'After The View': Nov. 5, 2015

The co-hosts continue the Hot Topics conversation weighing in on the end of skinny jeans and Rebel Wilson refusing to present at MTV VMAs with Kendall and Kylie Jenner.
10:02 | 11/05/15

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Transcript for 'After The View': Nov. 5, 2015
All right hello hello Larry and cleared Phillip Aronson with Sarah Haynes is our land stream live up to the view. Half an. Unfair actually talk we've brought a gift for your five months pregnant you are half my type pandemic and it's. Black on today's event is cut off on. It's it's like a little little Bobby I really starting to feel the baby already in the kicking in both parties we'll see that's what I. He does that meant to be I don't I wanted to be a baby I need you there since a may be they have gasses issues many doctors in the audience again. Now we have it aren't you arts you. And art. What would you like millions I have a aren't being happening your stomach for us like somebody you don't like it's not a and they alien aunt ran out. Yeah now Ayman Al worry about every little Peter is it's like that little old me what kind of doctor are you. Stockton out. All right. And well I didn't have you actually heard their children who have not a doctor. Economy. We've done everything that's right and only predictions and I'm like did you know a baby can actually do their taxes and the little. Anyway and. Also the weird thing happened yesterday after the show worth getting with the ill this is so strange serious strain the morning are looking should know belly they're like what is wrong with you like here a freak then I may have. With steaming have to show you popped because it just Miller just grill and I said we'd like inch those sap sucking in nightly to. Let me stomach left little hopeful each Al does it what I'm you have to chipotle saw it let. Our they are up every thing. He could be the end ever carried. They have not been in my shoes could after passover forgot about it actually baby is. Liking it is Thanksgiving prayer Sharon yeah I love of the building when he's off Christmas to you how. How to flip baby food baby of all of that are not passionately talked about people lining up around the block for the new and collaboration between H&M and dom that which. We actually have an update I'm obsessive death. People are treating that shoppers are getting violent in new York at this sale. They're actually in it doesn't surprise me anyone who deepest into example failure in New York. I am not sample size how he got out up batted out like like there's nothing for me and makes it public she examples of fact they have a look that bad and atom bomb targeting an uncommonly without attract parents sample sales for other things and women will grab that here I. I don't under as I really don't understand it I'm sorry I think that I am I stay at home I'd rather stay at home and not had anything and wait for to come up and an end you know. I'd ads don't understand it's I wanna shot brings light to the final loan in the store all the shelves beautifully set before me. I didn't Harrison indecisive now people running at me like trees like tripping over Meehan pulling sizes and need it fetal in the second like I can't I can't do it I'm glad that I like Xena the warrior princess cycle. Like a thing across honey I'm like I'm happy. I am proud that I have that I truly it brings out my best. Viola lessons you haven't eaten so you obviously don't have a problem with conflict outside of shopping you like having arguments with people are you like a fight here actually weren't likening the only time I took arguments are in a store at six only serious something that. Keller notes dot I did I don't wanna go there to delay it until now after economic ups and Japanese addicts get an amstel cook without it. Anyway of no I do like act as a customer right and I am the nicest we've basketball here I will carry you in an item and aren't eight fumble but anyway. I'm very night. But if you count if you're from coming to sort of treated like garbage in the store well that's a bottoming out sorry I don't like. Yeah big mistake huge mistake it was essentially back in my record if they really bothered me it. It topics like knowing what you want at a store early this it's old new design because when tee time to looking over us. You better have a bull when he walked in and out of Atlanta Lara hasn't second class and I was an agent him. I had an anxiety attack and I found myself in the I swear I was on my hands and needs in the corner and there was no Black Friday about manna manna there was nothing it was too much stuff going on too much stuff around me. And I couldn't see straight my mom loves it she loves Nordstrom's rack and a bracket down to. Unlike me not the wraps Clinton's clueless for pregnant. Really and then when it comes and it looks like baby clothes some like I was sort of thing that a person like that's my like an antibiotic in Arlington avenue right here yeah yeah I don't all of to shop are well speaking of which a lot of big designers did not include skinny jeans some it may be excited to learn about death and their upcoming lines. And they're actually going more towards mom jeans or Jane goes to. Oh yeah. No date let me break it down hold on. I just emerging goes every day at school they had up to forty to fifties. Circumference. Around them and college at. Like river gene thinks that ravens in pop wave but they're like two big bell I