The 'View' on Baby Lisa

Chris Cuomo and Dan Abrams offer their legal expertise on high-profile cases.
3:00 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for The 'View' on Baby Lisa
-- could change the entire focus of the baby needs a case to Conrad Murray's legal -- starting his defense yesterday and whether the judge will throw the book at Lindsay Lohan next week. We are getting the latest on the biggest crisis in the headlines from ABC news chief legal reporter Chris Cromwell and ABC news legal analyst Ian Abrams welcome gentlemen. Yeah. -- The case of missing eleven month old baby Lisa. The parents claim their baby was taken from their home early in the morning on October 4 correct but the police executed a search -- their home last Wednesday what were they looking for exactly. The simple answer is think it will while that would have been nice right. Anything. Trace evidence DNA look at points of entry in the house try to put together some pieces. But why they're looking is just as important as what they're looking for. You have to remember this isn't about persecuting the Paris -- all of these cases must start with those closest to the child. 800000. Kids reported missing last year only -- 115 cases are actual kidnappings were so monster and additionally the. Please accept it we now know that the mother who has admitted that she was strong that night that she was blacked out she had drunk something like ten glasses of wine or something taken a sleeping pills -- selling anti depressants that does not look good for -- -- -- but the question which -- that cut. Because on the one hand you could say -- sector shows that the mothers negligent what is He doing drinking all this. At -- but on the other hand it could support heard. Explanation which is I didn't hear anyone commit extra I was I -- -- was broken arm and as a result what can I say I didn't hear anyone coming at my house. Talk about Debra Debra and Germany's attorneys have slammed reports had a cadaver dog picked up the scent of death. In the home can give us more information about them look cadaver dogs. Tend to be accurate but they're certainly not infallible. It's a piece of evidence it's what the authorities use to get one of the search warrants on the house but. You have to say that that's sort of the end all would be ridiculous and I don't think anyone is claiming that it and that the problem is. What the family attorneys are saying though is well you know they date they didn't cut out a piece of the carpet and that tells you everything that it only took out this number of items from the house. This isn't a shopping trip you know you don't judge a search warrant based on how many items they take out of the house that shouldn't be saying anything. Because the problem is this parallel investigations the -- we're all doing here and -- the police are doing this does not help the police to have lawyers talking and really kind of trying to -- into what police are doing it's not -- Look at the police investigating a dumpster fire -- that to happen. Near their house it when you go to these things you look that would ever suspicious whatever you hear they've gotten 200 leads -- dumpster fire was one of them they're trying to see if there is any remains in there. This is a desperate act these -- the hardest investigations in the world were looking for a child that looks like every other one. All white baby that's ten months old no hear no real identifiable characteristic -- birthmark on the right leg. You know -- Cha Cha as a birthmark on her right leg could -- she looks just like her. -- -- that this may be there are many babies who have been kidnapped while the center for missing children there the banner of -- on top 800000. Kids are missing a year at this -- congress ought to happen is -- cute baby this is a white baby would all like to talk about it but it's no coincidence that he's good looking white kids wind up coming up and again. Good looking white victim does not. And the hope is that the attention -- parents and go to the center of missing kids you'll see other missing kids trying to. So we should take it upon ourselves you know one more -- get. Three eyewitnesses that claimed that they saw a man carrying a baby down a street near the parents' home. This guy and there's also in the economy and there's also surveillance video from me and walking your gas station near their home what. What does that mean this -- -- an -- Authorities are looking at two possible theories are right somehow the parents more involved one of them another theory is that there was someone who they didn't know -- adopted this child. And the people who want the authorities to focus on the abduction and his child other -- what is. There -- two sightings consisting -- some in the same basic area at two different times. Of a man carrying a baby -- just a diaper. Out of place what's a guy doing at midnight or three -- and carrying a baby in just a diaper walking around. Then you get this surveillance video. Yet some people put that together and say hey -- -- -- this is a really good start. -- to an explanation for a possible abduction the problem is. Eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable and people wanna be relevant they like to weigh in with leads in this each of these high profile