'The View' on Video of Mom Breastfeeding At Target

The co-hosts discuss the video, which shows a man berating a breastfeeding mother at a Target.
4:51 | 06/15/16

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Transcript for 'The View' on Video of Mom Breastfeeding At Target
There was some video that we were gonna talk about. That was shot at target and a store in Connecticut and it's gone viral. Because the man who verbally attacked a mom who was breastfeeding and the coffee shop. Was kind of intense and how other customers and folks who work they're trying to help that we need to let you know that targets. Here's one of the stores that says it's okay. If you breastfeed are slightly safe it felt. Now take a look at the Klan. She got even hear me. Okay he's going the other way this is a beautiful moment right now if you don't like thinking god. What. Target but Connecticut is also estate at the state lot target policy. As well that the state. I can't speak to have been a moment that hey did you get regular went. Complained that she was walking around it would be cool not. I'm pretty DNA at the beach and I knew what my breast lump and see anything bottom want but she's breastfeeding a baby not the kids here what's. And another thing has I am. I still breastfeeding my 81 thing I discovered it before I experienced breast. Speeding I assume there's always a chance to step away it's a choice what are you doing in public career covered or you're not. I didn't realize how crazy it is almost and your date like my I was in a barbershop with my husband it was all bids. My baby starts screaming I struck Kenney looks annual only feeding him I was trying to cover myself and I started crying I was like I cover over us I'm pulling this. Perhaps he needs whole hearted but it really is flat out sometime like. Just getting it done and I was trying to cover it like that covers coming this way the baby's going that we couldn't hold them off. They are like this at any of my life some asked someone I just as do it is willing LT day around the corner and a copy shopping got it done good hair out we celebrate you we celebrate all the other breast feeding moms out there and you know I'm sorry for the surge is because he's uncomfortable that mom is not responsible for his discovery a -- neck reading she can't tell us time and I'm gonna be the bonehead here. I'm back now. I'm want to yet as I am going to be the Bonn had because what it half you're a restaurant. And your baby starts to cry. I am looking watching you do something that's very natural yes when is that why need to see the wild want to see it I don't hold a well what's hot and just as much money to come in a restaurant. Well I just think I don't you know there are places that you can do what I mean if so. Does a background to a stop and sit on the toilet and nurse and her trial you know what I would really you know what I would like. Free unit that I would like now I don't want to just stay home ethnic problem like restaurants doesn't I want I want this brace for you to go and do you have to do it because I don't necessarily want to watch I don't necessarily want my husband on my wife won't whoever that what does my white cat and it just it really freaks are out. I think you know that's the store's policy Schmidt and another I'm not so I'm not talking about target I'm just saying that they are sometimes. It is. You have to also think he wasn't he wasn't. Madonna had he was it won't. Now that you know what I want to say but. But I do feel that sometimes you know I know everybody wants to be free to do everything but there are lots of us living on the planet and sometimes. It can make other people on comfortable and they had just as much right to say. Listen you know. I lost my child or it just. I don't know that you gonna do this when I go to bed said Jenner I you know I think we have to sometimes be a little more thoughtful. Compromise. Just say an ideal way promptly I don't know where to stop sexual icing the breasts when it comes to nursing. That's about sex lies and I'm talking about perhaps a mother who couldn't or who lost her child or who is not expecting to see somebody spitting and it might bring back tough stuff for her we never know who was I now. Whenever we know we never know world rounds I'm just saying sometimes in Auckland. Isn't the first to cover just I don't want my breasts now in a B teeny or breast he thinks. But it's in mind is more accidental but covering is sometimes tricky but our little hard to do ours I don't want to suffocate the may be on the bathrooms bathrooms or grow you don't understand why. After all this time we have not been able to create. Nursing room. Homes and restaurants or in airports and I mean real nasty real places where moms can do not want to start my own airline called bombing act out how.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"The co-hosts discuss the video, which shows a man berating a breastfeeding mother at a Target. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39879747","title":"'The View' on Video of Mom Breastfeeding At Target","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-video-mom-breastfeeding-target-39879747"}