'After The View': Oct. 27, 2015

Beyonce & Nicki Minaj's 'Ice Grill'; Bieber Ends Apology Tour; South Carolina Classroom Confrontation Video, & more!
10:09 | 10/27/15

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Transcript for 'After The View': Oct. 27, 2015
Ask your show I'm not what did you guys think about to do any show on live television. It was great he had how many acts of hot topics to be held today Barak it was amazing beautify. I should explain. There's like three of us here ice that in the life so that he is and his career and the we're gonna join us. The prompter have some issues site just assumed they would because women love IKEA inclusive for earth and let. This does stay but they have. They have to got so anyway it's just that for entertaining and announced fox pitino went there and they're shooting an ally in their tea at a time that I haven't got any sleep. Very sweet but later leaning amazes me. You get it done nothing topics yeah some funds on topics get ready. Pam tried Asch again. Talk about leggings today is an enclosing on Taylor swift's crown as the queen of mr. Graham she just hit. Fifteen million followers and she celebrated by posting this think you a lot of the funnel of northwest. Which Al that's a nice man beginning here. The and that is perfect that's now and yet but. Yeah the million and surround followers first of all that's a lot of do you follow I do not followed him cried action do you I have no need to I don't I don't follow on slow I don't know my daddy check right now to see how I beat the heat and Lili L I am gonna go on to and to Graham right now on I don't power and I will just purely not for social reasons but for research yes of course there's research being done on him carte asset quality guy reading part likely -- I don't read it on my dad buying hard dashing right up. I don't know I can't spell of debris that Kim Kardashian and left no but then that's who I want to follow with Chloe tonight levees and close it out in my latest. His offense is so funny. It's really nice in person she's such a sweet girl on the beat him I think the only celebrity actually follow that's of that caliber is today like iPods and I have to follow the odds it's it's probably against religion if you don't I'm Ali also let me just finish out from a Jewish people's follow Barbara strengthen an instrument you'll thank me. My parents around what he pleaded not the funny thing the whole world she is. Why does not. Might affect her and her big dog in like to continue. Connie of basically no else is trying to be funny or is it OK and how he. Audience that Graham surprisingly who had you know they and to Graham police take all of this pictures that all of a sudden pricks opened his own instant ram count and he has posted 88 pictures. In the last 24 hours a candidate called that the name is the best part what does let's prince Princeton grad with a grand friends I have. Or. Celebrates 88 and I without an out and that's why I'm gonna do to hold on us one of violent people like you out let's move on critics how am I South Carolina that he is being investigated after a viral video. Some of him waits. Bizarre. She easy aching a female high school student down to the ground from her destiny's being assigned to other duties during the investigation. And Brian. What did you say that's happening the FBI is now investigating really yes wow the FBI's investigating first of all I think we heard about the story the garrote was told multiple times to get off cover to get off the phone there's no right or reason for him to be doing this type of harm that's ridiculous but at the same time you got a follow the rules and school first about why their cell phones in school they shouldn't even be a problem to begin with and he should have been acting like that on top of that rape and this guy was known at school to call some incredible Hulk. He can count students that would amongst the administration they just given an award for being a role model. Now they had actually he got in trouble before for all ready playing his hand and Steve he had not a single gave him an award last year Serbian Roma a role models of these is doing well and the animal heart what award they gave him but not sell its I mean the girl was obviously like not following the rules that you can not. Lay your hands on someone I mean eighty him in jail. But even on beyond scared straight which knows so I loved my never advocate like he was actually sued for false arrests excessive force and battery and 2007. After a couple accused in the man handling and he has a record any still hired but at the same time get off he'll follow. I you I opted out and and it's after some but it doesn't seem that young people on it just seems a little bit more prevalent now that they have that respect for a thorny and I think a lot of that comes from. The home if the parents aren't demanding respect at the parents are pretty yeah. Administrators. It instill mountain that's you know our job as parents OK but you also should not be students like it yeah. Clemens obviously look at CG ID are out of that's not bad not epic. All right let's move on off there. My favorite JK rallying just announced another sequel to Harry Potter and it's hitting just eight and it will focus on here is eleven year old son which I'm super excited about Chris I'm gotten to you right now has got me addicted to watch them on. I'm on none the last two and he's got added binge watching it and I cannot wait to see this age planet snow. We talked about as hot air I have not read a books and cellist and Brian a truly Larry. On the lines of this is. It's not a new book no it's not a blank but it's based off a story that some. Franken held me in please can you tell me up this well it is being it's like eighteen years later after the last book and some and it's about Harang and his son. And it's kind of nightmare I'm saving a lot of and waiting time what they think I'm. It's even as some little corner is a little sharing can be whatever he wants to go to the station that they really don't and Barbara Gelman on every little guy capping a love god only a cap on the isn't unitas and this might just show that disconnect and wearing band the last ten years arrange other I have not read one of her books I haven't seen any of the movies that my kids are just ended at a gap. Where it's a program and that had something that we can do it together why wooded area and that I live I think I I need to I've heard wonderful put a lot I actually have. Not read the books either I try to the first of many years ago and I probably fall right asleep like this we can keep Derek you know any thinking yeah. But I have seen movies there amazing amazing they're merely off it's it's a great series and I think it's great for kids like pre messages and. They are in Darfur and where it's as it gets more let's talk about a little darkness and that was weird let's not mom have that they happen. And yeah. Because they did not going my hour right now for this standoff during promotional event for Jay-Z streaming service titled take a look. Okay. What's happening I Eminem to help you so you remember mean mugging. And I am MA a kept meaning that staring contest yes so that's when he met transformed into mean mugging which is just. And and other do an ice grill which is just. The same thing the same thing we didn't get on a different name yes same thing with a different name have a staring contest would you rate I let you all. Not uncomfortable middle that's no. Snow is not about linking this is about keeping a straight diva blast threw out without cracking. Melanie tell you what I'm up to this weekend I. Love country they didn't mean not against beyoncé because the pilot to beyoncé it would need to be lapping I would be crying when looking at the polls like. Meanwhile making enough booty everytime I see it's NFL and I'm Rick Cobb and and some don't leggings we're done and keep moving on last week Justin Bieber released a new single called sorry which he wants. What is. Oh mark in the apology to our. Doesn't really OK he does need to keep saying I apologize I guess because he keeps saying it but then again and at times I'm tired. I'm second it would have to say I'm sorry it's like I'm sorry goodbye gigabytes or offering beyond its key. I'm sorry I think the third time is apologizing. You have to just suck it up an own it dude if you going to be a bad ass he had bad ass. Not fat and yeah. I need some lessons that that I feel the need to stamps are at a time really. As a woman I feel it we always I always am sorry I like apologists every person at Starbucks at dynamite I'm sorry he's made very. And I can't even when it's not like hot sometimes like I'm sorry I don't like I've got fire hydrants I bought it I. That I like and it kind of an apologetic person yet but I also have a like you know waiting to even have a lot of that's not a that's up but I told a friend is living with Nancy don't say sorry Alicia semi house on fire because he's sorry is actually use sometimes in the wrong way in ahtisaari person but you do apologize for something. Notes had a Mandela really site for your son videotaping you have to get surgery that's a hilarious story he invited on the Internet led stream it. On the classification. On South Carolina story Brian. According to him CNN the deputy won the lawsuit against him for excessive force. The deputy wanna want back in 2007 that's my god at his job that's like if that's why kept is nothing all right well round of applause for Bryant at. Twitter and FaceBook and our personal moments I'm. Raven Simone dot com Pat Misch call everybody I think can turn Acxiom.

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