Vince Gill, 'Guitar Slinger'

The country great on why it took five years to release a new album.
5:39 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Vince Gill, 'Guitar Slinger'
He's one twining Grammy Awards tying him with Bruce Springsteen Aretha Franklin and now. Country music hall of Famer Vince -- is out with a new album called guitar Slinger. Here's a -- now from the first single threatened me with have. These fees. -- -- Very distinguished voice right here -- -- the show thanks for bandwidth happening so all right the last time. You had an album out for CDs. Were you were you nervous about being able to top that because that was impressive no one else had done that before that's when I was -- I think that it probably. Might have taken five years -- -- listen only. I think that -- the real reason that. It was just fun you know as -- I've always been creative and I love following that no matter where it went right when it was real traditional base record -- that was four different CD's we're all. Stylistically different and I built a studio on Monday announcement always anytime you do construction takes -- -- -- comes twice as much threat. Just all of that. Wow okay Eric is it's been a long time and your fans obviously have been clamoring for awhile -- I don't know has beaten adored him immediately. Well. I think you're humility I think is shows a lot of the devotion that your fans have now obviously you. Mary Amy Grant -- there's going to be touring together on Christmas two OK how does that work I mean you guys ever yeah our pets you've got the bigger applause and got a standing out. I'm trying to collect some of the other -- really are yeah well and she is due to badly -- It's so much fun to be able to to finally take you know we work all year and mostly separately and so before Christmas to have a couple weeks Nolan Ryan must be. Drive around -- and you know lounge -- hotel room moment along with that too many. Too many things that we have to do you know picking up in Holland and and kind of -- it's a great stretch before Christmas for us -- this panel Tanya. -- -- -- -- It's gotta be tough between I mean if just one person relationship was on the road costly and can you got two minutes of that -- -- difficult to. You must keep a lot of people busy obviously try to coordinate the schedules in most UC MT -- every premiere and an episode of crossroads. And in this you've worked with sting. Now analysts anything at high octane yeah that is so hot that come about well it was -- -- idea and I have done these shows these crossroads shows -- take somebody. From totally different -- threats generally -- and own country I guess some sort of pop music and country and and they've tried for years to to match me up with somebody that felt Rhine and and finally an idea anomalies and huge sting fan and police and love most everything he's ever done we both have voices it was just a perfect perfect match. And in addition to stay -- that's an amazing collaborative work you've worked with Rosanne Cash Sheryl Crow Alice Cooper Industries plant. And -- counting on you play guitar and how's this. It's -- -- was stretching your abilities you definitely pull that off there. Well it's interesting -- -- this stretch of life I think people are finally -- more as I've always wanted to be seen as a musician. And I think that those years and I had such a great run as a country music artist. People perceived insomnia is only that OK so now realized says and -- guitar player and musician my whole life and it's been an equal part of when I'm always trying to -- heading in any different genre in our country's homeland nicer -- a man is still -- the lines are pretty blurry. Yeah you know to me country music what's going on today there's nothing about this country -- with my perception my definition of country music -- My definition of lying about -- -- Price and the really. Only -- guys right right anatomy olds but you have -- -- -- right yeah me is that kind of the heart of right now it's what I like. The best you know but you know it's just. I think at this point in life when I'm trying to do is -- to show up with great songs and then on great songs that's more important than him back. To me yes to have -- Thompson's record Pincus. This is really -- collection of its own false. In this more quickly and runs as light produced her -- her latest just amazing to see kind of -- -- -- -- -- different genres. Hey -- at a November night ABC's Kennedy had in a country music awards you hosted that show now for what twelve. Years I hosted for twelve years and -- in Rome and quit about I think it's been and continues. Stepped away from them. I think that's a that's a pretty impressive run was a nice run it was great fun -- I loved and I think I just I was the one grew tired of me doing it more so than I felt like anybody. House was tired of -- and but intended for a few years and then Carrey have done it lasts and -- do agree yeah. So so record set Tammy overturn -- perhaps I'm gonna be here this year and show and a they're -- -- tribute to -- Campbell on the show it's a surprise announcement. Well -- if we do that in listen it's on the network so that's all right -- can what we're live and I'll release through that law and it's amazing obviously continued success to you. And Amy as well because I mean. Both of you just you know the fans that you haven't support that you haven't been so incredibly genuine from both of you it's just it's it's amazing. It's called guitar Slinger it's out now Vince -- continued success to you well thanks for dropping by today for him Arctic --

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{"id":14838068,"title":"Vince Gill, 'Guitar Slinger'","duration":"5:39","description":"The country great on why it took five years to release a new album.","url":"/Entertainment/video/vince-gill-guitar-slinger-14838068","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}