'The View' on Raising a 'Genderless' Baby

The ladies debate Toronto couple's decision not to reveal baby's sex.
3:00 | 05/26/11

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Transcript for 'The View' on Raising a 'Genderless' Baby
Actually I don't cupholder -- -- headlines because they refused to reveal the sex of their four month doll. And they want to raise a child and a quote -- fashion so the child is freed from. You know societal gender norms which is kind of interest I'm -- -- like when the baby was -- they said congratulations it's an eight. He explained that the babies born would remain at the parents to know what the baby -- -- believe the grandparents on the brother and sister and I think what they're doing us and we're not gonna say. Your girl so. Gold do girl things and an address from -- we're gonna give up that wants to play -- this was split that it will not determine the coolest celebrities CD that without -- -- to do -- did more there was a poll. -- The Today -- -- by the way. A 52008. 11% to the -- again 89% -- terrible idea. There -- I have well known child psychologist and how compliments and he said there's no such thing as gender neutrality. I mean having done stories on and on transgender children even that -- he says there's. Since I'm not a blank state and you can do. And your children -- And you don't have to -- -- Florsheim right to pilot the -- -- he also said that one of the worst things is. Let making the two year old and the five although little Brothers -- it but his secret he said you know -- -- -- that's not good. Yeah. It troubles me at the seems to be some sort of social experiment where they're using their child. TO send a message to everybody else I don't I think that's offense I think that you. Not at all I didn't he's a boy and he's heterosexual -- I whenever he's going to be -- -- no matter what he let on but I don't think they're saying that they are going to do that I think they're saying they're not going to live by those -- that any of our -- Charles is on a girl book yet. But that went went is that what would that went but what they also say is that it will -- She will know what he won't know what he isn't he we'll decide from there on what he's gonna I I get it because. You know people used -- -- address out was not too big to be dressed. But I would dress Al and you know about -- -- that got us yeah people when you know she -- little solaris as a what a cute little boy and when I say she's a girl -- why she just like that. And it's like what -- you talk about it. We don't do that that's what -- you know on until accidentally iTunes and songs that as -- -- a lot of confusion don't you paid for the child. You know as -- because of her violate the -- -- job as a baby so. He doesn't tells you -- not everything anybody know what you decided not -- -- -- he's a baby that's where you coming as parents won't debate me. Listen I don't baby doesn't care a baby wants to read that scene made more change mean for our mam -- when that kid doesn't read. To a three m.'s Stipe sort of becoming compass -- -- speaking English has not caught. The then the kid will -- the say that's what I want to play with that's what I wanted to do and the Campbell -- -- I -- or are so I don't care if -- all I can do this and I went to. Unless I guess they don't feel that they can't -- -- -- I -- got song born this way at its litigious trying to. You are putting out the best thing to give a child and sense of value not against who they are how they're born but the fact that you know you're gonna have to learn to navigate. Lift this identity you're gonna have to -- hundred enemy choice along with children they're denying -- out of Africa and did I think it's too as soon as that if this is still happening wanna get his form we'll talk about it again.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The ladies debate Toronto couple's decision not to reveal baby's sex.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"13694201","title":"'The View' on Raising a 'Genderless' Baby","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-raising-genderless-baby-13694201"}