Yelle's 'Safari Disco Club': French Pop Invasion

AudioFile: Julie Budet talks about the band's American tour with a new album.
2:54 | 12/22/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Yelle's 'Safari Disco Club': French Pop Invasion
Says such a good experience be that crazy you menu of songs because when people that I knew that some -- And you know they can finally you know and evolution of recounts shall we -- -- successful unless one. I'll be opened for locating any fumes and billing in UK so. You know me we asked to be mean curious about American music and we tried to access their way -- components of different things. It's a big great expansion of because we have the chance that. In -- soul in. It's cool to room. You know just to to be on the road and play units within the phones cities every night and then. And you know the that American credit is we mean is he cool -- and nice recess so it says such a great experience. That's to a year. And we asked -- stage everything from that is. He looked and I am singing and -- I'm -- is being. And -- being. Special fluff and hands me and then -- happiness and you know we try to be connecting to these people -- the crowd yet to make them -- and -- -- who have son and and give them. From you know say directly. Two that's something crazy thing because I think. For me give you have definitely US people who it -- Showed tonight. Show. But he's doing and did not have been and and and for me -- -- -- -- -- -- because even if it's not -- you. I need to be doing it to being mean six. -- I don't know because -- community I mean I mean you're doing a long life so. And when I eat I mean I lived and salute -- hopefully. And sequined dress I feel that any clean. And it could be you know crazy it was stated in I don't -- college colonial you know funded this agent says that night. Like that's -- like AM. You know I'd just -- realize how old it was in Oakland. You faded to express my sense we're not just about about -- being. It's I really need you know -- -- 63. If -- seven to make people -- him.

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{"id":15215173,"title":"Yelle's 'Safari Disco Club': French Pop Invasion","duration":"2:54","description":"AudioFile: Julie Budet talks about the band's American tour with a new album.","url":"/Entertainment/video/yelles-safari-disco-club-french-pop-invasion-15215173","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}