women-39041692"}