Vince Gill and Paul Franklin's Tribute to Country Music

Country Greats Team Up With Cracker Barrel for 'Bakersfield' Deluxe Edition
3:00 | 02/06/14

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Transcript for Vince Gill and Paul Franklin's Tribute to Country Music
-- time Grammy winner Vince Kelyn famed steel guitarist Paul Franklin have been willing fans for decades but now. -- taking time out of their hectic schedules to pay homage to some country greats joining us. Today to tell us about this project are the country -- themselves Vince Galen Paul Franklin welcome to you both. All right see you both staples in the country music world the music business so tell us about this project -- one. Well both first of all where we are great lovers of -- on some. I think for both of us if we look back at our history and say what -- -- -- who would be your favorite. Artists -- -- stretch we've both probably pick. But -- and -- in the early sixties they came along and and they were from the West Coast little different from Nashville. And -- style was very different it was much more roadhouse much more beer joint driven and in a little bit different than what natural was doing at the time. And it really stood out in and then we just Wear at the perfect day to ripe for the picking. He missed that as style of country music which seems to be waning of it got a -- -- yes -- mix going on now and we we both love everything. You know we and we do a lot of the new. And then -- -- we thought it was important to show what we came from him when I got my first pedal steel guitar. My dad also bought me -- and hear from me album he's -- signed this is what this thing sounds like. And so my first influence I can honestly say was -- million bucks music who later on played admirals. Records as well and had to come together to work collaborative Leon well -- Good friends for about 35 years and then and if people don't know -- is arguably probably the most in demand steel guitar player in the country. Hundreds and hundreds of records over the years he's participated on and we've been friends all that time -- and we play -- a group called time jumpers to western swing -- And -- we sit next to each other in the van and we play every Monday night -- little club called third immensely in Nashville. And it's a lot of fun we -- old western swing music from the forties and fifties -- old country music and and we just kept talking how much fun it would be -- to make a record together. And we came upon the idea. Of a buck Owens and riders music because it really suits the -- -- played guitar and when he plays a steel guitar really. Is a great stretch of music that features those instruments very well. A little bit about this a guitar in imagine getting it decided to -- and getting the album well of the Palestinian tires. Is the evolution of the Hawaiian guitar in -- but petals were around in the thirties and then about the time. Webb Pierce came along and a gentleman but Isaac started to in the bending sound with the panel's. And then Ralph many came along with -- -- -- he made a whole style around that. We didn't hear all the -- beneath strings like James Burton did with the guitar. But it it's essentially mechanical and pulls a string instead of the guitar would which would -- the story. Now in July he released to the album Bakersfield which pay tribute to buck Owens and Mariah power haggard you've talked about being fans for -- time. You know again is it is it. Do you want also sort of build awareness for these musicians as well as we have a whole new generation of country music fans out there in -- I think it's important that that you know your history you know and it took Eric Clapton teach me Robert Johnson wants you know that's the way it's supposed to work 125 year old kid is not supposed to know. All of this history month. Where the generation before -- and we should do our part to do that in and this was. This is a serious labor of love you know within last year with the passing of George Jones. Passing of great price to of arguably the greatest ever you know that had a real. The real great stamp on the traditional side of country music we wanted to. We want to stick up for little bit because it's not involved so much anymore and and the pressures off of me. In a big way as an artist because I'm not really so hit driven with my career now radios not really very receptive to much of when I do. So I have a great freedom and and something like this is. His is the purest because it really is a labor of love. He had cracker barrels are urging -- to get -- -- this are you get a hit someone -- does -- really good -- is. If they love you and they and they really urge you -- to do this. Oh yeah and the greatest thing was after we did this record. A bucks catalogs about 500 songs -- says the police that. And we could have recorded for months and and had a -- do and it's so we gave us a chance to go in and cut four new songs. For this record then and you know and their initial supportive of it and -- And a great history in the last several years. Of of doing I guess what they called niche marketing you know I've seen it happen a few times. In the past Starbucks was successful. Hallmark hallmark gift cards -- -- Chris district and in a couple of those and and they know their brand they know their audience and the -- that that that eats a Cracker Barrel. Most country music it was bluegrass music -- -- -- tremendous fit may have had a big impact. On the industry and and there have been some records and have done very very well sold lot of product and it's just. The hardest thing these days with music and all the technology. Is how to find who wants to hear what it is that -- -- And it's a perfect fit they've had a great history of doing some some great records and lot of great artists and we are thrilled they thought enough of Bakersfield to -- to see that come. What's been deluxe edition when what was added there than the four new songs. We did an instrumental. High on the Hilltop. You. -- through an era -- and that it tender loving care about poems. -- so. Now the time jumpers he talked a little bit about -- is it's gotta be a lot of fun to play before a live audience of people who really. Love using. You know I -- -- lot of people listen to the radio but don't necessarily love that I think a lot of people -- grow tired of hearing the same things over and over again so what was that like for -- -- this -- get out there and and see that core audience it's an eleven piece. -- to swing band and seven people saying three fiddles upright bass it's very old school. And the people that come to it reminds me of my earliest days of playing bluegrass. The people that came were ravenous about hearing that kind of music. So you had a crowd whose appetite was hungry. For exactly what we were doing and it's it's the greatest feeling as a musician. Is to have a crowd respond. And listen and want to hear what they hear and we're not background music -- every Monday night is filled with people. That are diehard fans of this music that can't find it anywhere else so it's it's magical on a Monday night in Nashville. Vince Gill Paul Franklin thank you so much for joining us the Bakersfield deluxe CDs available now to Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and Cracker Barrel dot com. And thanks circus for stopping buying good luck with everything. Thank you -- -- with the yeah isn't thank you.

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