'After The View': Jan.27, 2016

Should women be afraid to say they want kids in the workplace? Why jerks get ahead and more hot topics!
15:02 | 01/27/16

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Transcript for 'After The View': Jan.27, 2016
These C a Brian I'm OKV stream T have a bad out because they live streaming after the show. What's that obviously they try to get an Alley and the rights he needed room. I agree. In my state you know we didn't show that we ward likes mopping up like that where actually wearing metallic come. And now. Yeah this is better I think the plug away and build even when I'm not pregnant when I try to Wear those looking at taking a look at 10 yes I am I attractive only those clear snow days is lot of good stuff when you look sexy as its as a pregnant women you only get tight end game Ed. Act itself this is not the actual shall. We're talking about this Miami doctor but went at that they have the tape went viral because she adds she attacks this would drive back. So that'll show you again. The doctor is the one of the short shorts by the way. Can we as actors be growing yes I would just be wrong means you don't hear sound you just this morning just watcher at crate art media can't show actually for other reason already. Where she's in the car and she's a rating and with. Really bad language and she goes on and on we're seeing a snippet yeah there's typically assaults imminent she verbally and and but actually a lot of got a viewer is there have been tweeting and weigh in on that till they note this hi I'm. Dick. Kind defended her and a sense that if she's contrite and she asked forgiveness and any who are we to judge right. But hey Brian on Twitter brings up a good point he says of what she did was assault on man if the roles reversed would you be asking that he shouldn't forget that. I say there is a double standard white you know one man hit a man in. And we're say well we're rushing but don't rush to judgment let's extend forgiveness. But if there where the other way around getting away I don't want to reunite lost everything. That as well because a man is ten times stronger than a woman that's the basic. Reason what did doesn't see your it. You're justify your body just as I am saying that it's much more lethal when a man hits a woman a lot of woman it's a man. A woman should not provoke a guide hit of I don't say that crap like out there like feminists and Celera parent magic. Imagine her coming up against a big you know 200 pound it's not equal. Sorry go ahead. No I just rumblings in the idea it's I feel like just about now there's a lot of strong women out there we look at some of those that I have not guns and that I'm not let anyone Dowell we can pull the audience will pull the outlets and much do you clapping idea of that. If the roles reversed his. You're saying it's not equal. Not now when a man hits a woman does not equal to what a woman it's a man physically it's not you really a joy mixed it up and flop just clap if you agree with me. So that's crap that you disagree with me. The idea we should never back pocket why you asked them not. If you look at the decision recently Ray Rice who had you know a really good. Career in the NFL lost everything he was contrite said he was sorry if we don't remember what happened an elevator with his then fiancee. Lost everything he clear tried every day lying on it when I haven't gotten it lying about a weapon attacks and got. She's at horrible this Thursday and the poor guide you know what to do so. I'm just saying and this you've got to agree with me. Unmanned generally is stronger than a woman fifth. One thing that really bothered me is when no when police showed up on the scene that he's that I can lose my job if I get arrested. Two she was clearing knots in all of this bad day out drunkenness new under can't consequences. And still played up to that camera you know Agnes I have a hard time this wanted to continue as it starts throwing things and pulling and name. I'm already out I it was his super car so that packet call the uber pretty much what happened she got in the wrong car Hubert drivers that I am not here for EU. She got up and that's it she that I rates of the guy gets cart was post got. Had called him. Was like you don't notice this world are real over driver was the one that was Thelma development and now it got if I had a yet it didn't overdrive now. That's uber driver I another jamming called the car. Yes she got in the wrong Clarkson. It was someone else's car and that guy is like ruling on this yes like this is my. This shouldn't be happening now can act and biking yes I wanted some OK so I'm not. Isn't on the subject because they had new CNN article asks the question. Is Ted Cruz the most popular Juergen America. And another question why do jerks get okay. So this actual science behind this okay that jerks. Do very well in this case in this society what do you make a batch. I Irene and I think it's an asset question is why I just think he Henson. Jerks a lot of times and mean unfortunately nice guys finish last I mean is about the same yet been met. I always say about that I agree he ate in they get the job they get that they do get ahead in this world but I always say that I'd rather shabbily in a race coming 55 place every time if when I go to bed at night and proud of my actions of my Mary four and so I'd rather finish later in the game I think there will be a time because like. Death is the great equalizer when they will lay back and look at their lives and I will be a happier person. I don't that I was so don't agree with Carmine irony of that I don't think aren't up punish very often it's a credit I was murder it did if you have any integrity like hey you don't that's the point that Jack. Isn't a moment where they look around now they can't scheme they can't get ahead anyone overall laying their where they're gonna have to be like. So this what I did well can also be jerky without being. Jerks an update any wedding median and mean I yeah I don't quite afraid that because. My husband who I love dearly. Not and I would not call him a jerk but she just. I am. King yeah. Government like we try to negotiate my car in the least some like card ports of and I didn't try so please go in the air. And I was trying to Wheeling dealing and hasn't liked this is how it is and if you're not gonna give it to me I'm walking out. And I got up and walked outlets fell and it I think it isn't. You deal would add this to you you sit down and you negotiate it hasn't like I don't the lowest the jerks they add some of their lives. I might have the diet was saying that my husband was did you because we got a laugh and he has just wait LL course and now or later. Get involved from the dealership and he goes OK let's work with you know when we sit and yeah the teen was like I'd never dealt with someone like your husband before it might happen that's why I brought and exactly I was. And I. Do you have jerk like tendencies but it doesn't define you as a teacher when he could have moments like sadness that's a that's to say that kinda disagreeable people or argumentative aggressive and cost other quite. Excellent at getting their ideas heard. And unfortunately. Sometimes in our business the squeaky wheel always gets the grease put outlet