After The View: July 27, 2016

"After The View": The co-hosts answer audience questions.
16:01 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for After The View: July 27, 2016
Yeah you can post your comments and questions now and me name read them. Now first up is what we're talking about the additional Mariah Carey Jeff pat what's been touted as her most. Lindsey walked into the extra so she hasn't entrance music and we know that that's true. But we're not air lord by act we had no one on the ground I don't find our double. I don't either why do you buy tonight Mariah Carey and it's just it's so. Over the top it's so much like at my every time I walk in and I'm gonna say thank you got to play this unease. Like I just and any but but by Bobby web site NA thank you thought this son Zach. Back. That day how the lists. But kind of an evening to you kind of amazing my funny thing when every locked into a room yet. That's Q I just yet but would get beat I'm could be accidentally in love by the Counting Crows that I find love. Terrible time youths do I do like whenever I'm not prepared when it's like I'm like I'm single and live in it I'm gonna have this summer it's going to be all about me. Someone shows up and I'm like. I. And there go your Sam Kennedy over and that's all about me in hand and gap so I mean I'm grateful but it always an accident at all month. I have one yeah act intelligently milk shake my milk shake brings on the any. I feel like it. Oh yeah. Flaunted her head when you are like going into a job interview or I remember one time when I was. Is doing a TV phase I I was in my head I was play. Well I do is win win win no matter Nowak and I kept a pioneer over and over my head and I and I got the but that's why I am a big opportunity last summer and I listened to reach a patent fights on the Kuwait they air but how like nothing against Hillary Clinton but what's become a political some. Kind of ruined my running sound. She took my jam I think it now gets a good GM I wouldn't Jenny from the block aren't like I I had. Now we got a new Yorker and I am always the Bronx on why doesn't this is going to be a Tucson will be flesh out. You know that's a good one no I actually do think that was probably true by the way because I think she can she owns her diva like she likes that she's a deep and I think. I won't see if you I don't I still can't believe that she would request in a foreign country cut typical Pitt that. Restaurant play her music as she strolls and that's a long hot she my and the wind machine to I don't know. What I thought I could not hockey I. IBM mail saying they would. Good life. Becky on FaceBook which is second at ten with a good parent yet all right did not. Becky on FaceBook would walk out to eye of the tiger. Soledad good fit all of them want fizzle from Facebook's that I would walk two you can bring my about the you can't. I'm not a singer. Yeah and half. That if Richard S on space exit heat like. Dark court. It has been. Katy Perry don't Katy Perry I think. I I don't man in the no I'm Steve Darlington. And work Corsica. Well I'm not out now you'll. Have up. So that would have beyond that the other yeah. We've also got another in the New York Times just heralded V and of the dress code saying that no one gets dressed up to go to work anymore. And Election Day. I don't want to ask but I went to Catholic school on I had uniforms for years and it was battening to me and and at some point though I realize that when I'm relaxed and I'm in might like in what I want to where I'm better at my job race so. I kind of thing even when I come here in the morning like I kind of like she's arable land and my lipstick comments hair piled up how do you figure twelve I look like it's well I'm happy twelve girl picked it its IP. I think he's dress codes sometimes they need to create a very confining restricted space and especially if you're working to elect a creative director air your art director whatever you do if you're in a creative space. Let people kind of field Aram I an at us. I think at all like I just I think you dress for the job that you want. And I I think embedded. Yeah you know I think fast. Encourages better behavior that's why I think uniforms in schools are so very important because one. They take out of the mix like my outfit is more expensive than yours and I half expect no. Uniform that is uniformity and there is like you know Justin of that. Model behavior type tech because when people when I was a practicing attorney in the Nextel. And another practicing attorney. I eat. I looked at what people wore into the courtroom what people -- work and it says something I think it says something about people I loved the T at we have a uniform and unlike any other woman in the program IC yet ABC I was excited because in good I don't think about what I'm wearing night. I think the dress code. The meeting is good because when I first started out I remember my mom was like where you need to buy some business clothes went starting out. And you personal expenses and I remember taking care of those clothes like. We got bunch in this mix and match things still wasn't as expensive dinner or sitting in my closet every day colonel and I. Didn't wanna interdiction to dry clean and I think going into the working world a lot of pressure on young people. Into four liking him to have nice about those what's pretty cheap stuff. But I think like pulling out the little hearing on her whenever an American that out there but he also think we're so seamless but tech. Technology these days like Morton is it worked in an at home. You're always available on the phone. So I think it makes sense that you're also kind of seamless data night like you come home you don't have to take off the nice clothes in a way out I mean it Bryant yet our executive producer easily he comes in in a suit and it's high. Every single day and I know back. Yeah yeah. If you think first of all I like you're sending I'd warn of Simpson's I was a PA pretty much like just that kind of dressed for the job you want. The other thing is. Not so much now but early on it look really young all the time and I felt like if I write well like him ABC now that we get that look twelve like. You know added. It doesn't work for people that dress up I do not like you have a first impression. I think the pressure to have that. Look at. In an office or in a workspace. A lot and I remember getting atop one of my first shot at an insurance company and the dress code was very formally Gottesman Susan ties the women in business suits I went there I sat. This is not I can't beat me in these closed in this space that was something extremely confining about it so I think that he is had I think. It's I think you. You gotta be yourself and maybe that's telling too if you go again want to you apply for a job and that's the dress code and you don't feel like you can be you maybe that's the wrong job for you baby and needed a working office where. It's more laid back and you can Wear your ripped jeans sneakers and not swore up you know that fits you better I don't think there's a work please appropriateness. I just don't be acted. Right wolf they're afraid you know people are gonna come at a