Is Whitney Houston's Daughter, Bobbi Kristina, Engaged?'s Rob Shuter with the latest celebrity buzz.
4:39 | 03/19/12

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Transcript for Is Whitney Houston's Daughter, Bobbi Kristina, Engaged?
That -- got -- and latest liberty bias here with telescope is Huff post -- dot com rob you're the one and only how are you today sir I love it right -- I'm doing well thank you listen George -- to happening here he was arrested on Friday to -- -- -- yet we got a new details on -- tickets and -- -- the principal one night he was a protest. Outside the Sudanese. Embassy protest and all the terrible stuff that is and on instant and he and again in -- did he posted a hundred. All ball and so he's not out of prison however when he was in jail he thought to make one quote against the but what does -- of the thought it was whipping but. We got to the follicles -- at a vehicle and mold were. I think. Unease that somethings never change the what you get in trouble even if you too swiftly and -- -- your mother of who met a guy that's been in trouble with the law lately Russell Brand New Orleans. In New Orleans got very angry at somebody taking his photograph on life and it's -- -- and it. Through a -- and the next day he had opted there was a warrant for his arrest turned himself in and he's fighting back saying that he wants provoked. And it's in in the past eight if property damage is less than 500. Dollars it really is in the felonies the very very small. Misdemeanor -- he said he's it would pay for the windows you fix it was 200. And forty dollars and the damage the iPhone was minimal. Here's hoping to make sure that damages solidified when he was provoked in -- way statements about I think people he said in a very aggressive at the top as the ferries is that commodities business we know he's been very difficult to pools -- that's got anything. To do with it but I think he lost his hand grenades and refusing to be doing. Just fine and can actually. -- -- event. -- pump house that she's good -- blue. You probably methane occurs in nature with that -- Bobbie Kristina. With -- -- story yet in some of the passed away. There's been a -- mobile. And this is that an investigation and not only what happened is about ten years ago. Whitney how this should move into. As she never adopted and she is not a blood relative and his problems and troubles -- she took him in he's been living with Whitney Bobbi Kristina Fatah movement and you know. In Atlanta now and he's still living in the eyes with just Bobbi Kristina. And over the weekend and that she received on the street sporting an enormous. Engagement rings to the rumors that started. Is that how she and flights to date and is this -- hall -- it's not technically. I think it's made people feel very strong winner with a close relatives -- -- franchise -- is a very disturbed by -- practice -- as a member of the finally. If you look back at some of -- Twitter -- that and -- that each other's Brothers suits. So it makes -- all the public interest programs. And it -- -- as well Oprah Winfrey Oprah. -- -- Oprah for her own cattle. Wrote it down she -- that is going to be the next big thing that was going to be the huge crowned the right upper channel but I think let's be honest but these ladies went into this with great intentions. What ended up happening with -- -- very different from the strategy it's. Rosie to which is the daytime -- she ended up at 7 o'clock which is very odd Todd reports they normally -- that. She ends -- at 7 o'clock tensions opponent network but didn't have much support as far as lead didn't is -- -- -- -- -- the show before the show. And you hope you wanna -- hits you retained -- -- it was. Over the shall -- at that resolution was on she had 72. Different meetings while almost impossible. Who runs into -- hit them. A big. Will find Steve Ramsey loss. For how long it was less than six model of that racial if plus Rosie -- -- shouting -- you'll. It was -- should call Bryant's I think a lot of things he would do -- the way you lady wanted nothing both of them agree. The -- is probably -- but. Very strong -- side of things in the last for an hear from either one definite shock it on the idea that would that there is no original program and a pop from the parent and Oprah itself to us. So this network that was can revolutionize. TV camera. With so many problems is the end I was just putting repeats account -- route just yet. Reza that route here from up whatsoever so much -- good to see you Hartford.

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{"id":15955928,"title":"Is Whitney Houston's Daughter, Bobbi Kristina, Engaged?","duration":"4:39","description":"'s Rob Shuter with the latest celebrity buzz.","url":"/Entertainment/video/whitney-houstons-daughter-bobbi-kristina-engaged-15955928","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}