confidential so I'm not to mention names Donald Trump. We don't like out the best on the greatest I can do it I'll fix it make America meant that that that people love it. Okay I just follow along you know when he felt believes that so he's probably XE TV and that lately you know they EMI AM amazing unity that's a positive psychology. But I always feel that that's not behavior cup is a tremendous amount of insecurities also sometimes that usually a death usually is rooted. Okay. Did you like you got to have babies all of you young baby working on a oh that's right I did finally I might added. Ed bustle dot com I've never heard of it but whatever it is have you had a bustle dot com whatever it is it's it's another site. And they have this a very strong opinion about women who are afraid to say that they want kids. You know they say that you should own your desire to be a mom applaud what that want what want to be afraid. To say that should lose his job is not a phrase to the nineteen times. But it didn't why would you be afraid to egg company to say I you know I really would like to have big families want to not enough I. Internet actually in an interview when I was first coming to New York I was in here keeper that peach program and a girl was sitting next to me. And I got the question first because it was five of us interviewing they said. Where you see yourself in ten years and I I answered very honestly they said. I get I imagine I'll be married you know why I'd like a few kids I've watched my sister balance you know burgeoning career with kids and I just think she's. Really done a great job and I kind of see myself doing not hop. It goes the next crunch goes Hulk. Not me and she went right into a career driven answer and I remember after the interview like IE. I cried I thought I should have been salon in spite and I think that's true. And interestingly enough I got that job and she didn't not prop it wasn't just that answer I'm short but I. I got to the first time I had to really kind of take it in that meeting might traditional ideas of what I wanted for my wife would work against me yeah out and we might never liked. That's why women don't want to say I think so rising worry that it might you know why is there equal discrimination against women who say well I'm never having children that seems to be an issue sometimes. This it really what's wrong with delight you Barron. No I I don't know I don't necessarily think so I think there's a lot of pressure if you don't want women Aaron if you don't like your woman you don't want children only. They do ask why not and I say come to my house and my hat. But I I I a lot of friends that our stay at home moms. And I remember a couple of years ago I was thinking about getting out of business and people were trying to talk out of that and you know what like. Steagall moms that's up. Hardest calling why but since when is it not and enough to ration family and that's it still had to deal and I can't stay at kind of rally you stay. I'm. What do you want to deal I want to stay at home and raise my children and it's not. Announcer our job also you know it's a mad men's dirty little secret from years and years are evident all day in the office. The hard day is that the hot at the house with kids yeah that's really the heart de fado. I actually works full. Kids actually easier than going home I know I like my children I'm wired differently about now and that's my choice but I'm not going to diminished despaired. Any woman out there that's doing the greatest calling that you can do on this earth and that's ranger when I think interestingly enough. It's not for everyone that I I call myself traditional one Dana my mom stayed home at different points her childhood to raise for a bus but didn't she dabble back and work and I watched that same sister mentioned in that interview. Go back to work after Y and and couldn't wait to get back in the other when she struggled way. And she said it she tried to explain it to me isn't a decade going did not understand it he said Terry there are times where you need. To have adult conversation she need to feel there's a task you can accomplish annual welcomes mommy's deal with. In a today Evernote heated enough you always feel guilty. The day was crazy my sisters and that's not the case at work because you have attacks in lock button to finish summit says good job and you you feel. Reassured you don't get that all the time parenting. When he's you don't like to get it is all aren't exactly I mean those kids at me and you're getting out of hand you don't. But you can be tedious after while abused children and let's tell the truth they after it hit naming marketing owning a car hit. My job on the planet apart a plan to put a yes it. And I can't not anything to add to that was we want to hear details. Okay this is public pool in California another Segway it's a public pollutants and they do lend it out to private parties want some loud when they do sometimes a nudist group comes in. So now bit getting complaints from the staff that works at the pool because they didn't expect to see now. A lot of brides all hanging around so hot hot hot hot up and I feel I got it three Italians out there then I'll have to ask. There haven't. Herb and if you have a nude beach yes onetime accidentally with my whole family can't help me we were on vacation in they heard there was debris got my whole family when he. My mom my dad went on making it no we only to the beach fully clothed each housing a smile on her feet and not happening. It's like did you. Instead my parents were in like one at a time like how do we eve we get it Alex cabs. Trying. What we're in the middle of seat market relate. Even higher and so aren't you up favorite night when. What now and I went on vacation and we were having. Lunch and on the beach outside. And at coupled just strolled. In any clue at six counting. Yeah yeah. Yeah I would you eagle. Coupled and you really are the one out of place with clothes and parent entity should go to Germany there will have their own mental and trans arts here at the boobs hang on a hot topic my entire bouquet don't can't. My husband took a photo yeah which now like leprosy bat that witnesses before we had kids and we decided to go to Europe went to be taking it was on the coast in France. And it was a topless beach. And so you know I got a little little brave and I'm reading this book called the case for Christ. And I'm like I have my top box when I'm holding at lake says and I fell asleep my husband to the fire badly and naked underneath and the bogus public case for Christ and you can kind of seaside. Tonight where a contradiction in that sound right eyebrow and I III. And love love that story. It's a story. Are you mocking me you know I don't I'm serious and I did not better. You know I've been told is that you know I met. My husband Steve the one I'm married to now. I'm. I had one before him. But this one I've met him at a place where there was some people would make it some people want not. People are shocked to know that but that's where I've met eyewitness fully clout but he was not. And I spotted Nam war luckily he was far away. And still seeing you know and I get out hey pick up. I've Hampton.

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