Woody Harrelson Stars in 'Rampart'

The actor portrays a troubled police officer in his new film.
7:18 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Woody Harrelson Stars in 'Rampart'
-- -- -- You've just seen Woody Harrelson in rampart as a tortured -- And now -- house and here in not looking tortured in the -- Because -- Eight UPU great to be you accuse -- and a good. We don't care -- Belle -- we can now be worth about what's going on in this crazy world we have corruption all -- -- -- We and I want to get right to this subject. Because I think. -- -- -- Thank you tell the folks out there when your mind and what -- Well -- this -- called Dave brown who is. LAPD cop who com. Has a situation where he lives -- in between two families he he was married to two sisters. And and -- Each case he had a kid with each and but he lives in between them and and -- Cynthia Nixon as an -- Chang relax -- for him he loves that you know. That life and and during the course -- -- some things happen to him in some adversarial. Things where he thinks people are after him. There isn't -- incidents where he. It -- -- and it's gotten him. And then he becomes kind of known figure for having done this and in his -- his starts spiraling out of control moment Tim trying to do these forces Vegas. -- -- -- -- Here and dirty cop thing. Jerry. What are you thing when you read. Or low woman gives -- is script. It's almost a formality to read. I got to work with I mean I got here -- -- working out what he's doing the messenger did. Yen and you know thank you so much for championing that film and an it was it it was a I think -- terrific film but of course. You know. Nobody wants this season that pressing didn't really widely seen academy members -- because you've got. -- -- -- -- -- It was cool that they wrote. That's that the close. Via. -- -- people admire. But anyway in this case I read it. Wow it was just that the its grip was so powerful and -- you know. First I can't think of him is -- captain. And all these things it. And as you start to work your way into the character. -- became quite fund. -- a whole different -- and I guess you can have to do that. You knew you always have to like it in a natural born killers or something you have to theme -- -- -- -- -- -- humanity in the person -- planning and timing I think it's impossible place. And you know it may yet that would match when -- a different thing its economy. You know without. A credit as well. In other implements. You anything in -- is you know. First of -- -- the opportunity to spend time with cops which is something I've never really. Usually you're on the other side of that you can't they're spending time with you here telling you nothing on -- it's their decision yet because -- -- -- -- -- have some time in right -- wrong. I mean I -- things that I hadn't you know I would never seen. Experiences and met people. In neighborhoods I've never even I would probably never go to you know -- but the thing it worried me the most again today appeared woods. -- felt like LIV. Because. -- you know -- have a issues of authority. And if you think about it -- cop is symbolically. The tippy top even even more than a senator something in April senator over -- do exactly 1000. And this one I was really. Little bit -- -- about it because. I can't -- itself -- account. I really had a hard time with it and it was really the thing that helped me more than anything -- you know I read all these book written document -- -- studied. LAPD. In the history -- the LAPD but. Who spend time of those guys. Bob engineers guys here who -- -- Aaron and really because they were so cool. I started to see the humanity in you know. In them and thinking -- could be. We wouldn't -- me what was this when they were in the Newton area. Which is right next to rampart. But there's a lot of there is. You know stuff with the wildest and you saw what you run around. Well. It wasn't so much I saw like violence. Entered you know what -- -- things that I -- -- you know. I got me -- I think it is scenario you have April they'd pull over tell these guys -- there. Hands. You know several guys just. -- matters. And then you know they. For its human everything in the and they say OK. And it makes me over -- doctor. -- Iranians are still you know. -- -- their hands are up and these guys -- -- McKinney you that you're talking to them -- -- asking you back here. They aren't as -- -- them and get them going to have to recognize. Yeah yeah they -- in and they he I think that those of Mary odd situation. Even in Hollywood if. Los Angeles that Beth -- that to. It was his. You know -- go and be talking with these guys and asking these questions about the cops -- while the concert. A movement away you know be trying to get some inside information. And then come back with the cops in and and I mean nicest guy you never missed ever. Go back -- counties that -- stone cold killer you murdered but you know they if they need it's it's just shocking you know.

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{"id":15558282,"title":"Woody Harrelson Stars in 'Rampart'","duration":"7:18","description":"The actor portrays a troubled police officer in his new film.","url":"/Entertainment/video/woody-harrelson-stars-rampart-15558282","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}