Peter Yarrow's New Mission

Legendary Singer tackles bullying in new rock musical.
4:21 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for Peter Yarrow's New Mission
You know him as a member of the legendary folk trio Peter Paul and -- And now fans can hear Peter Ungaro perform line on Broadway this march 19 in a benefit to raise funds and awareness for operation respect and nonprofit. He -- that benefits children take a listen to one of the songs from the rock musical weaker people a dangerous mission. We'll Diane. And I'm okay. Yeah. -- -- so wonderful to have you here with us today. And it's good to see you because you're -- -- wonderful on the -- your friend yeah myself look at. Actually I am not performed in this this is a rock musical. Fantasy rock musical about pulling that looks at it and -- -- that was written by a group called what's the benefit. Three young theater people and they've created. The musical for just this one night that the Stephen Sondheim theatre and march 19. And that will be a benefit from a -- operation room. -- You can't kill. -- -- and that. Is he and some of the other operation respect. Tell about it because I know you co founded that and what is the mission the mission is to go into schools. Route 22000 schools nationally. And use this this. Into the engine for kids that has curriculum. -- social and emotional learning along with music. And create a climate of acceptance. And in that -- that the bullying and the mean spiritedness dimensions. And it's not just to kids problem in this world it's the adults. So and you know the targeting. Minority populations particularly. LG BQ. A lesbian gay community. Has become crucial at this -- And and there's -- -- depression or suicide. And that's a theme that weaker people -- dangerous notion deals that's that's the name that and. That. Musical. From the money. When people buy their ticket we'll go to schools. -- -- America where kids can actually. Do their own versions of that student productions. That will happen to the half to avoid operation respect is doing so if you get a ticket. To the Stephen sondheim's. This performance in March 19. You'll be helping you will be making. That commitment to say we must help to stop the book. And what made you get interested and this mission in the first place there so many causes you could have lent. Your time and copious energy and talent to. What was it about this -- little. It's it's the same it's an extension of the march on Washington in the civil rights movement. In the women's movement that's all about respect in the absence and my mother who was a school -- here in New York. To the -- -- school. -- -- -- -- -- -- My sense was that the way to get the culture turned around. Used to bring kids up. From the very early ages and my granddaughter. At balancing -- And and and that's what that's what we do it right because -- they aren't. Run -- to break this chain rule of cruelty. They need will emerge differently -- -- urge people and I hope you'll be of the. I would love to be an excellent cause Peter -- -- thank you so much for telling us all about it. And weaker people a dangerous -- will be performed march 19 at -- Stephen Sondheim theatre. Right here in Manhattan. Again thank you so much for being with -- thank you.

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{"id":15880395,"title":"Peter Yarrow's New Mission","duration":"4:21","description":"Legendary Singer tackles bullying in new rock musical.","url":"/Entertainment/video/yarrow-peter-singer-rock-musical-bully-school-15880395","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}