Whoopi Defends Stacey Dash's Romney Support

"The View" co-host says "vicious tweets" against actress are out of line.
3:00 | 10/10/12

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Transcript for Whoopi Defends Stacey Dash's Romney Support
Stacey dash tweeted a picture of herself and a page out of swimsuit with the message vote for Romney. The only choice for your future which led to a slew of vicious and when I tell you -- vicious they. Vicious tweets saying she was portraying number -- -- we're trying -- race for supporting a republic camp that you know she said. Horrible horrible. Horrible stuff. -- -- It was social media. Out here when you and I'm not saying no it was wrong -- low cost -- The way they came -- Stacey dash for with social media. When you put things out here you allow the public to come in -- be your friend or -- like you why they -- you didn't when you put it out there then also people get to see. They have been you know what they're saying is that no black person she shouldn't it should be voting and what she -- -- I want to explain it hello everybody in fact Republican -- I want the next four years to be different it's my -- is an American citizen. I chose him talking about Romney not to harbor bomb at that point not by the color of his skin but the content of his character. She had from Samuel Jackson -- was very angry weather. Paul Ryan that's -- hasn't shown it. He shot and already -- and really in -- on me today. Issue Larry -- -- yeah. -- -- time home run and factor for her support. But all of us a black people not to post for not getting 99% of the African American vote so what's really irrelevant I mean I I don't know nobody they came out well that's -- and yet with a some BS we know that's. -- -- and now we. And -- -- that you know. In America where we all live. We have the right to say listen I have a different opinion without having some bonehead. Sitting in -- house talk about you should be thinking like I think not all that's not -- I don't know yeah. Exactly yeah. Yeah injecting coming out swinging her fur hat and -- -- just. I am yeah. Anthony -- CBS sports -- and elected baffling incredible he's getting slammed on Twitter for saying I voted for Barack Obama -- be adventurous I -- speak and who I'm supporting Mitt Romney he didn't know teaches kind of guy Pratt and I think the for the forty -- -- -- to let people went after him that things that are still buying and we said listen I got my behind him. Handed to me when mr. Romney was here when he was that when he's just begun. To talk about campaigning. What -- felt that he was more than -- that I thought was interesting I said to him. Did you know with the fact that what you did in Massachusetts what you done in this sweltering without a few when he was on when he first began to -- -- -- you know you're somebody act -- -- Well you would've thought apple on the front lawn. On the White House but -- I don't I had his cousins and expect said. That all black people were we -- -- -- because people have gotten so us. So solidified. And left and right that they've forgotten that there was a middle. And what you want is if there's somebody -- somebody who knows somebody. I don't know any. Different now threatens to me this -- turn to sandy I don't know that it's about race because what I've discovered on Twitter is not everybody who says they are what they are is what they are academics that's what I. So I think this is I know what I mean. Com and I think a lot of this is. People sitting around. Who forgot who we are as a nation season toddlers is a nice girl this isn't my -- this isn't somebody who went out kill -- People and and I want to ride -- -- problem is that you're getting I don't is that the reason that she is being attacked. Is because she is black and and the feeling as black people should not be voting for -- that's what I'm well let's say yeah. Well that's -- -- weigh in what charade. It doesn't mean that she's a nice feel -- not -- time I have not I'm sandy when somebody is not a nice person I do think it has something once somebody is a -- -- -- -- a classy young lady cats listen she's been attacked. Barbara what -- She's been attacked because she has a different view from other people and I say you don't like somebody -- that's okay. But to give some -- somebody death threats because it isn't someone -- -- what. Lol what's wrong what you want us that this is what we don't want my mind. Not quiet rankings if she were white this wouldn't have happened. Mason a lot like you I'm not you don't feel that -- well and that's -- -- easier for people also -- -- -- What -- what an exciting that rob someone white said about Taliban not to get a mention you're voting for Barack Obama. You're turning on your race that's exactly what you're trying to say and the I don't think. That's not what -- not in any case yes. -- that some try to figure out -- as you watched. But the but the reason that this change into something. If she had been a white actor she wouldn't have been the feeling was -- because -- was black she automatically kick him out of for the black -- where that -- real thing we've. -- didn't want what I was -- Eyewitness I understood that I don't think -- yeah yeah because you disagree with some high that was my point out.

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{"id":17443596,"title":"Whoopi Defends Stacey Dash's Romney Support","duration":"3:00","description":"\"The View\" co-host says \"vicious tweets\" against actress are out of line.","url":"/Entertainment/video/whoopi-goldberg-defends-stacey-dashs-romney-support-17443596","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}