Popcorn with Peter Travers on the Year That Was

Peter Travers reviews the best, worst and biggest movies of 2012.
5:42 | 01/02/13

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Transcript for Popcorn with Peter Travers on the Year That Was
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to a special edition of popcorn where we discussed the best and worst movies of the year. So I'm gonna do -- countdown on the best. And I'm gonna say number five is the life of -- if this is a movie you haven't seen in the theater in 3-D. Do it while the holiday season is still on because it's a great story great fable Ang Lee does a terrific job as -- You're going to be amazed that this. Number four is silver linings playbook a movie that I think we'll get a nominations for Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Robert De Niro. About kind of mentally challenged people who fall in love don't let anybody tell you anything more about it because there's a lot of surprised. Number three Lincoln Stephen Spielberg's epic which people are screening should win every kind of Academy Award. Starting with Daniel Day-Lewis who plays Lincoln and according to rumor more than rumor even reporting. He never came out of character he was a -- in 24/7 well it seems strange but it pays off when you see this movie. Number two movie of the year is zero dark thirty this is Kathryn Bigelow as follow up to their locker. In which she deals with the hunt for Osama bin lot. Seen through the eyes of CIA agent played by Jessica testing played brilliantly Jessica testing your suspense here's truth. Here's everything you want a movie to be none of the usual Hollywood ball. And number one I'm choosing the master Paul Thomas Anderson -- be that I now. People throw things that mean they can be angry people that see this and don't like it really don't like it and threatened me on the street. And I say you people -- wrong go watch Joaquin Phoenix gives this incredible performance of his career. Even though he seems to be going a little -- and screaming at people about I don't want Oscars they are all -- Philip Seymour Hoffman as the master Amy Adams as the master's wife everybody in this movie is doing something extraordinary. Still ongoing with the year's most divisive movie. As the best picture of 2000. You know you can't talk about a movie year without talking about the movies -- made -- money. What -- the box office hits. And the biggest box office hit is the avengers the avengers was actually I think a good piece of pop escapism he wouldn't be on my ten best list anywhere. It nonetheless brought together all those marvel superheroes is one and I think Robert Downey junior's Iron Man. And CEO what a mark -- does with the incredible Hulk. Was really -- Josh Sweden is a guy knows his way around this kind of -- Then there's a movie called head which was with Mark Wahlberg and a dirty talking Teddy bear which became everybody's favorite comedy for 2012 and you know what I know it's not great but I laugh -- -- -- through this whole thing. And number three I think would be not only a commercial hit but one that you'll see on people's ten best list. And also see when awards get out and that would be Christopher Nolan the Dark Knight rises this is the end of the Batman trilogy. It's not as good as the one previous with Heath Ledger because Heath Ledger was doing something as the Joker just raise the level. But still Nolan made a commercial pop movie into something. Approaching our -- -- I'm amazed. That a movie that was commercial was also artful. And that he audience embraced what the critics and -- My favorite thing to talk about them the year is the garbage why was the crap that was out there what I mean it was so much. I could sit here for an hour and do a hundred movies. But I'm not gonna do that I am just gonna pick. On three horrendous form number three clout at last -- -- What was going on they've got -- Hanks they've got Hallie -- they've got the what -- he's the matrix people. This movie did it make a lick of sense there wasn't a moment of sanity -- that bad accents. -- got I just hated it with a vengeance I'm sorry that's just the way it was about -- -- If you feel differently you know live with yourself because you can't live with me I I just couldn't do it. Number two for bad why. Twilight breaking dawn part two part for ever of the final chapter couldn't come soon enough for me. Police. How is this so successful Kristen Stewart rob Pattinson. Their -- off screen drama where they broke up for a while was more dramatic than anything this pathetic movie with the worst special effects. They're kind of begin vampires they don't do anything why are you people interest that in this. Number one worst movie of 2012 has to be battleship battleship. He's a movie that seems like it was directed by Michael. 2012. But he forced Peter Berg I would usually a good director to comment. And make this horrible movie out of the game. That made no sense with the worst acting ever are ever in the world. And if you should see this or somebody says let's -- the battleship the -- Netflix. You tell those people that they are not your friend and say the word battleship only when you go. It's horrible it's harmful and -- people trapped.

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