How Does a Little 9-Year-Old Land a Big Role in the Blockbuster Film of the Summer?!

Jorge Vega, who stars in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" talks role of a lifetime
6:57 | 05/08/14

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Transcript for How Does a Little 9-Year-Old Land a Big Role in the Blockbuster Film of the Summer?!
It has got to be one of the coolest things in the world at nine years old to find yourself starring in a huge. Blockbuster superhero film and our guest today. Is just that lucky. Actor Jorge Vega from the amazing Spider-Man two is in the house or -- how aria. And I'm doing well thank you are you should you be in school right now. Yes yes so -- decided permission slip for getting the day off. And think are -- the table talk to Diane Sawyer she -- hopeful some strange so pretty cool guy you're in this movie how hedge find out that you that you -- cast and this. First family doing addition and and -- gave -- -- inching. Me -- need to give -- the great news but there was a lot of kids there's a but yes but how many when -- -- these auditions. Bezos -- its cellular unit that you're up against and for some some competition yes OK so what happened and make that call U what quit as the phone. And count your mom answers the phone because she's handling everything right now it's going on -- and -- what happened which she said. He told -- -- is he started to cry and I started to get my happy yet with the happy dance. Haven't dads are -- OK I don't very cool that if sorts of those moves later on. OK so so so you're on -- -- And -- working with like Andrew Garfield all these big names it and you acted before right. You thank you dance and theater he does commercials right yes. I -- me. I'm dying. Of -- he needs to call. On tour and I have done. A lot of a lot of concern OK a lot of camera but -- of this is that this is the big break this is the real big what it's a how long did it take the filming scenes. -- About. Us like few days for each scene a -- -- saying took a lot of leg go and then you're sitting around for a long period of time in minutes he -- to do it again. Okay thank. Especially independents animation. And stuff right. So so tell us attorney Roger Carriker. Can't charitable and again Earl and I've been here minding your -- and -- -- and helps me. Pending carried me not to be afraid and -- and allegiance. And only stand up tomorrow that's critical role let's take a look at who let's that a look at -- and action actually. Steady increase in sightings by its market -- We'll debate over the role of vigilantism and American crime. Spider-Man. Save the little lines we want to hear your calls. They would -- -- could be no hope that this. Who do you think pays the bills -- damages he'd gone -- you let me -- -- -- -- -- Some amazing. -- -- -- -- -- -- Very cool very -- -- you are the most popular kid's school now right. I'm not sure that we're not sure about that yeah -- make you be a little modest budget thing and -- -- We mean which you play. It's like surprise. It's okay all right but now but at after -- go and see it then right and then it's gonna be like showing up and stretch humvees to get dropped -- at school right. -- and into your -- -- Puerto Rico right. And -- you were just there recently promoting the film. Yes salad from -- -- down. -- in the Don own son -- lake. And promote being. -- for -- again like I signed autographs and I let people take pictures. Is that pretty cool yes -- and ask for your autograph. A lot of public yet and you are you charging. You charge you're not sure yet. And yet -- -- -- keep keep the possibility of a police -- big celebrities who do you want me. Get -- -- -- Andrew Garfield did you pass from and our -- and yet we wanna work. Aside from -- -- and work with Johnny Johnny Depp. Who what what films selected -- -- like well can I don't care yet he's pretty good man and he really wanted to. Desperate but primarily for the candy. It basically so here's so here's the thing I want to test -- -- -- skills right because seen the movie. And I see that you're you're you're pretty adept at it but I mean onset though that's what I'd like to find as are you cool with that -- with little game with his fighting skills. -- Isiah can we bring it -- that we're attached you out here here's that we're gonna do. Jorge we've got we've got -- -- here I think is bringing in some bugs under the say here and we've got over on the side here we've got some silly string. Write your played with that's. Al you have play with -- I have not -- usually -- for liability reasons usually there are -- -- so grab your recovery while we want. Read a UV -- -- it's all people who are and then that we will be able to tell who's gonna actually do so the first when the knock over. That that the bug wins all right and this is not we've not set this operating like that right in in this -- not been a predetermined outcome. Right. You gotta agree with on this one antagonisms fighting music student at a -- get into the get into the spirit -- -- a -- the first one and. That down that'll be mine on the right there okay. Tonight's fight early this push this in the front and I that's I guess they'll have every -- that -- -- -- these before it maybe this. It's a good that's -- this is mine ready okay. Here we go I -- on account of the country ready 12. Victory. But is it -- How do you -- we get -- effective one. -- now we rigged it. Give -- give -- to get there you go there there you go nice. Bad faith. Bad heard. -- -- I don't any data you have -- -- I think these are weighted down. That our -- made over at the -- when it we view things. Puff puff puff puff up book well. We're not gonna cause and -- foray back got the amazing -- -- -- congratulations they're good like Syria in.

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{"id":23643512,"title":"How Does a Little 9-Year-Old Land a Big Role in the Blockbuster Film of the Summer?!","duration":"6:57","description":"Jorge Vega, who stars in \"The Amazing Spider-Man 2\" talks role of a lifetime","url":"/Entertainment/video/year-land-big-role-blockbuster-film-summer-23643512","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}