Whitney Houston's Legacy

Rob Shuter on the late singer's estate and legacy.
4:12 | 02/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Whitney Houston's Legacy
We're learning more about the circumstances surrounding the death. Of Whitney Houston and rock shooter from Huff post celebrity is here now with more details rob obviously collectively the world is just mourning the loss of this. Huge icon this is a very sad day for funds for people in the music business. And it's not just America I spoke to friends and brits and could devastated by this news that absolutely devastated more news is breaking two teams the -- reporting. But -- the which hopes he has been completed and the results have been announced to her family -- public yet. And that's saying that those results are saying. That Whitney and he died. Prescription drugs mixed with alcohol -- often -- drowning and -- not apparently enough. Water in her lungs -- opponents who have drowned today saying she probably took prescription drugs come in the bathtub. I'm that's -- that's the sad truth that the moment however that is not being from and the -- -- is is you obviously doing with their -- loss to do with their own -- as well -- they're having to kind of decipher out some of this information to the public cherry tree and then we we we -- -- know the body has been released to the families -- Whitney. He's on -- way. -- -- can until which is going to be a final resting place so we know the family is busy at the moment. -- -- -- When. Her death was announced and the -- just hit everyone. Immediately. Her album skyrocket. All of. -- is always right and. Nowadays everything you send instant Twitter blew up the Internet blew up and then you can buy that album online -- you don't need -- to a store you can download it. So within a -- two minutes. The album -- so come on kids the singles shots up to I think -- greatest hits album is not currently number long. -- after the death. This is this is a major accomplishment I think for Whitney just -- you. Which people really love this music in -- we're talking about this earlier she didn't write any preseason Phillips -- and -- about Whitney and ultimately it's not true. After Michael Johnson to operate. And he got so much money he until primarily as a songwriter. All those big hits that you know -- Michael. He actually sat time and the -- then what did it. By himself Whitney didn't want to single song that was -- -- -- facto big keys to its I would always love you too was actually. Reason I -- only Paulson. For the post muscular have a financial. Windfall from this -- Horrible incidents I'm sure she would rather not have the money -- school is Dolly -- and sue. Artist like Whitney do not might not much money from Rome from selling back what's -- what they make money from true reading. Obviously she can not true anymore so -- is concerned about Whitney's. A study to what can happen apparently when she done only if she was -- terrible debt several sources have said. That she was actually didn't advise and assist from her -- to a company that she knew how to pay back -- any money that she will. As the ball to its numbers the song -- and Maltese who probably pay off those debts so don't expect. To see that Michael Jackson -- Norman them. Where -- hear these huge because of how much they've done it. A year post death. That's open house who have written what are we hearing -- about how the legacy is going to be shaped in these very early stages as everyone -- grappling with the news now. Is it Bobby Brown is a Bobbi Kristina who has kind of control how the world business -- biggest problem that -- -- on how Hans is unlike many many superstars. In fact I can't think of the -- stock and has done this except Whitney. We need to do we have to share then hand Whitney has hours and hours of reality -- -- -- -- and Robbie brown. Many if it. And there's a lot of footage that myth ahead. -- and wins will -- footage I spoke to profit and asked them all the candidates and re release it will make you showed footage we never seen before they said no. Up and out that we. We -- hoping that it'll never be released. If he doesn't have a major impact from Whitney's latest rupture from Huff post celebrity thank you so much of course talking very difficult wrote about via the loss of an icon -- and I thank you --

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{"id":15578497,"title":"Whitney Houston's Legacy","duration":"4:12","description":"Rob Shuter on the late singer's estate and legacy.","url":"/Entertainment/video/whitney-houstons-legacy-15578497","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}