bikinis and halter top sent you and anybody about it totally inappropriate and by the way I'd I'd probably wiring. Well how do you guys we don't trust ourselves I know yet know this is Fran and Ashley and Julie and they look at. Get Aquitaine yeah. I don't expect that friends get at Indianapolis in the just yourself and what would you decides where I don't think we're anything because I'm I was with went can you imagine a girl did the shelling came out of breath I would have new Winnie it no don't be like they would they would turn off immediately. You have any idea rotate I cotton T shirts and out came here one very keen and love actually yeah. Yeah paired may have seen it I it's really funny actually I used a post on it stick around. Before and after her and cabling thing. I get diarrhea or turned up in a little curl up like you. Yes. Island and and not think you know in the audience questions I think I'm back here. I think Stephanie has the first question diabetes and you can use someone else's twitters it Twitter account whose would it be and what would you posts. Oh. I would I would use my son. And I thought I how fabulous his mother. Thanks. And I. I know you don't wanna like tax cut now. He I would use Hillary Clinton's. Up. I have unless you're at Herrick on the attack I didn't have it now highway. All the hard not elegant last man politicians just run double live and let them and it it's my second it earned forty care yeah. Adamantly Taylor Swift toll to Blake declared it part of her squatters have been handcuffed half hi I'm me don't mean okay how do you it just be fun for a hot second this year like Twitter Lola. Get me that another question from Chris. Me I'm Chris would you read this he tried that with his shirt off our ethnic peace. Three piece suit. I like that mannequin wearing a suit. My husband in the suit my momma he is just use beautiful. A Friday. Sell. I like my man looking like they just rolled out from underneath a car like it and you think. I do I like my man belittled they're on their eighths cents. Like a dirty white T shirt and ripped jeans and like look at might say they need to go clean up I'm like wait don't yet. Yeah. Much like I'd like I like men everybody says the mineral little messy and like and a pilot. I think I like no sure I don't need him to look perfect in fact that want to see a little bit like of imperfection narrative but little square inch. But I like that I didn't think it's late and now it's. It's a little mysterious I'm getting more than the average person you what do you think now. Yeah yeah. Doug green let me know all time it's like I like my man dressed. They go. Clinton. I. Even though and you can be well relay. Do you want to that is yes and to think and we have a question from Saro on FaceBook which is just how do you deal with your emotions went covering slash talking about tough topics. I I don't deal with them how I I am an emotional public I cry. I've never prided myself on being impartial IE if if it's an emotional top act Imus said. Imminent nice woman during the show that set that beautiful thing to you about she that you I cried and nothing to do with me yet so I know sympathizer right. I'm cry. Not that's tough question I mean high tough you know I'm I'm ABC news is senior legal correspondent is doing this. At IA I cover you know I was in Charleston when a President Obama gave the eulogy. I was in the effort for that that night they were killed in Charleston I. I've covered the for degree cases. And I and it's it's very difficult for me I find it would you be really typical but I try to stay as objective as possible because that's what you have to do in your reporting. But you know but we're human Sonya I I find it it's tough. It's a challenge that come from from breaking news I didn't fox. As a so called outnumbered in the afternoon where a lot of news a break in and we would recovery shootings as the news was unfolding. Off. I think there is a moment where you kind of be com or pull a reporter and you detached a little bit about what's happening because you have to because otherwise you would be. Crying and sick and end. And connected some possible not to be connected to a store where people are dying. But off. It's hard and I think it's it's practice and kind of going through it but I I think there's always a pot there's always a challenge is always a moment when you hear a story. Ani there are a positive reason or negative reason. You have an emotional response. And you have to kind of put that somewhere else so that you can do your job out and it's it's very accounting for but I. Think it's what's what's great about being here. It's and I think you you will all agree with me bet we love we really like each other and in this really safe place at the table and so you know there are times I wanna say something I'll look to what be it shall. Not and you know sort of almost give me the permissions as to put it out there. Men and be judged. You know and be convicted in and what I want to say in on this about pretty safe. On this platform I think people are very support of his walk seven times we re we discussed in advance some of the topics and people are great about single ahead like. You know let's give you a chance to talk about this what we also tell you though Stan yeah. It's. Yet we have another question actually from the audience Melanie. Is there any food that you sneak and heat when no one's watching. I just neat to eat period it hasn't really Allen is back last night I had I keep back there and I felt bears that was still eating. And I had pita chips are watching the Ian Ian I bring him in a napkin and crunching away because of that when he immediately Puget quietly. My you care but I always like I project my guilty feelings I sneak everything. Yeah. I love food food is buying is my baby I say like that's my actions I grew up axe house where. You know I Italian household my grandmother was always like it any enough you gotta eat you got its own food from mean was something like I almost. I am a little zoomed forward with it like I'm not chronicles on the first day house area. I'll scary. That's a lie. You know I'm you need to know on act in order the salad on an order the four course meal on I'm my out EU fact that I had dating now I did out. One of our president I want into the unit and he still China would not sound solid life. That's that's does BU you know. I I actually Lee. You know I just eat to live I don't live to only got what I'm late I'm. Think that's IQ now Italy's senate if that's a great book my I. Food is not my say. You know like hey I like to eat you know what I'm Hungary and it cannot relate to that your opinion that forget lunch and yeah OK I don't yeah blunt I am you. How are you ever that. Look. Yeah see any ethnic and I think but I didn't I do love a really bad. Enclave called the near rooms here and city but really creature preacher cake for a red velvet cupcake. To contests. Yet cupcakes sent for a cake a cake 11 day up eight. Yet we're sitting with the wrong. Yeah. I know what you're up. You think you so much for staying thank you for hanging around does after the deal. Don't forget it I'm.

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