'The Walking Dead' Returns With Season 2

Jon Bernthal teases the upcoming season of the AMC's zombie show.
5:48 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for 'The Walking Dead' Returns With Season 2
And you go. On this day ends and -- -- hits on TV the walking dead returns with the new season Sunday night at 9:9 AMC. If -- a group of survivors trying to stay one step ahead of the zombie wars and the guy you just -- being -- and John Burns all. It's your right now based resigning as nation I was an all your anger but let's look scary anytime -- going on and that C. You know that's actually picks up right. When we finished the last season we're running from the CDC -- unfortunately. -- -- runs out of gas and I have to try to. Run for it and nom I IE and one of the first members of the surviving crew who realizes that zombies never tire -- like wild dogs they just keep coming. Yanish a year why am I right here in heavy breathing yet -- by the way is beautiful. I -- that you know David Boyd is is great one of the best in the business in the entire Atlanta based true it's just so so bad ass and I will stay in that seeing. I punctured my cornea and -- in three places. It didn't make the cuts of -- how did -- -- and then -- right there. Out -- hazards of the job has not yet your character -- because He seems like one of the more complex characters. You know in this season is yet it's it's a real joy tended to play him you know the when franc pair bond and I started out an. In in trying to bring shame to life we really wanted to change the audience's opinion we get him -- -- -- out. Whether He was a good guy -- Baghdad I think what we sort of went force he's just a real guy. I think that's sort of what's great about the entire show. There's nothing that simple we -- we're going for as nuanced and complex relationships as we possibly can and when things seemed to be one thing. We love to sort of come to complete other direction and show them to be something completely different that makes for great television what we expect in this Macy's and this season I think I'm one of the most exciting things for me which sort of lends itself right from the graphic novel that it's based on this is. I think in this season we're -- discovered that the zombies become something that these people can actually deal with so to speak and I think the real evil -- the real danger. Is that which exists within the human condition I think that people are gonna become far more -- and is on the very dark things. Iraqi at -- it is bad guy that is David Knox. There's been a lot of discussion about the fact that executive producer frank -- who's like a legend and he's gone. This is and but what what do you think about that. -- It was really hard really hard for me and and for everyone else there on the ground in Georgia I think frank is one of the greatest filmmakers. All time I think he's a national treasure he's he's need. Some of the greatest movies that that that that that our country hats so. It's real hard to lose his friend I believe in him and I trust them on the one thing I can say is that. I'm really proud of this cast and crew because this was such a blow to us that it could have. Slowed us down -- even just by a bit and it really did the opposite we all sort of I gather -- -- and and and and I'm really proud of everything that has happened between action cut this season it's really really good strong stuff. All right so let's talk about a -- sent -- the students zombie brains zombie gonna. Galore there's an hour and -- -- He did it ever get a point where you look back on team and you go wow that's TV over the top there are times. Guard and -- Lincoln in the middle of shooting in and we're both like they're really gonna show that on TV and what's crazy is we can show anything when it comes to gore. People getting stabbed through the guy isn't -- human person. I'm you know it's weird you can call me crazy but I've come to sort of view it as art I think Greg -- -- and his team as the best in the world and there's so much specificity. To -- zombie and why they are the way they are and and and how they were bit and and and and who they were before they were -- and I think that's just a really cool. -- -- Seems like a crash course in preparing for the apocalypse -- we have this question for you gonna put you on the spot let's do it what three things do you need with you. If the end of the world's coming you personally. You need. What would you take that food water and fuel food water fuel gas and air practical man that's it that's it I learned me well. -- -- -- premier comic comment I'm telling I've been so far -- people just go crazy and ECU. -- What's cool about the show as it had such a loyal Austen fan base before we even started because of the graphic novel I just -- so I haven't really seen the fervor yet but. Crazy it's gonna -- I -- I do like an out of town and those guys are hardcore but what's cool about them is they're smart and they -- -- passionate and you can't ask for anything more anything. And -- -- your lines Greta that's how passionate. China thanks so much safer time and on CNN. Don't miss the premiere season two of the walking dead it's this Sunday at 9:9 AM see John Burns -- I appreciate you thank you take care.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"Jon Bernthal teases the upcoming season of the AMC's zombie show. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14740868","title":"'The Walking Dead' Returns With Season 2","url":"/Entertainment/video/walking-dead-returns-season-2-2011-amc-hit-zombie-show-actor-jon-bernthal-interview-entertainment-14740868"}