Whoopi Blasts Newt Gingrich

"The View" host attacks the GOP front-runner's comments about poor children.
5:53 | 12/05/11

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Transcript for Whoopi Blasts Newt Gingrich
This is currently the front runner and the Republican nomination for the Republican nomination he -- strong opinions about what he thanks. He's holding poor people it what do you think this is holding poor people back. Just take a look sewage back. Really poor children in -- California us. Have no happiness or. -- nobody around them worse. So you have the you know haven't shown up when. They know happiness and -- it. -- -- have a I do this you need. -- -- There was lit it I wanna read the other one because it's kind of also -- that. What if they cleaned out the bathrooms and what if they mopped the floor as what -- this summer. They painted the school what if the process they were actually -- to work blanks earn money they had money on Iran they didn't have to become. Up temple prostitute or drug -- if they had money on -- all they have the dignity of work and learned how to be around adults who actually wanted to mentor that you know if this is really. It's unfortunate right now. Because they you know -- knows for me at my hopes on 2016 the Petraeus rubio ticket but. For this election right now I think -- to -- Newt Gingrich has a front runner. Tried to defend a quote like that two quotes like that on a belief system which obviously embodies. The desire to -- yet cracked this sort of code that's happening with the poor children. It seems nothing more than -- -- And ends up a lacking of any sort of heart and reality there's no reality Aaron is like this is -- how. The only people that would actually be helped -- at the school system that would save a buck I'm paying someone -- -- any union right now doing that job that won't. -- its distinct -- there's no hard and it I don't understand how he even could defend the statement did not isn't. Not a believer in that it -- child's. Work law he thinks that there are out jagged and they should be taken away I would just say I was just say you don't think of the triangle war. I'm site triangle fire downtown New York City where. You had thirteen and fourteen year old was jumping out of the building's one of the reasons we have to child welfare laws. -- work laws is because of that. History tells us that putting children in the workplace is not smartest idea have this idea act as you said the cold front porch of what the hell you talking about -- You know what would happen -- poor children were. Made six. What are you talking about you Samad our -- Smart kids and poor neighborhoods less you know really call -- what did I studied from a poor black children hasn't. When he failed what he -- Obama is not sensitive to poor blacks and so he's I mean -- -- Any yeah. And it fell on a school systems to needy instead of the focus being on the poor black children don't know how to work and are on the way to becoming pimps and prostitutes what look at the school system that and say why are we putting any systems. We think kids can actually learn it at all levels of the incumbent yeah. -- remained that kids are not -- it certainly meant more kids are not learning we're assuming he is assuming that there is some issue between pork kids. I don't understand vastly went why would you if you were concerned about the welfare for kids why wouldn't she want them to learn and -- if you -- that concern not would you. -- -- back on sack specialist some money gets sent to the poor schools. -- -- -- -- cannot -- yeah on opposite side. You know of -- was talking about it being a 43%. Unemployment rate amongst. Black teenagers and he was talking about. You know kids having a dignity and -- -- they have their own money and when they have their own money than they can feel like they're also. You know contributing. To. You -- society because they have a dignity I know that that Clinton signed into law something I -- with the way he said you know welfare you -- be on -- two years and then you had to get off he had to go to school we had to -- strain of the -- but Clinton might just talking about black people on welfare he was talking about everybody. On welfare. And hit -- concentration really should be on getting everybody back to -- can rather than -- targeting people because they -- -- that is just. Country the -- we're -- we -- big job we'll be international send -- to Asia the kids still working days now who I can not do not protect my child labor laws when. -- says that you don't trust what's on the back in of what he's saying we need to if you've -- of over the years he has this sort of bike. That times utopian view and teens he's a major historians who pretends to -- in these broad strokes -- -- did not act. -- yeah. But they McCain is about to Herman Cain is about to endorse. New -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Going to be about -- Romney factor. You know I I I. I'm not I'm -- offended as I've been acting for a long time because this this you to -- on it to two paints. All children who are not lucky enough to be -- -- As potential. -- and prostitutes. You know you talk about dignity what you didn't give them any dignity when you made -- start. Amongst his -- You know -- yeah you -- you consider that changes dragged. Laughed that's the only reason why this is a purely like statistical night -- watch and that's because he noticed an all of --

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"\"The View\" host attacks the GOP front-runner's comments about poor children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15088117","title":"Whoopi Blasts Newt Gingrich","url":"/Entertainment/video/whoopi-goldberg-blasts-newt-gingrich-poor-kids-comments-15088117"}