The Voice Behind the Sweet and Sassy 'Ms. Brown'

Superstar Vanessa Williams on why she bit at the chance to voice an M&M.
3:52 | 02/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Voice Behind the Sweet and Sassy 'Ms. Brown'
So -- I said mr. prime minister I'm flattered that you love chocolate but I'm here is Tripoli in a professional I think what's wrong with -- -- He -- -- me at my -- -- brown it just looks like and milk chocolate is showing only a fool to think that actually show up. Zealots that and a black -- Mary Abbott and remember army Eminem family. It means that hearing this horrible mess that brown and -- it talent all about it -- definitely. Pay for the Yankees -- about this brown we were so happy with the result. Wanted to debut. Inseparable is fantastic and got a lot of great feedback -- it's great to be. Part of the M and -- -- It's not only my favorite candy. The fact is him as brands in the hunt -- -- -- -- she's highly intelligent. She she's been ruling the roost for years she. Chocolate officer at -- -- and to finally be able to have -- come out from behind the scene. And it is spokesperson was just such Mary. In say that. You have -- collar. Of course Brad Davis. You know -- of always statements of the fact that I get a chance to actually work. Four of my favorite candy companies and if so tell us about the perks you get unlimited and -- -- I was sure -- at. -- last night in it's it's been fantastic today were. Opening a museum of chocolate art which is all dedicated to ms. brown is like 300 pound ms. brown statute that. We're going to be able and you walk at this pilot -- spend it must love I got the out the -- I didn't tell them anything until I'm done is capable and that -- -- way. And watch and you really do you. Think that that really impressed court and -- get credit. Again. I really. Look. I'm sorry. Desperate Housewives this because it's been such -- fund is now with this is the end you know we we have about seven more episodes of Phnom. And the other girls have been doing it for eight years -- my second years I still feel like. Some revenue comment but it's been fantastic opportunity and the girls have been fantastic today. And -- the role that I created -- you know she's a pistol and but she Sheen brings that are. Her -- two was there Elaine and just in -- -- It and we -- they're fantastic and what is next you have any other things like I've got a book that judges. -- with my mom and that that April 17 so we're excited about that it -- -- memoir and memoir and it's a memoir. About my experiences but also moms and you know my life. But my mom's take a lot of things that as a mother that you know that you protect your child that you have no idea until you grow up and asking questions. And it's it's called. -- no idea and a lot of the times and the talk about. My story up -- forty years and so. With an interesting experience working mom accused them and not see eye to eye popping -- that's part of the whole dynamic oh yeah I can't see item on -- that different. And how we deal is as parents is different and and -- take on a lot of things but. There's a sense of respect and I certainly have. The older I get an -- -- as the hole and I'm just honored that I had a chance to do it did it together and -- Way to Atlanta and think -- so much for -- days -- live.

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{"id":15532279,"title":"The Voice Behind the Sweet and Sassy 'Ms. Brown'","duration":"3:52","description":"Superstar Vanessa Williams on why she bit at the chance to voice an M&M.","url":"/Entertainment/video/voice-sweet-sassy-ms-brown-15532279","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}