'View' Co-Hosts React to Attacks in New York, New Jersey And Minnesota

Mixed reactions among co-hosts about what information was released with regard to attacks.
7:07 | 09/19/16

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Transcript for 'View' Co-Hosts React to Attacks in New York, New Jersey And Minnesota
What's on everyone's mind this morning. I ED explosions in new York and New Jersey in a stabbing attack in Minnesota all taking place within a twelve hour period on Saturday. This morning NYPD sent out and a lack. That they are seeking a 28 year old man named comment kind of Ron ruff money. In connection with the bombings know how do you feel. I don't know what this is really dumb question but now. What you freaked out where you surprised how mean how what what hatchet. It was scary for a man I live to New York on 9/11 I used to work in the building next door so the sound of a our windows live that day and that was the first thing I remember is hearing sounds. So when I see something like this unfold of course you get scared is that were coming. And you you immediately empathize with the people who where they're not all when who didn't know what was happening. Who didn't know you know can and I going to be able call logs want what's going on is there a series of events happening. And you look to people you look to figures whether they know what's happening or not to kind of get some clarity as to as to what we can expect because. The thing I think people seek an moments like that most is some kind of leadership and knowing that. Someone is monitoring this and someone has our back Ed that's bigger more powerful than us and knows more than what we know there's gonna make sure that more people don't get injured or hurt. I want more information I mean I was actually covering. This story for GMA over the weekend and I want it more information I didn't want our beat reactive but I was in Washington DC. A jury 9/11 and I was concerned that these may be coordinated. Incidents. But I wanted to know more and I think that's what's most important when these things happen we have to take a step back we can't give in to terror because that's what terror is about it's about making people frightens me. I'm so that they react to other people's political beliefs and and I think what we need in terms of leadership is someone that will wait that will pause that will be thoughtful. In leadership and not bombastic in Indian leadership and that that that's what. I was in Los Angeles you know my heart just went out and get eight UE get its. Over at new hope that everyone's okay but you know I take a little different position about the leadership because. I feel that yes we do need to know the facts of course we have to take a pause for a new home in its but I feel like. That sometimes it shouldn't be about being politically correct that sometimes that pods. May be taken too long because were afraid of offending someone or ending a certain group. And when we see terror like this happen in height we need to call. Colin apple what did it look as I let you ask me that people had the last in their eighteen that we are riding in front now yeah it was holly yeah so do you thing. That with all of that it would have been Smart for them to have let us know. About the bomb that went off in Central Park. Several months ago that blew a kid's leg off there was not a whole bunch of has arrived made nobody was pointing fingers and Islamic terrorists nobody was doing that. But I wonder Arab. Why nothing. Was sad about it because. If a bomb goes off in Central Park. And someone loses a lay that's kind of a big deal and you kinda wanna be prepared that. All of this might be happening so I don't get really uncomfortable. One when people talk before they know it is because. Listen. They blamed Atlanta you remember a long time not long time now but Richard Jewell yes he was in the pot basic interview you did it. It wasn't happy you know and so from me I want. I before you tell me it's an Islamic terrorism what you wish you are. That it's. That that's what India and the two have the right person I mean remember. During the Boston bombing marathon bombing. They need a kid yak and this picture was. Everywhere. And and that was just a terrible terrible decision that also happened in the Dallas police shooting where they've named. I'm an African American guy who. It's an open carry state had an open carry gun and they named him as one of the shares you know I think again the end of an anti I have been on your point and I think you call. It what it is if you know that what what it is I think you have to. I think a sign of a true leader is someone that is thoughtful that is not going to run amok with I don't facts and we see that so often. Lots and how can I don't nausea refused to call it terrorism not yet the motivation I think you're right about terrorism can be motivated by religion it can be motivated by. You think there's numerous motivations you can't call something Islamic extremism if you don't elephants if it's linked to its about at all and but I think you can call it terrorism because terrorism means an act of violence exactly a very broad work well now I don't look at it and say it's a loaded word and so you do have to be careful about it because there are volatile people out there and said that when you say terrorism it only means one thing so you wanna you wanna be. It's not about being politically correct but you don't want to name the wrong people. You just don't want you that was his. Not recognizing people listen don't have I think he's here on the word terrorism absolutely a 100% even when it is terrorism should not won't be terror I don't label and city when they are kind of terrorists I don't think you should be terrified of the F word terrorism because that's not what the dictionary definition of terrorism keep I think you should be wary of saying Islamic extremism when you don't have the fax. But terrorism is terrorism when you blow up while bomb or political goal in New York City and political goals are blue. I mean terror has to be related to a political book a political goal and you know back and so maybe. I don't know because I think we're all speculating we don't have that much information. Maybe it's a kid that it fit deciding that they go off its mentally ill when it when parents did not win their multiple ones going off. I didn't. I would have to say that you it's definitely terrorism wow what where it comes from it it probably is but I don't think probably is. It's enough. Well I just I asked a question I asked before. Our young man. Had his leg blown off. And I didn't see Jack I didn't see any of this heightened oh my god something's happening should went with it should've been an identity cannot run it should of went we don't know what it was what one hell. Have you ever heard about damn bomb hidden in. Do have their votes isn't a lot and it blew his leg off a look at explode was in a fire I thought it was fireworks no means it was an explosion. And it was strong enough to blow his leg bones so wasn't a firecracker. Analysts and army anti aircraft has been out of our police believe that is related to firework get out but again we don't well let you know they've they've put stuff not insult I always want them to to be cautious because. I wanted to know about that and I know I knew about it because I knew. You know but. Dick is this something that was connected to I mean that's a lot of questions and I have aboriginal went out was sent what does and that's why I'm such a payment but.

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{"duration":"7:07","description":"Mixed reactions among co-hosts about what information was released with regard to attacks. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42199321","title":"'View' Co-Hosts React to Attacks in New York, New Jersey And Minnesota","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-hosts-react-attacks-york-jersey-minnesota-42199321"}