'The View' on Roland Martin's Super Bowl Tweet

The co-hosts discuss the CNN analyst's comments perceived by some as homophobic.
2:26 | 02/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View' on Roland Martin's Super Bowl Tweet
CNN has suspended political analyst Roland Martin for -- he made during the super ball like this -- If a dune -- doesn't -- body and -- about David Beckham's underwear and smack -- who had a -- Now Martin apologize and is set to meet with the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation. Who says his -- advocated violence against -- -- -- -- -- But the second -- he said I bet soccer fan piers Morgan will be in line at -- in the morning to get his hands on David Beckham's underwear and laughed out -- out. And then. Piers Morgan said I don't need all the padding if you get my drift so that the whole context. Yeah. Yeah it turning I don't. Yeah BI agents -- Twitter right now. He's -- he's dragon appeared about -- in a soccer fan he's always thought he was he said he was talking about the fact that here's where I would take a little umbrage at his statement. Soccer was not shown. During the Super Bowl David Beckham -- -- center -- -- -- -- -- -- as some and and so I just kind of feel like you don't. I didn't -- you know we perfect. When we was small power the adults not -- was saying if you don't stop I'm on knocked a hole adding you Amon knock you into next week. Wind that we don't I don't think I'm I don't mean just -- we don't think of that is being violent that's just how folks talked so I I think -- means -- -- the might -- miss understood. -- college yeah -- let him I don't honestly you know. It is very similar to Tracy Morgan who also stand up going to be -- -- -- be violent if the child is -- this something else. Veterans -- it's marijuana. -- -- as statements seem to be pretty clear. And then I don't seem to be. I mean you could I can see how you would maybe do that you're still get home party has hiked about David Beckham's agent and underwear -- -- the issue -- -- -- yet and has written. I didn't think I'll look at that's Maggie let me three this -- ever really. If you said that the person is yeah. Yes and I think -- probably yeah citizens in I don't know you could extend that you know what -- -- the first option they have a lot.

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{"id":15548138,"title":"'The View' on Roland Martin's Super Bowl Tweet","duration":"2:26","description":"The co-hosts discuss the CNN analyst's comments perceived by some as homophobic.","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-roland-martins-super-bowl-tweet-15548138","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}