Who Would Win in a Clinton, Trump Election?

"The View" co-hosts weigh in on all the drama following the GOP debate.
5:20 | 02/26/16

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Transcript for Who Would Win in a Clinton, Trump Election?
And Republican debate last night and it was really hot the gloves came off during last night's debate. In Houston and finally someone landed a few actual punches on Donald Trump. Oh yeah watch. If you build the wall the best way to build some towers will be using illegal immigrant labor to do it. Who's your ties in the clothes you make is made in Mexico and China. So you're gonna starting a trader work. In he had inherited 200 million dollars in Oregon and I got it right now and watches and I have. You'll have so many different plans when I was repeating himself not Audrey. Himself five times more weeks ago I know you're ideas of vitamins a second ago. My. I don't have a screening. Candiotti I'm audience. It felt like yo momma thing I like the yellow mama so fat you can't be president like it felt there. An exciting. And to drug little blood rubio did he was he was really what right. Wedding already saying it was fabulous but did it was a little too little too late because they should've gone after him before he's already won a senate primary. Probably before the problem with the debates had too many people before they were what we don't like seven or eight people on that anti war sentiment really there were a lot of Trump's gift is that he can really get it in salt out and one or two lines he's so fast he can give it a sniper with those lines and I think finally now rubio had a chance to speak I and really hold his own because there was a smaller states worked for I feel like there's an there's them. You know I'm not down for the insults but I don't think it's ever too late to come hardcourt when you're in. Why you're fighting right now this is what it is you're trying to get your word across. It doesn't matter is going to continue until that nominee happens in the Napa back. The two parties are gonna come after each there's yeah as I think that this is a last ditch effort because what Marco Rubio is doing he's looking at that map. He's not leading in any of the upcoming dates especially at his home state of Florida he's almost getting too proud like to know one group he's putting all of his chips on a table right now nothing also worked so far right and and and crews and trump are neck and neck in the state of Texas with his prison stay so let me amended form doesn't get Florida cruise doesn't get tech says. I mean it's so far trump will be the nominee Yasser returned today you know I love how he would you know trump and his refuses to release his tax returns. Did you see that on anybody so he kept him on any order. I'm they audited the but then cruise said to him but what about last year and the the year before wanted to get those out there can't be addictive same sanction. An avid sweet did he release its weak showing him signing it's really funny like he does look here I am I'm do my taxes and business ethics and I am with a stack of papers like I could have been anything but I doubt it but that's not group trump Chris sued. Obama relentlessly like that guy who laid his Iraq lighting a bit to get his brits are does not sign out so I'm here tonight we'll tell me how and Chris like that to get his breath sits at that get out there so I think we should pursue trop. To get this time I he's got to run for president should be automatic like you're trying to get into a job showing your tax returns show your health mission India questionable usually do it should just automatically happen there's something that just automatically need to happen especially if your for a job interview or anything I'm and I did my husband and Urban Outfitters Iowa financial Langford another -- to test would you rob would you steal an epic gap the daily thing to do it for the government why am I guess this. Honest. We'll yeah I yeah. Telling your star. I. That's a hard because it's like a psychological evaluations if you think too hard and you do lightning now it's really if you're right or not it might not keeps wrapped racking up wins. As I said before and he's also projected winner in Super Tuesday next week so as Donald already setting sights on his next target. Watch that's Hillary Clinton. Take a look at USA today take a look at the cue ball I beat her and I beat her badly. And I woke and I believe it started in her I only had one little. Weeks ago what she said I would sexist and believe me they had a rough weekend that weekend between bill and Hillary they had a rough week. Okay now when he if he's the nominee and Hillary Clinton as the nominate there will be blood on the floor lap. And I think in and snarls that he's gonna have trouble because she's seen now. If he's aggressive and bullying a woman like that to get away with it I think it'll be hard she got to step up and show she's made then don't try to just backed down just you don't worry about Hillary I'm just an answer your question I know how he can come if that's how we feels and he can show his true colors and that way. She needs to come right back adamant grab him by the regular he has got eleven write a Levy a game of Brown's election about cops and I mean if navy committee all I can't ways Plavix RSS and there's a call that I can't cited that there is one in Albany the avid lady it's it according to the poll Cruz rubio in case it all beat Hillary but trump does not and Sanders needs all the Republicans laps Elisa talking about. It's a quinnipiac quinnipiac poll actually has Clinton the only one the only Republican that she can be in barely a strong school want Clinton to accept what you either like the quakers had a quinnipiac.

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{"id":37226129,"title":"Who Would Win in a Clinton, Trump Election?","duration":"5:20","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts weigh in on all the drama following the GOP debate. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/win-clinton-trump-election-37226129","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}