cases and particularly high profile at the same time if anyone has information you want -- to come forward I don't wanted to -- -- nation the cuts are -- -- -- the FBI helping them they already have 250 leads that hadn't been able to track down -- -- -- And if you -- -- Conrad Murray trial -- prosecution but their final probably the most important witness on the stand is that right. Got doctor Shaffer who was there to witness is sort of brought together. All of the things that doctor Murray should have done that He didn't do and He just He Brit. Indeed doctor Murray about the fact that He didn't call 91 about the way that He did CPR. About the fact that He gave Michael Jackson -- -- -- at all again and again and again. Saying and pet hospital equipment that you need -- -- and it just for such a penny I -- Actual all -- -- my mom demonstration that there were all sorts of things he's saying that doctor -- not just shouldn't have done but to describe them is just absolutely -- -- What doctor Murray did. -- He became the sort of centerpiece of the finale. For the prosecutions case there are two basic. Issues here number one was He grossly negligent and number two cause of death which I think he's -- -- be the only way the defense wins this case. I don't -- a chance that these jurors. Won't think that doctor Murray was grossly negligent. -- questions going to be. Can the defense some help put doubt. -- -- these jurors' minds about the possibility. That maybe Michael Jackson. Ingested. Additional. Drugs may -- Michael Jackson opted dosed himself. You know Chris speaking of the defense to put their first witness and trying to do this on the stand yesterday. The first witnesses it was a nurse practitioner. That a doctor had previously treated as seen Michael Jackson cracked -- they have to set. Well what the defense is trying to establish is that Michael Jackson rest his soul was an inveterate addict and was doing anything He could going anywhere He could to get drugs to help him with this problem and this nurse practitioner had been asked another doctor had been asked and they both said no now starts discharged. -- they would have liked them to -- left the stand right then but they couldn't. And she says -- never would have given him anything like that and the other doctor says I would never have given anything like that doesn't look -- You look at -- I think this goes again to just give up on the possibility that He behaved properly write the defense just have to -- -- accept the fact. That if He could have done it again He would've done it differently meaning if this was just a trial over his medical license he'd be losing. All right but that's not we're talking about -- -- that's usually -- an involuntary manslaughter here we're not talking about losing his medical license and as a result. The cause of death becomes in my view the one issue and said the defense is risking that they're -- you know what it's worth it to us. To put these witnesses on the stand we're gonna say I never would have given him the things that this doctor gave him because it's so important. Our defense to be able to get out there the possibility that Michael Jackson couldn't put my outlook and -- -- what is the big question here is one. -- the easy answer is no this case is too hard Conrad Murray are already gave a statement it worked against him stay off the stand I do not think. That He will take the stand however. Would -- help may be if the best chance He has with a jury is that people see him here -- no He never would have wanted to kill Michael Jackson He loved him they feel sympathy -- and they. -- -- -- -- It -- a little scary all of -- -- He already got a chance to make a statement without being cross examine. Meaning he's basically shows up and gives a statement with his attorney to be authorities He doesn't across him to just to explain it would you want -- -- -- -- girlfriend. While Michael Jackson was dying in the other room at yeah. I'm not a good evening that's the reason I don't think in the end he's gonna take the stand. Quickly before we go everyone's wondering as Lindsay Lohan violated her and community service by missing at nine times and what -- a -- shelter right. She added that the judge had sentenced her to community service pack in more. What why didn't she sentence -- to jail please give a concise answer why did not. Because this system doesn't usually work that way do we pay attention to her because she's -- celebrity yes. But with these crimes do you are very serious felony the theft or larceny charges. But at the bottom of -- this is someone who's got a substance abuse problems got a behavior problem. And very few of those people wind up in jail you can argue it's a waste of my money to lock somebody away when He saw the same problem that said. She is disrespecting the system. Gently to the -- hasn't changed disrespect consistently to the morning -- on time and like what's that about mortgages and head of the -- it's one of the community serves as pastor emeritus of the. Certainly good Elisa Schindler was way. It's like behavior is basically wanted to help and it's not about what I don't think anybody for any -- -- testing us. California good point Chris -- -- cameras we're thankful your hair.

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