Willy Wonka's Sweet Reunion

'Charlie' and 'Veruca' reminisce about the family classic.
5:32 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Willy Wonka's Sweet Reunion
In -- world. -- And who ERM. Hard to believe it's been forty years since Gene Wilder first saying that unforgettable song and Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. Now the colorful classic is being celebrated with a special deluxe a Blu-ray box set. And look who is here to talk with us about it Charlie bucket and -- assaults here Ostrom and Julie coal. Peter Angeles thanks so much what a pleasure this is one of my favorite films thank -- all time. It likes to be part. Of this legacy. Who. Amazing and I I think he's thankful He has a -- -- thing about is as a woman. I can't lie about my -- everybody knows -- -- -- -- the twelve minute film that ten fencing and we're not sure I mean what's it like to see that this film is still such a hit all these years later -- But He would have thought when we made the film that. It would have longevity. That it had ordered the success and when it came out it really didn't have much success. Lukewarm reviews that's hard to believe that -- open. It is an innocent -- last for about three full weeks and decent -- -- and when did it because you -- fire -- was always huge I was not until VHS. In video. And cable TV reclaimed it and then probably -- the mid ninety's. Have you -- -- recently have you gone back and looked at a. I don't know if -- Now but I and -- I will simply -- should -- -- never seen them and I -- thinking. It will be spectacular horribly right I can't waive -- -- assault one of the most fantastic characters in this now. That study. Doesn't stop I don't I wouldn't want me I Nextel -- it's much more and edema. And you know -- I was talking originally. Original timing and Steven for the longest time I thought it I think. Throw a temper tantrum with the British accent it would be so much more effective with it. -- playing that character bring -- -- office. About to be is as bad as you possibly could be -- and -- cottage -- -- Mean and honesty she hasn't -- enough -- bad enough when we're doing -- -- Stewart had two. Had a drink crowd. -- nothing nothing nothing until it. It must be that somewhere -- might my archetypes might Alter egos in Arizona where -- Now I heard that when you guys went on the -- of the actual where the chocolate factory was. It was the first time he'd seen is that true. That's not -- not actually. I think probably both us and that. Taking a sneak I was there for -- -- -- that I think I got on the set probably some supposed OK but here's the really important question. Was it real candy. Tell -- it was real candy grass. It doesn't help -- not so evident -- it wasn't able to an upset me when it was close up scene it would the reason let me. -- reasonable -- that dictates that. Except the wallpaper that will board wallpaper it's like all -- Did you have belly aches at the end of -- it. As a child I didn't like chocolates so that was probably his I was thinking about -- 5% -- Tastes -- that terrible scene here vaccination program smashing the veterans. Something it was disgusting things added on top. Adding that the -- to -- so we'll wait it's yeah it's gotten upset -- that couldn't afford it I think obviously on the conflict in Ottawa's and we. And. Nice and you ended up. Continuing for that -- with acting on an I know you did for awhile and east Enders and all you went. A totally different direction even -- -- -- like a multi. Film deal. That's true -- and I'm a veterinarian now and took absolutely took a different direction and been involved with Willy -- it was a great experience prevents it wasn't something that. And that I wanted to do the rest my life and as it. Having successes that child actor it's very difficult to maintain that into. An adult career -- you can you know Ron Howard. I mean you can council and a -- here. Right absolutely and Penny Marshall in that same vein so you take don't want that for -- while I -- -- IDs like Harry's -- -- had -- successful career in England but. But it was very suffered from what -- -- my adult career people didn't make the connection. As Iraq that was an east and -- I was a daytime television present strike -- -- all sorts of fun exciting things it was great. I to tackle the option contract that will -- is an -- made anymore mysteries. And -- nine hung up my -- she's a year ago I studied I gained a degree in. Psychotherapy and I specialize in working with children suffering bereavement. -- you'll always be remembered as well as being under assault and Charlie bucket to my favorite characters of film. Thank you both -- so much for being here. And Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory the ultimate collector's edition Blu-ray it's in stores now again Peter Ostrom and Julie -- thank you thank you guys.

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{"id":14762576,"title":"Willy Wonka's Sweet Reunion","duration":"5:32","description":"'Charlie' and 'Veruca' reminisce about the family classic.","url":"/Entertainment/video/willy-wonkas-sweet-reunion-14762576","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}