was a skater I was such I was I was was due. In school. But Dana beamer comfy didn't have to like where along with its race it was wonderful thanks a lot of hand. Ion track they're put on everyone could incur if you put too much I start looking at it yeah. What independent jingle genes for a Garmin limited unions hate this let it looks at me like the crop top it was very a lean. Only a huge movie cooling us now battling with my home yeah. They are adding clueless can't get enough to go to. My kids he can't mother back. Annoyed because I like I found a company that finally it's giving AG of them not only that but we're also long enough on me so I like katic party have a and like a bottle how many teens know why hoarded skinny jeans and I was like -- those giving him if anything. Meanwhile bucolic that stinks like Alabama like at the conference or I'm anti Catholic but that's my body. Now what imminent though it burn home and I loving fugitives. Company local while the love and that was a boot cut girl and then I find me converted. And then I found the gene in the -- tell you can find the right say go get them also gotten every color and which is a three but I I leave in those teens so now the idea that they're gonna tell me they're not cool again I'm tired of being ten years behind everyone. Natalie got about the with a fashion industry that they want you 115 agents artifact like a by the way we don't let us anymore like Jessica only last like I slap my Jay good genes and the W mad when I come out. Would not Eagles they make doesn't happen that you can where things that are on trend it becomes trend. I women like oh she's my. I thought I area so it looks nineties and there. You'd think yeah an unfortunate mistake where to find your good disparaging go to I'm curious because you find me good you know I pulled him those with confidence. I had. That's mugs and he's a guy and less about. Now yellow. I'll body guard against that would have been other worry are being idled plant might think about it if a rebel wolf that absolutely adore. She apparently no fan of the card Asean's and the generous. She was on Australian radio station I guess. And the saying that she didn't wanna it because they're picking when he read I doubt that they admit. This is what she said their famous for no talent what they stand for is totally against what I stand for they seem a little bit superficial in the careers aren't really based on talent. Another super popular but I'm all about personality and working hard to get where I am how how can car dashing got famous from a sex tape. And I just went to acting school and worked really hard this is what she's. Which is that a shame actually be on the beam into them she didn't wanna be anything stages them. It's funny that Ronald Cummings occur bashing and Obama played in this case simply did she have to use a group of katic have. I don't want that from rebel like what I love about offer is there a second actually one of the month the funniest people we've ever seen. It it turns me a little when someone has what at regardless of your opinion of people that jump out constantly dissing other people. It's hard to steal warmed up to them after so like I love her hearing that disappoint you just a little say about her job. That yes I do we see things sometimes because we have an hour every day were we to come out and like and be comet and commented our view and we can thinking some time to do except people and that way bet that's what we're here for a feeling rebels like. But maybe maybe she is an immediate incident that spot but she has an opinion that was her opinion on that Kardashian in jitters and I Philip a lot of people say that we hear that a lot with them and we wonder what it is and I think what they with the current dashing -- did it. Was create their own. How lands within what they do they mean their own talent made their own talent and their talent is. I look good. I'm Mary lamb Mary when I married. And my hair's on point my faces EB and I got hurt thirty million people Ahmad. East of and that's the new celebrity. And the people like me eat rebel and everyone at this table there was a different type of struggle but she different have a struggled let's not forget Kim Kardashian was governor neat Paris Hilton for a long time. I couldn't go like this until parents until dawn on you to find work she went to acting school but are you know it we all work hard and it's easy to put your own kind of badge on her ex but it's not easy being and we watched and there are times I feel sorry for them they're camera all the -- yes they need a personal unbeaten they're doing here and meet the constantly you know they're up in space like Chris Dodd and by the way that is exhausting it's even if I want wanted to do that I couldn't do it and now heads surely that batter powered up electric heat across much now respective dates I had hired an hour yeah. Optional negative equity fund analyst at this is so much fun I don't. After they do you guys think if not for hanging around and that's.

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{"id":34998976,"title":"'After The View': Nov. 5, 2015 ","duration":"10:02","description":"The co-hosts continue the Hot Topics conversation weighing in on the end of skinny jeans and Rebel Wilson refusing to present at MTV VMAs with Kendall and Kylie Jenner.","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-nov-2015-34998976","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}