VP Joe Biden's Plans After Office

"The View" co-hosts talk to Vice President Biden about his future after the White House.
3:42 | 01/14/17

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Transcript for VP Joe Biden's Plans After Office
So. Tell yeah I love this question because back in December you said I am going to run in 20/20. What the hell man those are your words. Is so fabulously talk we love it so how serious I have to tell the truth squad or a moment. The context of the question was like what are you gonna do not daddy the war's over an army. And and his support here and there are now. And I jokingly said because oppression and follow me through the Kabul day some Enron is to run for what. And I said run for president. And but it was who has spirit that I said I have no intention of running for pres but I do have intention to stay deeply involved in everything I've done and yes my whole life. And I'm announcing when I'm out is I've tried to work out a deal where I can. Provide for taking my substantive staff in the vice presidency some of the most serious people Washington and domestic and foreign policy. The University of Delaware you Hershey Pennsylvania providing these platforms while halves. Which considerable area of concern among money for paid staff working for me. On the issues that I care about so I plan on being staying very deeply involved in the substance I had worked figured out my gave full employment yet right. That's what I'm going to be doing is being of them home. I'm yes. Why that issue you authored the violence against women act you've been at the forefront of this white right now particularly with what you see going on college campuses why this issue. Because we we have we can't and we are able to change the culture and mark Norman has a right. Under any circumstances of the self defense. Ever ever ever ever raises him the woman god. I'm working man when I wrote the box against women act. We've had just phenomenal success policy is limited men and domestic partners is now 67% except in one area. And it devastated me to find this out two and half years ago because I brought that office inside the vice president's. Raced in run by me not by the justice to him. And I found out that. The the number of women between the ages of fourteen and 24 the rape and rape and sexual assault and hasn't has not decreased at all so that's why the president I started this violence against woman I'd get a virtual town median try to do this quick. Virtual town meeting. With tens of thousands of people following arrests all these young women from high school through college is saying. What we most do and I gave no IAEA a contact point. They said spontaneously get men involved. Guys it's on us we have a moral obligation. We have an obligation to step up we have been out. Give rim all the things that we now. And times of what's coming up. How do you want to keep this office. And this issue and front. It was about his split. With about six million dollars or staph. And and I'm going to have a full blown. Full blown staff from the leading people in the country. On cancer care on on on foreign policy and domestic policy and the violence against women and I'm gonna run an entire operation. And out of universe should Delaware where I have. If you name the ten best people in the country on this issue three everything working full time would mean the other work out.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts talk to Vice President Biden about his future after the White House. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44765762","title":"VP Joe Biden's Plans After Office","url":"/Entertainment/video/vp-joe-bidens-plans-office-44765762"}