Weekend Movie Round-Up

Sandy Kenyon reviews "Mighty Macs," "Johnny English" and "The Three Musketeers."
2:47 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Weekend Movie Round-Up
Good family films are still too rare in my opinion here's one mothers and fathers can -- with their daughters. The mighty -- it's kind of corny but I enjoyed it and I think your family will too. Have the courage to your dreams you've seen this movie before or at least one a lot like it. But still the mighty Max managed to bring tears of joy -- -- Quality -- stars as Kathy Reich who won nine out of every ten games she -- please. Back -- out of college his Pennsylvania. The year is 1971. And they had not played by -- bush and doesn't care if the team wins or lose it. I'm satisfied that its use these activities to suppress their hormones. The coach is a former player married to an NBA -- But she faces many barriers reminders of how tough it was for a female athletes in the years before title nine leveled the playing field for women. Right there for Mark Foley and the outcome here is never in doubt but I shall enjoy the time spent watching these women win. Next film is one for the boy to an English. Women. Live. British comedian Rowan Atkinson returns as the goofy secret agent that proved so popular a decade ago. He's reborn and ready -- eliminating. She put. My silly sure but hey I'm a big kid had but -- this one. -- -- to -- it's all coming back to next. -- is not a word I would use to describe the prospect of going to see another version of the three -- fifteenth. One. All strive for one saying I'm not for rent. Seriously how often does this old story need to be -- The three musketeers was not shown to critics in advance never a good sign. -- was paranormal activity three. So I went to see it today at a local theater and frankly folks I need what thrills and chills for my dollar bills. Have to tedious minute not much happens until a few good -- we're well into the movie it's less than an hour. And a half might need more bang for my buck. This movie that was expected to be number one of the -- -- -- it -- eight million dollars -- -- Justin midnight show. -- really gonna live now but I don't think it's a great value for the dollars. Open Maine that I guess you didn't get very clear cut.

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{"id":14790189,"title":"Weekend Movie Round-Up","duration":"2:47","description":"Sandy Kenyon reviews \"Mighty Macs,\" \"Johnny English\" and \"The Three Musketeers.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/weekend-movie-round-14790189","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}