'The View' Co-Hosts Talk Pokemon Go Frenzy

The women of "The View" talk about the overnight sensation.
5:12 | 07/15/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View' Co-Hosts Talk Pokemon Go Frenzy
I don't know if you have played it or not but you have certainly heard about it by now if you happen to your living under a rock we're talking about Pokemon. It's a new and you taken covered the stratosphere is anyone. Know how this works aside from raven haired 21 million daily users and give us here at the table part of that. I that's my time not half but I would like summoned to explain and even meeting cannot go real quick adult version you make an avatar super awesome walk around your city. Making sure that you're safe and little Pokemon pop up along with areas that you learn cool about so Princeton question what does a little Pokemon. I like the Pokemon itself. But but they have all different shapes and sizes right outnumber CNA action yet it's like it it's like saying I caught a human you know me and any color. How hot. You. Up you brought a round ball. Whole entire place C for now it's it's acting like it wants to stick. That's nice on my TV that aspect. You click on the cool. About it which also has turned kind of bad is that it need you to cool monuments so for instance the other days. I walked to a cool upside down hippo in a park. And I would've never seen as a it was a provoking monotone artist that to me when it was made but at the same time keep we're going into very sensitive monuments and people are feeling. You know some type of way however my response to that is beam respectful of where you ketchup okay. And learn something it's a song on her okay. It's legit stuff now understand I use my how it would work until we decided to take it live anyone Murphy lot I don't. Easy and people there was a general many other day that we had a hilarious video that Ellen to a late he was walking. To Patrick O'Keefe I'm an it was dark neatly into a late. What needs to happen and when I my friends up in the up in the room like. I need voice commands of where to walk them to understand your stop lights and since its integrated into our everyday lives it should be fully integrated but that's just me loving the future. Let people to funeral homes and a group and I hit my car this one guy got busted for cheating apparently. Hoping the line and upgraded eight. And he probably. Apartment and I've been back I'm so there's some hope dangling not yeah I'll love. Oh. I just plan it that she is are you saying Pokemon go to get a let you know about its. Actually. Carry. Why five Turks and their offering charging stations and her holdings specific poking my combatants and their stance. Come captured on an art church at 9 AM I'm. It overnight. It does can we buy some stock in Nintendo because the stock for Nintendo has risen. Tremendously. It's the biggest mobile gaming US history big. Yeah yeah get it made it's also been good at like at eating apples people are running into each other while searching for out of okay and they end up talking it happened to meet not with her. Trying to date it was on the elevator on the way to what I and I'm looking over the actual there's this soap creek in I was about to say you are you playing ball in and I think that it's a conversation starter congress it's I. C a guy out I want at midnight and he's there he's not supposed to be there he's trying to catch up poke him on his hip problem as Brooklyn girls and the Brooklyn on you. You tell you. Yours and I'm actually gonna show up so that she Kindle broken heart that. I didn't. Exactly so much fun but really debt could. Anti out of time but what. I'm really scared of people honestly at this has me worried in a sense because I think about that and I think about trespassing and I think about it if you out at 2 o'clock in the morning someone on your property and you gotta protect yourself when they're out there does play that game trying to get to welcome. This could get dangerous hi Felix just. Life lesson just keep you common sense yeah your you're gonna play a game like adults. Arlington national cemetery had to tweet out to tell people to local surgeon for a Pokemon at the senate and half. Craig. Play harmonica like to say I just think you should vote Smart. A hot. Yeah and safe copd. Apple Smart and you're gonna poke they say Polk and groups like Olympic group a group of people on line column. My. It's just let yourself. Very Smart. So it's a walking inching exercise and you gain knowledge about your environment dollar on another side I'm actually try to get my poking I can't. Did you talk him out of this Bennett walking and natural walking investigator's senators Byrd stop.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"The women of \"The View\" talk about the overnight sensation. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40612656","title":"'The View' Co-Hosts Talk Pokemon Go Frenzy","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-hosts-talk-pokemon-frenzy-40612656"}