'The View' on Post-Partum Depression

The co-hosts take on the recent call that all women who give birth get screened for depression.
6:09 | 02/01/16

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Transcript for 'The View' on Post-Partum Depression
As task force is now calling for pregnant women to get screenings for depression during and after pregnancy. And this. You know this struck a chord would you say there. It did because I think you hear ought all the time about postpartum depression. But you don't hear a lot of conversation about winning you eating up to having the baby you hear all I know the hormones are wacky. Making that takes down what you're feeling and not sometimes in it might be more serious and just. Aren't I don't rough pregnancy and not just physically racked my husband about for this a lot eventually act. And I think there are times where you feel guilty to admit it because people are so busy telling you it's a blast saying it's against him or I've never felt better than when I was pregnant or IKEA loved pregnant I'll need. And yet crept back there yeah. I happen and so I think it also was odd about it via prob Emmental blues like I go through a lot of down periods and it's really hard because the people are quick to say don't reach just the pregnancy but you need it. At you sometimes need to step further you need to address some of the feelings that. Like your life Ian CE become pregnant. Is all about this if you drag you stop it picked it. Anything else about yourself is not in the equation from what you eat what you work out every once knew about the Beattie it's a life change that there's no prep for now. And there's no one's saying if you don't like it. Feel really down until cake there are a lot of people that feel that I and I think that's what makes it here's that my husband sent this and enjoy. We run the show and ice on alert for my husband and jointly did you see this in. It meet me feel better to read this because that means that have to be other women out there there are tons and listen it is not an easy thing to do you do that you. You do lose yourself and sometimes. You know after you bring comes someone's wife. Now you becoming someone's mother and it can feel like you're disappear again you know I can feel like news nobody sees you rate but. We do see Ian. Jealousy. I think kinsella. Doctors have to check people out because your deceptively cheerful looking and funny people are always surprised they say you're the hapless person I know and I try to speak up about the fact depression is running my family anyone that's been close to Nino is the there's much more to this story and my husband has to sometimes encouraged because work will start to offer up you know come back we want you. And Max always pestering my niece here you want to hole up and not see people you're better when you deal yeah I'm let's. Let's put your body out that door Italy and I ate it peaks. Help it takes a cheerleader yeah you have to have somebody who's there with you saying that you know I know it's hard. But where would we are not walking this path by yourself he added I'm here hundred. And you don't rub postpartum depression happened to me a year after she lacks fine yet I didn't get my leg. I was fine when she first was born I was growing I was like an officer what I had plants growing I was doing water colors I was making pay candy and I don't sit out. That a year later Wright took to my bed like couldn't get out my dad for several weeks and I went to a shrink I got better and uranium. Yeah I have. A friend that had after her first she got so severely depressed she had two more children and she had to prevent it typically you know. Go into the hospital checked herself into the hospital. Right after she had the baby if she knew what happened the last couple of times she had to take antidepressants who was pregnant. I didn't have postpartum my first two but my third I got to a point with Landon and I don't know what that was just the winter or this or the still witnessing that Kenya. I like I I felt bad because I like you're supposed to love your child and there are moments where I'm like I don't. I don't like the feeling that a patent toward my kid right now and I had talked to him. About finding out not a platinum and the doctor is so no more and I feel so lucky so blessed I love my doctor and such a wonderful man that when asked those questions. Every time I I go there and today how are you feeling house life remember this is. Patient doctor confidentiality. That I can tell me whenever you're going through because -- yes things getting married at twenty years old having my first child at 22. Not working anymore it was overwhelming in those emotions you don't know what hits you when. And my spot all the doctors do have a spot I. He. Post part I'm not so much but it but. Actually was before that was just so many changes so shortly after doctor that really helped me help me through that so I thought out the doctors that really take at personal. Time to connect with patient young woman. Then when we don't know believe we just need that so I think that. They're closely when I have a cult he calls me up. Has the cult still quite bothered management's. A piece of advice though you said. That you just never know when it's coming as long as you're aware to look for it and I say letting us ones around you let them know that yet. And lost eleven friends join and this is actually a bit. They need to tell people. When you have friends who are pregnant. Talk to them like they're still your friends encouraged them to go with you to the spot look at their nails done. What do something that is what she would normally do with that the baby cannot become the barrier between you and your friends peep laughed and remembered it you know as a glorious and wonderful as it is. Some lot of our work to some it's a big change on the body and if your friends don't look at you like your you. Can't say it's. Issue and after she has the baby after somebody has the maybe make sure you bring her stop why are not just condemn Manning the justice say I see. Because I see you both such a long way to helping women get. The mood these times did you know that make you feel man that should not you know super woman because you're not just let's not have the baby and I am. Picking up the other children and I'm watching the building and I. Acknowledged he could. And as many and everything our CN that I just asked some bowling ball we yeah. I beat. The red Matt.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"The co-hosts take on the recent call that all women who give birth get screened for depression.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"36645196","title":"'The View' on Post-Partum Depression","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-post-partum-depression-36645196"}