Wedding Bells To Ring For Halle Berry

"US Weekly" has the exclusive details on the Oscar-winner's engagement.
3:53 | 01/11/12

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Transcript for Wedding Bells To Ring For Halle Berry
Time to get you all caught up on the latest celebrity news -- that would have -- rabbit from -- weekly here with -- hi -- -- -- -- -- happy new -- happy new year to -- we have some happy news to start with lots of engagement -- the -- bearing in a sense. -- gas weekly broke the story Halley Berry is now engaged to Olivier Martinez. Her dark -- costar of one year. He was supposed to be -- rebound guy right -- She answers sworn off Matt this is her third marriage. But -- she thought she's torn up marriages with that gorgeous model Gabriel opera for five years and -- how to -- They never married but she trusts Olivier she feels safe with him and you know -- the secret thing is he really really gets along with now. That is very picky about the admit that that's the -- right to mama tired and I get along with -- maybe I'm just here in the better looking -- -- at park have to look at him ever. OK all right let's not about Drew Barrymore as -- also engaged very exciting. Very exciting and -- was also on to her third marriage and 36 years -- we know she sort of a former recovered while -- -- it will complement whose. Not a movie star but he's a friend to -- -- movie stars as an art consultant he's hung out with not rob patents and Enceladus and now. I'm as drew has been pressuring him actually to -- she's ready to get -- settle down. And have a family and he knew she was -- one but he needed to. Second -- up -- than he did it. We're so expensive she wants to be a mom she wants to be amounts -- she's ran out. This marriage eight. Predicts will be pregnant very soon Fiat hopes -- Berry a bank now we have another couple that we have been so excited they gotten engaged to Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. But now public saying you can she trusts that he's now -- name anonymous -- your reputation. Right I mean that just earlier last year we are reporting that they had broken out finally for good -- -- on not on arm and it looked like the last break our if it was in march of this -- -- last year was the final breakup because he is. You know he's. A huge supporter yes he's chairman the other guys and her friends are really dubious but apparently she gave him an ultimatum. If you wanna be if you're gonna have to -- -- what are his friends saying that they believe that his waves will change well the thing with GT is that he had the crew and clown -- like a bunch of hangers on that really like kind of parting with him and I don't know if they have Jessica's best interest. -- -- -- -- I bet she's gonna get in there and sit and separate -- apparently exactly. It is an Indiana that her apparent aim is to sort of push the guys Atlanta -- marker on the return of the -- at -- an exciting mainly news. And it's -- Curtis stone and Lindsay Price have the most adorable little baby boy. Yet he's so cute he's so cute -- born in November we have by the first photos ever of them Lindsay is -- -- now allow men and now she's -- a new show called. Love bites I think and Curtis stone is a top chef masters. I love his name -- that's a -- I know Hudson soaps and masculinity that's in price stone -- -- -- romance novel. -- games yeah yeah. When -- -- -- it -- up -- -- -- this story really makes me laugh and I I think that I love the fact -- -- reporting it Jake Gyllenhaal apparently struck out when an -- -- you know being a movie star demeanor always gonna get -- yes. -- some some women are immune to his -- -- back in the follow he. He tried to ask out Mika Kelly Charlie's Angels -- out on a date and she declines according to a source entrusting widening ally. Well apparently she was really really hoping to mend fences with Derek Jeter and that strategy work because they're back together back together but -- Jacob that it is becoming like the Jen Aniston -- the mail sent -- never went to blunt about it. I think we were frankly I think he'll be justified the death than they had that -- thinking.

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{"id":15341981,"title":"Wedding Bells To Ring For Halle Berry","duration":"3:53","description":"\"US Weekly\" has the exclusive details on the Oscar-winner's engagement.","url":"/Entertainment/video/wedding-bells-ring-halle-berry-15341981","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}